The Heat Review

I had the opportunity to see an advanced screener of The Heat starring Sandra Bullock & Melissa McCartney. Here is what I thought was the Good, the Bad & the Ugly of the movie.

The story is based on an uptight know it all FBI Agent Sarah Ashburn, who is sent to Boston where she is to take down a drug lord. On the way she runs into Shannon Mullins a Boston cop with a mean and vicious attitude. They have never had a partner and now they are forced to team up to take down the drug lord.

The Good –

Director Paul Feig & casting – He did an amazing job casting this film, from top to bottom I enjoyed each person in their character. Feig also did a good job at directing the film as well, some parts I will point out later I had a problem with. Overall he made this an enjoyable chick/buddy cop flick.

Melissa McCartney as Det. Shannon Mullins – She has found her niche; she was perfect for this role. I truly couldn’t imagine anyone else in this role. Literally everything she did in this movie you could buy, she made the character true to life. She played a very good witty, sarcastic kick ass chick. The banter between her and Bullock was worth watching in itself.

Sandra Bullock as Special Agent Ashburn – Goes with what I am saying about Feig’s great casting job here, Bullock was perfect. She was an uptight; know it all, annoying FBI Agent that absolutely everyone hates to be around. It’s funny watching her battle with having to be social with Mullins as she is pushing to get the promotion.

Spoken Reason – Though he didn’t have a really big role in the film, when he was on-screen you couldn’t help but laugh. He was witty, funny and perfect for this role. He has enormous talent and I think we are watching a future star being born.

The Supporting Cast – The perfect group of supporting cast member were picked as well. Michael Rapaport was great in his role & his family was just a ball of fun to watch as well. Kaitlin Olson was hilarious in the small role she had & Tony Hale played a funny pale obnoxious cop.

The Laughs – This was a very funny movie, it was very surprised how the film kept the laughs coming. That is credit to Katie Dippold on a well written screen play and Feig for putting it together on the screen.

The Bad –

It had a really slow start, around the first 15 minutes of the movie I really could’ve done without. They introduced Bullock’s character 1st than McCartney’s. I think it would’ve been better if they switched it around.

No Build for the Bad Guy – The movie was based on the McCartney/Bullock combo and it should’ve been. But there was a huge gaping hole in the movie for the bad guy. Not to dive into spoilers but one of the main “bad guys” was supposed to be this tough guy that chopped limbs off people. Well he was in it a total of 10 minutes and when he was on-screen it wasn’t memorable. They tried to make up with it with a twist at the end and that seemed like a throw away moment.

The Ugly –

A score can make or break the movie. The score was terrible to start this movie; it wasn’t upbeat like it should’ve been. It was a bland mix of something dull and boring. As the movie progressed it got better.

The Verdict –

3 out of 5 Stars

If you can overlook the gaping holes of the bad guy, you get a fun female version of Cop Out. McCartney & Bullock are a great pairing in this movie. If this is a hit in the box office and I believe it will be, I expect a sequel for sure coming in the next year or two. If you are looking for a buddy cop movie that will make you laugh start to finish this is the movie for you.

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