The Sports Script NFL DuDs Week 6

What’s up everyone? I’m back after another interesting week of fantasy football to bring you the DuDs of week 6. I’m not to down this week as I was lucky enough to invest in Vernon Davis in AJ Green in some daily line ups. However, there are a few DuDs out there we want to call out this week. Let’s take a look at just who those DuDs are for this week.

Ray Rice (@RayRice27) – 14 rushes 34 yards/3 catches 15 yards – What in the word is this stat line Ray Rice? The Packers are without Clay Matthews who I’m pretty sure is the only guy they have on Defense that was worth anything. The Ravens from this point on in my book are dumb! They used Rice last week and won this week they don’t use him right they lose. Rice do something to make these coaches know you are the guy!

Marques Colston (@MarquesColston) – 1 catch 11 yards – How is this possible? The Saints almost beat the Patriots in New England and Jimmy Graham hurt. Who would you think steps up in that situation? No not Marques Colston. I’m not even sure this dude played on Sunday. He’s becoming very unreliable for fantasy owners, but in a high powered offense he’s a must start in yearly leagues. C’mon Marques get it going for us!

Chris Johnson (@ChrisJohnson28) – 12 rushes 33 yards/3 catches 21 yards – The match up wasn’t ideal, but you would think a guy with your speed CJ could at least find a hole and get a large run a game. This is becoming painful to watch week in and week out. I doubt the daily players care about your performance, because they gave up a long time ago. The yearly people who took a chance are even more disappointed now than they were when they selected you this year.

Torrey Smith (@TorreySmithWR) – 1 catch 12 yards – What the heck man? Did Green Bay get a shutdown corner that I missed? How does Torrey Smith only catch 1 ball for 12 yards. That seems impossible to me! The elite receiver of the Ravens ehh? The guy to replace Bolden? That sir is not you, Sorry!


Adrian Peterson – 10 Rushes 62 yards/3 catches 21 yards – I’m not touching this one with anything other than Honorable Mention regarding the circumstances.

Calvin Johnson – 3 Catches 25 yards – I’ll forgive him slightly because he is coming off injury, but  check back next week if he puts up another DuD!


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