Eastern Conference Finals Game 7 Preview

The stage is set for game 7 of the eastern conference finals on Monday night in Miami. The Pacers defeated the Heat 91 to 77 on Saturday night in a game that proved LeBron is up against the entire Pacers team by himself pretty much. LeBron put up a game high 29 points, but it wasn’t enough as the Pacers star Paul George put up 28 points of his own. Lets preview what game 7 looks like for each team

The Miami Heat are looking to get back to the finals for the third straight year with the Big 3 of Bosh, Wade, and LeBron. The problem now seems to be the big 3 has turned into the big 1 of just LeBron. The entire Heat team outside of LeBron is struggling mightily in this series. LeBron has scored 171 points in the series, while the closest to that total is Wade, he has only put up 87 and must produce more if they are going to win this series. The game 6 stats of 3 for 11 from Wade, and Bosh being 1 of 8, are simply are not enough support for the Heat to advance in this series. The Heat will get back suspended big man Chris “Birdman” Anderson for game 7 which should help with a little energy inside.

The Indiana Pacers find themselves one game away from the NBA finals for the fifth time in franchise history. The Pacers have to improve from a game 6 21 turnovers if they want to win a game 7 in Miami. The Pacers found ways in game 6 to over come them, but you have to believe the Heat will come ready to play in this one. The Pacers also need big man David West to get healthy quick as he was far from 100% on Saturday. David West spoke to the media after the game saying “I wasn’t 100% out there, but I had to play. I’m sure I’ll be better tomorrow and be ready for Monday.” He has to be if the Pacers can take down the Heat in the decisive game 7. The last factor for the Pacers will be the young star Paul George can he repeat his game 6 performance and carry the Pacers to the final. The Pacers will need to get the 25-30 point Paul George rather than the one in games 3 and 4 that scored in the lower teens.

The game almost feels like the Heat have everything to lose, while the young Pacers club will probably be back in this situation in the future. The Heat might be back also, but there are lots of questions surrounding their age and future. Regardless, of if you like either team this is going to be a must-watch NBA game 7 for anyone. These two teams have provided a ton of entertainment and are sure to not disappoint in-game 7. My prediction for game 7 is the Heat find a way to get it done and win 101-93.

Article by: Matt Bell

Twitter: @mattbell211

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