This Is The End Review

I had the opportunity to see a Pre-Screener of This is the End last night thanks to the folks over at Cinemit & Gofobo. This will be one of the harder movies for me to review because of the all the craziness inside the film. Nonetheless here is the Good, the Bad & the Ugly of the movie.

While attending a party at James Franco’ house, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel and a mix of other celebrities are faced with the apocalypse.

*Warning – Contains Some Spoilers*

The Good – Seth Rogen/Evan Goldberg – The script and the direction of this movie was absolutely insane from start to finish. One minute we are partying at James Franco’s house the next we are chasing around a burning Jonah Hill who’s turned into the “demon”. That line alone should make you want to see the movie. These characters playing themselves was a smart idea that really worked. While over the top in every aspect these guys put together a well-written and nicely directed film.

Seth Rogen the Actor – As shown in the movie, this guy has been in a bit of a funk. He was in Observe & Report, Green Hornet, and worst of all, The Guilt Trip. All movies were pretty terrible, but he came out swinging in this film. He was funny, witty and just everything that put this guy on the map. This was the Seth Rogen I hope we get to see in future films.

Jay Baruchel – While not my favorite character in the film, he played his part just fine and held his own against some other comedian powerhouses.

James Franco – I love this guy; he is so funny when he wants to be. Franco and Rogens Pineapple Express 2 trailer in the movie was one of the highlights. He brought his A game to the table in this film. I really feel he could’ve been lost in the shuffle with laughs with the other guys in the film.

Craig Robinson – He is funny, funny, and even funnier in every role this guy plays in. He had me on the brink of tears on many occasions in this film.

Jonah Hill – The banter between Hill & Baruchel was nothing short of comedy heaven. Hill stole the show with how he acted towards Baruchel.

Danny “Show Stealer” McBride – Literally my favorite guy to watch on TV, from Hot Rod to East Bound & Down, this guy is money. He was this movie; from the time he appeared on the screen till the final scene he was funny. He played this role to perfection. He will have you laughing hysterically in this film.

The Cameos – Michael Cera was easily the best cameo, even up to the point where he was getting blown in the bathroom and drinking a capri-sun to blowing a huge thing of coke in McLovin(Mintz-Plasse) face. My other favorite was Emma Watson (boy does she look as good as ever); she was surprisingly quite funny in her extended cameo in this. The rest were great and even a few surprises I won’t spoil.

The Laughs – I have not laughed so hard at a movie since I watched the Hangover. This is what a comedy is supposed to be! Start to finish laugh out loud punch lines and jokes.

The Bad – Not being picky about anything in this film, it was hilarious.

The Verdict– 4 ½ out of 5 Stars

This will easily be comedy of the year and I am not sure anything will come close. This is the best comedy to hit the theaters since the 1st Hangover. Seth Rogen is brilliant for what he brought to the table in this movie. This is not a wait for RedBox, Netflix, Flixter, TNT or ABC type of movie. This is a get off your butt and go see movie when it hits theaters on Wednesday.

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