The Sports Script NFL DuDs for Week 11

We’ve notched another Sunday of NFL action in the books for our fantasy football season! I have to throw in a quick pat on the back to Ricky, Matty, and myself as if you listened to the radio show this Sunday morning we gave some nice picks! That being said there are still the DuDs out there and let’s take a look right now at who those players are for week 11.

André Ellington (@Dre_23LilBit) 8 carries 3 yards 2 catches 10 yards – Well so much for the hype around André Ellington in the Cardinals backfield as élite. He went from averaging 7.2 yards per carry to like .7 in this game. The Jags are terrible and if you can’t have decent games against them then no one should ever trust you in a lineup! I know several people were all over this guys for a big week and got a big letdown from him.

Reggie Bush (@ReggieBush) 12 carries 31 yards 3 catches 48 yards – Bush has been so good this year, that even this okay game  is a DuD right now for him. I’m not mad at him as a season owner because he’s carried me, but as a daily owner I’m furious. This was a terrible let down for people who paid up the high price for Bush this week, but after the fumble he had the Lions just kind of gave up on him. Bush will rebound, so don’t give up!

Danny Woodhead (@danny__woodhead) 5 carries 21 yards 2 catches 16 yards – This is more like the stat line I would have expected from a guy like Woodhead, but he’s set the bar way to high for these type of performances. Woodhead you’ve got to do better for us fantasy owners as you’ve set the bar higher for yourself. I expect the next week for you to pay all fantasy owners with a couple touchdowns. Okay?

Jimmy Graham (@TheJimmyGraham) 6 catches 41 yards – Hey Jimmy did you forget where the end zone is? This is the second straight DuD for a guy of his caliber. He’s banged up a little, but as always in my column if you are playing then you are letting owners down if you aren’t producing. Jimmy will figure it out and get out of this column, but until then he’s put up a DuD this week.


Geno Smith  8 for 23 103 yards 3 interceptions – I don’t know why anyone would start him, but just in case they did!

Lamar Miller 4 carries 17 yards 2 catches 20 yards – Did you expect more from him?

Permanent DuDs

This is a new section where I will put people who seem to be showing up weekly. They will simply earn their way out by having a good game. The guys you see featured here will not have a discussion, because if I put them here at this point I don’t even want to talk about that guy.

Trent Richardson

CJ Spiller

Steven Jackson

Mike Wallace

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