The Great Gatsby Review

On Monday, I was able to see movie “The Great Gatsby”. I was looking forward to it when it had its original fall release last year. So I was happy to see it this week. I had never read the book or seen the original movie. So I present the Good, the Bad & the Ugly of “The Great Gatsby”.

The Good

The revealing of Mr. Gatsby, they built it up so good with the story telling of Nick Carraway(Maguire). After just showing the back of his head here or a side view there, you were finally presented Mr. Gatsby.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby – Leo is easily one of the best actors in this generation. The way he brings it to the table every time he is on-screen is unreal. I believed he was Gatsby; I enjoyed the portrayal of him as Gatsby. He makes it so believable and unreal, that I buy into his character every time.

The Story – I know it was a movie once but as a person that never seen it or read the book. I think the story behind the movie is brilliant. It is a very original idea of a guy with a heart of gold with big picture thinking. Piece by Piece I like how the story slowly brought it all together. Whether it was the ups of the happiness between Daisy & Jay or the downs of watching her & Tom crumble.

The Supporting Cast – I have been a huge fan of Carey Mulligan since the movie Wall Street. I thought she was fantastic in this film, kind of stole the show for me honestly. With every step of Daisy you could see her developing the character.

Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway – I for one am not the biggest Maguire fan but he was excellent in this role.

Joel Edgerton as Tom Buchanan – He played a big league character and acted it very big league as well. He’s a lying, cheating snob that you just loved to hate.

The score on this was fabulous, with every intense moment the right sound was playing.

The scenery, it was a beautiful film to see. Just the sights from scene to scene were beyond amazing. It was a well put together picture overall visually.

The Bad –

I wasn’t that fond of the music though. For a movie based in the 20’s it was kind of weird hearing Jay-Z playing. I think they could’ve used a Jazz vibe to it instead of that.

The Ugly –

None, the movie was darn near perfect.

The Verdict –

4.5 out of 5 stars

Easily the best film I have seen this year, DiCaprio strikes again with an amazing performance. Baz Luhrmann directs a beautiful film with an amazing story from start to finish. The cast in this film was brilliant, the 2nd must see movie of the year (Iron Man 3 the other). Go see this in the theaters, I promise you won’t regret it.

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