The “DuDs” from Week 1 in Fantasy Football

What’s up readers? It’s been a while since I was able to make a post with my guys and gals here at but I’m hoping to make that change. I’m going to try to bring you a weekly edition of the Duds from fantasy action each week. The goal is to write about the guys that you want to send the stupid tweet to telling them how they ruined your fantasy team for the week. I would love to get some reader action involved each week where during the day Sunday you tweet me the players that have cost you big money in daily fantasy or your yearly match up. With all this being said it’s time to bring you the DuDs from week 1 of the NFL season.

Marshawn Lynch

He ran 17 time for 43 yards in his week 1 game against the Carolina Panthers. I mean what is that for the Lynch people who drafted him as a first round back doesn’t he know we as owners need more than 43 yards in a game. Come on Skittles we were expecting much more from you this season. I’m going to say this was just a bad game and you will be back next week with something much better than what we got this week. RIGHT MR. LYNCH?

Calvin Johnson

He had 4 catches for 37 yards? I’m not mad at Calvin because it’s going to be tough from him dealing with double and triple coverages all year. Well of course it does help that I didn’t end up with him on any of my 5 fantasy teams this year, or I’d probably be upset. The people who drafted him in the 1st round as well were expecting you to at least find the end zone. I mean you’re Megatron get open and let Stafford hit you for a bomb!

Maurice Jones-Drew

If you drafted him lol @ you. He’s probably going to get hurt before to long and then you wont have to worry about any more games of 15 carries for 45 yards. I’m just hoping if you did draft him you got him at the a huge value in like the 4th round, because if you invested a lot in him this season is ruined. Maurice should just stick to playing fantasy football and save our teams from the misery he gives his owners.

Lamar Miller

This one is hitting close to home for me as I was big on this guy to start the season. Miller was named the starter for the team, so yes I put him in some of my yearly line up sand what does he do? He gets 10 carries for 3 yards! YES! 3 YARDS!!! I could probably gain 3 yards on 10 carries! (OK PROBABLY NOT) Miller better pick it up next week or he will be on the waiver wire faster than any other player ever!

Chris Johnson

Yes this pains me as those of you know me know I’m a Titans home, but I’ll put that to the side as I write about how CJ screwed many fantasy owners on Sunday! CJ didn’t completely fail as he was able to gain 70 yards, but if he’s not going to carry at the goal line the pick in the 2nd round maybe 3rd round you made for your fantasy draft is a complete waste. C’mon CJ2K we as fantasy owners need you carrying the ball into the end zone!!!

There you have it the 5 guys who were “DuDs” on Sunday. If you had these guys then you probably aren’t worried about the Monday Night Football game for anything other than loving football. That’s all I have for you this week, so be sure and hit me up next week before Sunday night football with some guys who ruined your fantasy team on Sunday.


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