The Sports Script Fantasy DuDs for NFL Week 4

It’s that time for the dudududud DuDs of NFL week 4! This article for me this week comes with a little bit more of a happy feeling as I’ve been able to avoid the DuDs it seems this week, but I know there are some of you out there who didn’t avoid them. It’s time to call out the DuDs and let them know that we as fantasy owners are not happy!
Ray Rice (@RayRice27) – 5 carries for 17 yards! What is that? Really? If you are hurt, please sit out the game and don’t put the fantasy word through this. That is almost ridiculous of a stat for a NFL starting running back of his caliber. I can’t go too hard on Ray Rice, because I think part of this has to do with the coaching staff letting Flacco throw it a billion times. How’d that work out for you Ravens? 5 interceptions later I’m sure you can tell us it worked out great right?

Maurice Jones Drew (@Jones_Drew32) – I can’t believe I even touted you today on The Sports Script show, talking about your history against the Colts. You gained 23 yards today against a Colts run D that is not that good regardless of what we hear about them. I even wasted 5 minutes of my life watching you try to run it in from the 2 yard line today as I’m sure other owners did. I’ll just go ahead and apologize to the readers on your behalf for the letdown.

Doug Martin (@DougMartin22) – This is by far the most amazing stat I think I’ve seen in the NFL this year. Dougie carried the ball 27 times today and only gained 45 yards. The price you paid for Doug Martin you would be thrilled to see him get 27 carries, but of course that would require him doing something with the 27 carries. Come on Doug the offensive line isn’t that bad, get out of your sophomore slump bro!

Chris Johnson (@ChrisJohnson28) – Well, today on the show I said he had to get his act together or it would be time for owners to look to the bench with him. That is where I’ll be placing CJ2YPC next week after this week. He gained 21 yards on 15 carries, that’s not even 2 yards per carry. I don’t what to say other than have fun riding the pine for us fantasy owners.


David Wilson – I’m not sure anyone expected anything out of him, so I’ll just place him here.

Desean Jackson – 2 catches 34 yards

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