The Sports Script Week 3 Fantasy Football DuDs

The Sports Script Fantasy DuDs for NFL week 3

                What’s up peeps? I can say I’ve enjoyed a day away from the daily fantasy world as I was able to take my 6-year-old son to his first NFL game. I’ve come home checked my line ups from yearly league and I already know several of us are suffering from DuDs this week. I can’t say other than WOW! Here is the week 3 DuDs for the NFL fantasy world!


Kenny Britt (@KennyBritt_18) – Okay, so this is going to be more of a blast since I’m a homer of the Titans. Britt tweeted this week he was upset with the Titans and was probably going to be playing his last season in Nashville. Okay that’s fine he’s frustrated, but then we get to week 3 and he drops two passes and commits a stupid penalty. The fantasy owners are probably smart enough to not start you, but geez dude get it together you have more arrests in your career than touchdowns!

New York Giants (@Giants) – I can’t decide which guy to blast, so let’s just put the whole team on blast. If you played anyone fantasy wise from that game you are probably going to lose this week. Eli Manning, Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks, and David Wilson are all useless this week. I’m not going to write about the stats they had, because all you need to know is they got beat 38-0 by the Carolina Panthers.

Arian Foster (@ArianFoster) – This dude was taken with the 2nd pick in most fantasy drafts and he’s a bust already in my opinion. This week he had 12 carries for 54 yards and no touchdowns. We have to have touchdowns Foster if you are going to be worth a second overall pick. C’mon man start putting up the points you are capable of!

Colin Kaepernick (@Kaepernick7) – We loved you in week 1 as fantasy owners, but man you are making all the trash talking us fantasy owners did look really bad the last 2 weeks. This week you throw for 150 yards, 1 interception, and ran for 20 yards. That is not going to cut it as a fantasy QB. Daily fantasy owners put a lot of money on you this week to shred a terrible Colts defense, but I guess they aren’t so terrible. Get it together Kaepernick!

Honorable Mention

Carson Palmer – 18 of 35 for 187 yards and 2 interceptions

Tony Gonzalez – 4 catches for 24 yards ]

That’s all I got for you this week in the form of DuDs, but I’m pleading with the readers this week! Let me hear from you next week on twitter @mattbell211 with your guys you want to see on the DuDs edition!

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