The Sports Script 2013 NBA Mock Draft by Matt Bell

The NBA season has ended and it’s officially time to look at the NBA Draft. I’ve put together a mock draft of how I think things will go Thursday June 27th at the NBA draft. The NBA draft consists of 2 rounds and all picks in the 1st round get guaranteed contracts. So it’s very important for the players coming into the draft to make it in the 1st round. This mock will consist of all those guys we expect to see get guaranteed contracts come Thursday. It’s important to remember that mock drafts are simply just a prediction of where a player will go. It only takes one trade or crazy pick for a mock to be completely destroyed.

Cavaliers – Otto Porter Georgetown SF

The Cavs want someone who can help now. With Noel being banged up and may not be able to play until mid-season, Otto Porter would be a good pick. Porter can play the 3 position and fit in a line up of Kyrie, Waiters, Porter, Tristan Thompson, and Varejao.

Magic – Ben McLemore Kansas SG

The Magic has needs at both Guard positions. Jameer Nelson is getting older and JJ Reddick was traded last year. The Magic can’t resist taking a guy people are comparing to Ray Allen in Ben McLemore, to help them in the future.

Wizards – Nerlens Noel Kentucky C

The Wizards have a backcourt that is pretty solid in Beal and Wall, but the frontcourt of Okafor and Nene is getting old. The Wizards can’t pass on Noel with the 3rd pick, as his presence inside would be a game changer for their young backcourt once healthy.

Bobcats – Anthony Bennett UNLV PF

The Bobcats need help at all positions except PG, having Kemba Walker there. They went with MKG last year and look to address the front court this year. They take a perfect fit in Bennett who can likely help them out from day 1.

Suns – Victor Oladipo Indiana SG

The Suns fans seem to be drooling over Oladipo and I think they’ll get their guy after he falls. He fits a glaring hole for the Suns and has the work ethic to pay off as a top 5 pick.

Pelicans – Trey Burke Michigan PG

Burke is a perfect fit here, as it’s a glaring need for the Pelicans. Burke was the guy that the Pelicans first worked out this year.

Kings – C.J. McCollum Leigh SG

The Shooting Guard position is not a top need for the Kings, but with a talent and leader like McCollum sitting there, he’s too great to pass up. The Kings snag him here and look to trade one of their other backcourt players.

Pistons – Michael Carter-Williams Syracuse PG

The Pistons have Knight, but with Calderon leaving, have a hole to fill in the Guard spot. I think they move Knight to SG where he’s played before, and grab Carter-Williams who’s a bigger body that can defend the Point Guard spot better for them.

Timberwolves – Kenavious Caldwell-Pope Georgia SG

The Timberwolves have a need at the 2 guard spot and Caldwell-Pope is the best player available on the board. This is a no-brainer pick for them as they snag a need for the future.

Trailblazers – Alex Len Maryland C

JJ Hickson may be out of Portland. If so, they need to grab a player to put alongside LaMarcus Aldridge. Len is a very physical big man who can rebound and protect the paint for the Trailblazers. He’s almost a no brainer if available.

76ers – Cody Zeller Indiana PF

Zeller is not a guy I’m high on, but you have to know that he will go somewhere in the NBA draft. He’s a huge risk for a team coming off a losing season, but the 76ers see him as a athletic big man with a high basketball IQ. This pick will surprise people, but the 76ers take Zeller, as they seem to like what they see.

Thunder – Kelly Olynyk Gonzaga C

This is a luxury pick for the Thunder and they can take a risk with it. I love the idea of Olynyk going to Oklahoma. The weak spot for the Thunder is their inside game, as Ibaka is a great shot blocker, but with the addition of Olynyk as a scorer, they’ll have the best of both worlds.

Mavericks – Steven Adams Pittsburgh C

The Mavericks need a solid big guy. In fact they need lots of help, but with Steven Adams they’ll fill a big need with a big dude. Adams is 19 years old and already 7′ tall and growing. He’s athletic and could fit well inside for a number of teams, but the Mavericks don’t let him past their pick.

Jazz – Shane Larkin Miami PG

Larkin stole the show when he worked out with 5 other prospects in front of Jazz personnel earlier this year. Larkin is a freak athlete who can help the Jazz tremendously at the PG position right now. He’s a guy that could possibly shoot up into the top 10 on draft night.

Bucks – Shabazz Muhammad UCLA SF

The Bucks are losing Monta Ellis and Muhammad is a big time scoring threat that can help them. He can step in at the 3 position and be a nice compliment to Brandon Jennings.

Celtics – Dennis Schroeder Germany PG

Boston has no one to back up Rondo and Schroeder can fill that position to help the Celtics in that department. There are already rumors out that Boston has promised to draft him. His agent disputes such rumors though.

Hawks – Mason Plumlee Duke C

Plumlee is an athletic big man that can help the Hawks move Al Horford to a true PF position. Plumlee will probably need some time to develop, but he has the skills to make for a good big man in the NBA.

Hawks – Sergey Karasev International SF

The Hawks having two picks back to back give them some flexibility in the draft and they very well may gamble on an International Prospect. GM Ferry loves the style of play Sergey could bring as an elite shooter with a quick release. He could fit very well in the Hawks plans for the future.

Cavaliers – Tony Mitchell North Texas PF

The Cavaliers grab Mitchell here, as he’s a guy they can use in the 3 or 4 spot. He fills a need for depth and could be a solid player in the NBA. I can see them using him as a back up to Porter or even the big man as he should be better than Tyler Zeller on the inside.

Bulls – Allen Crabbe California SG

The Bulls get back Rose next year, assuming he decides to play, and they use this pick to grab a 2 guard in Crabbe who’s a quality shooter with a quick release. He can also get into the paint and grab a few rebounds.

Jazz – Reggie Bullock North Carolina SG

The Jazz back court needs work and that’s what they continue to do with their 2nd pick of the 1st round, as they grab Bullock. He’s a nice shooter who can score with best of them. Bullock fits a huge need for the Jazz and with these two guard picks, could solve their backcourt problems.

Nets – Gorgie Deng Louisville C

The Nets like Plumlee, so if he falls they may grab him, but Deng is the big man available in our mock and is a player they would be pleased with having. Deng and Lopez could be an inside force that teams would have huge problems dealing with.

Pacers – Rudy Gobert International C

I’m going to go with a very unpopular pick here as the Pacers didn’t even work out Gobert, but his value at this spot might be a steal. They are in the position with their franchise to take a risk and they do exactly that with this pick.

Knicks – Jamaal Franklin San Diego St SG

The Knicks play JR Smith and Shumpert at the 3 quite often, so drafting a Shooting Guard is a real possibility. Franklin fits their style, as he’s an athletic guard who will take the ball to the hoop and score. This guy really fits this system and the Knicks have to take a hard look at him.

Clippers – Tim Hardaway JR Michigan SG

The Clippers have to address the wing spots in the draft to get better and they do so by taking Tim Hardaway, Jr. He’s good sized and can shoot the ball well, fitting in nicely to the Clippers attack.

T-Wolves – Tony Snell New Mexico SG/SF

Snell has a lot of size and can fit in as a nice addition to the T-Wolves attack, addressing their need for a SG or SF. The Wolves have Rubio, Love, Kirelinko, and Pekovic, and only need a few pieces to be a playoff team. Snell can help with that.

Nuggets – Giannis Adetokoubo Greece SF

Denver snags the drafts most interesting overseas prospect and at 6’9″, he has amazing size for the SF position. He’s got the type of instincts on the court to help Denver on both sides of the ball. This guy is the one I’m most interested to see on Thursday and could go anywhere in this draft. I would like for you to remember his name and that I called him a stud, because I think he has a ton of potential.

Spurs – Isaiah Cannan Murray St PG

The Spurs Gary Neal and Patty Mills both have a chance of not returning next year. Cannan can fill in as a nice shooter in a rotation for any team and after being compared to Lillard, the Spurs grab him to fill an important spot in the rotation.

Thunder – Archie Goodwin Kentucky SG

They’ll stash Goodwin in the D-League to develop into a player they can use. With Lamb on the team however, Goodwin might be a better prospect that can score for them now. Goodwin fills a need for the Thunder in this spot and they jump on him.

Suns – Jeff Withey Kanasas C

Withey fills a need at big man for the Suns. He comes in as a guy who can jump on the floor immediately and make an impact, as he can alter shots inside with the best of players.

I hope you enjoyed reading my mock draft and would love to hear some thoughts from you in the comment section or on twitter @mattbell211 or @thesportsscript

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