Thoughts on the Debate…

After sitting on my couch watching the debate last night I came away with a few things.

1. Romney was out for the kill to begin with, whether it was ignoring the mandated 2 minutes or trying to get in the last word. He was out for the kill last night, accomplishing it I believe as well. He came off a little too over aggressive for my taste, but I can understand why he did what he did. It was the 1st debate and he wanted to start off with a bang.

2. Romney is very arrogant and a bit pompous last night. Whether it was the interrupting the President or completely ignoring Jim Lehrer. I think it was a smart tactic but also could have affected the normal American on the fence.

3. President Obama, basically played it safe last night. Let Romney have the floor and let him preach over and over again. While I thought it was a bad move on the President’s behalf. There is still a lot of time and more debates to be had.

4. One of the highlights of the night for me was when the Jim Lehrer interrupted President Obama to tell him his time was up. The President chimed back and said “I think I had 5 seconds left before you interrupted me”. Got quite the laugh and the typical Republican stated it was very rude of him. Well if that was rude than how about the 100 times Romney went over the allotted time he had. Multiple times talking of what Jim Lehrer was saying.

5. Clearly if you were picking a winner last night it was Romney. He came out swinging and I believe caught the President off guard. Though I don’t think Romney has a chance at winning the election, the 1st debate was really good for him.

As a fan of the President and will vote for him when the time comes. After last night, It’s Romney 1 President Obama 0.

Thought’s and/or questions about this article, you can contact me via Twitter @rickygangster.

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