Jordy Nelson > Randall Cobb


Jordy Nelson – Current ADP 44th overall – 15th ranked WR (11th in my rankings)


Randall Cobb – Current ADP 31st overall – 10th ranked WR (16th in my rankings)

A big debate in the fantasy world right now is where to rank Randall Cobb or Jordy Nelson. Well I have Nelson ranked 11th in my rankings and I have Cobb ranked 16th. I am not as high on Cobb as most and I just think Nelson will be a better option this coming year. I know the Packers plan on using Cobb in various formations which will result into some more handoffs this season. I just don’t think he will be as good as Nelson this season. I also think that Rodgers likes to throw to Nelson more as well. It shows in the number of targets each guy received in games they both played in last season.

Game Nelson Cobb
09-Sep 7 9
13-Sep 9 2
24-Sep 3 2
30-Sep 12 8
07-Oct 5 4
14-Oct 12 10
21-Oct 9 8
18-Nov 5 12
25-Nov 4 7
05-Jan 6 2
12-Jan 7 6

*I didn’t include games in which Cobb or Nelson didn’t play together in*

As you can see in the chart above Rodgers targeted  Nelson more than Cobb in 8 out the 11 games they played together. Nelson also had a better YPC 15.2 to 11.9 and only scored 1 less touchdown (7 to 8) in 4 fewer games. Nelson was also targeted 11 times in the Red Zone compared to Cobb’s 7. The fact that Nelson is a full 4 inches taller than him benefits him as well.

If I have the choice in the middle of Round 2 of taking Cobb (Where his current ADP is) or snagging a RB and waiting till the middle of round 3 for Nelson. I am waiting and getting Nelson every time.

I project their 2013 stat lines to look like this.

Randall Cobb – 95 receptions – 1140 yards – 7 TDs – Fantasy Points – (156 standard) (251 PPR)
Jordy Nelson – 80 receptions – 1200 yards – 12 TDs – Fantasy Points – (192 standard) (272 PPR)

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