Matthew Berry: Fantasy Life Book Giveaway

I have been an avid Fantasy Player for little over 10 years now. There have been many of years where I relied on Matthew Berry’s rankings or articles to help me out week to week. He is the best at what he does and now we are giving you an opportunity to get into the mind of the man himself. He has a new book coming out July 16th!!!! You can pre-order it at . The book has been receiving HUGE praise from everyone. Here are a few things being said about the book:

“You don’t have to play fantasy sports to enjoy Matthew Berry’s FANTASY LIFE. You don’t even need to be a sports fan. If you like great writing, if you appreciate irreverent humor, if stories about friendship, family, backstabbing, and regrettable Justin Bieber tattoos warm your heart, you’ll love this book.”

—Harlan Coben, #1 New York Timesbestselling author

“As a longtime fan of Matthew Berry, I’m happy he’s finally collected the most inane and hilarious things people will do in pursuit of fantasy glory. If I was in a fantasy league where you drafted people who write about fantasy leagues I would draft Matthew first. Also, I would need to make some major changes in my life.”Seth Meyers, Saturday Night Live Head Writer

“I am a bad fantasy football player and worse fantasy baseballer. I am heartened after reading Fantasy Life that this apparently does not matter. Matthew Berry’s book proves that there are lots of people out there like us: people who don’t use fantasy sports to escape from life, but rather to live it with more fun.”Peter King, Senior Writer, Sports Illustrated

I myself have already ordered the book and I know the rest of the staff here at the Sports Script has as well. But we here wanted to give you the fans a chance a winning a free copy of the book. Here is how you enter to win.

1. Follow us on Twitter @TheSportsScript

2. Tweet out this article with the Hash Tag #FantasyLife

3. Tweet us who is going to have the best record in the MLB when the All-Star break begins (July 14th) and how many wins they’ll have

4. Deadline – July 9th

If you don’t win the contest please remember to go out and get Matthew’s book, which is being released on July 16th. You can pre-order it at

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