Skyfall Review

I am a huge Bond fan and have seen a majority of the ones that have ever come out. So I was in fact excited that this was coming out this weekend.

Movie started off with fast pace action that you only get from a bond movie. I’ve always loved the over the top crazy stunts in these movies. This movie didn’t shy away from that either.

Sam Mendes & The writers were very clear that some of this movie was inspired by Christopher Nolan and the Dark Knight. You could tell in this as it was bit dark. I loved how they looked deep into Bond, kind of showed a vulnerable side of him. They go deep into the origin of Bond

Bond is broken down, weak and obviously hurting. But despite all that he wanted to come back and help M. The British government is trying to take her down. As well as former agent Raoul Silva(played by Javier Bardem). Who is completely obsessed with her. Bardem stole the show for me, he was just a witty, sarcastic & funny. Scene stealer for me is right after they capture Bond and they are in the room together. Its a good 20 minute exchange between Bardem & Craig.

Craig has easily become one of my favorite Bonds. People criticize him for not having no charm or sense of humor. I would disagree with those people. He has a great wit to him as well as a very nice sarcastic funny side as well.

I don’t ever think Judi Dench ever really gets the credit she deserves in these movies. I think she was really good in this movie as well. Seeing an interesting side of M we really have never seen before. Her & Craig see to have a great chemistry together in the movie.

This movie was a total upgrade from Solace, just by the action in itself. Some of the best Bond fight scene yet.

Between the fight scenes, The story and showing a side of Bond we really never have seen before. Cap it off with the performance by Javier Bardem. Easily the best Bond movie I think ever made.

4/5 stars – Easily a movie I would tell anyone and everyone to go check out in theaters.

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  1. Nice review Richard. Once again, Craig owns it as Bond but he isn’t the star of the show here. In fact, Javier Bardem knocks it out of the park as the creepy, but dangerous villain that steals just about every scene he’s in and kept me involved with the flick a whole lot more than I expected.

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