Ricky’s Week 2 Fantasy Review

Welcome aboard to the 1st edition of Ricky’s Fantasy Review. I am going to breakdown some of the happenings in the week that it was, also giving you a recap of how my 5-Pack sleepers and My Start/Sit picks did as well, so some weeks you’ll be reading me brag about how awesome I am or some weeks you’ll be joining me for the traditional shower cry.

Week 2 in the NFL was a crazy one indeed, just before kickoff we got the news that Carson Palmer would not be playing, the status of Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jefferies were in question, DeAngelo Williams found his way on the unactive list and Greg Hardy went from active to inactive in a span of 25 minutes. But folks it didn’t stop there at all, within a 10 minutes span to open the week we saw injuries to players left and right, crippling Fantasy owners across the board.

Enough about all the depressing happenings and let’s talk about how my 5-Pack Fantasy Sleepers performed this week.

Ryan Tannehill was my QB and just couldn’t take advantage of what I thought was a fantastic matchup. He did throw for 241 yards and a TD and a late garbage time touchdown may have made this into a nice little pick but instead a late INT cemented him as just a mediocre pick for this week.

Mark Ingram was RB and he balled out folks. He rushed for 83 yards on 11 carries and caught 3 passes for 21 yards and added a rushing TD as well. Ingram is looking mighty good through the 1st two weeks of the season.

Andrew Hawkins was my WR pick and he showed me some serious love this week. Now when he fell on the game clinching catch at the end of the game and he would’ve scored, I about cried but none the less Hawkins caught 6 catches for 70 yards on 12 targets. Hawkins is looking like a really solid play week to week in PPR formats.

Charles Clay was my TE pick for the week and he just ended the game with a UGH game. He did finish with 7 catches but only 31 yards on those 7 catches. I wouldn’t say he was a complete “dud” but he didn’t exactly kill it either for me.

My D was the Titans, I really started leaning against this matchup as the week went on but while they didn’t end up in the negative (6 points on most Daily sites) they didn’t kill it either.

Overall: It wasn’t a terrible week for me but I didn’t kill it either. Ingram was my bright spot for the week

Now let’s dig into my Start/Sit Hit’s and Misses

Must Start hits

Andy Dalton (15/23 – 252 yards & a TD) – While he wasn’t as dominate as I thought he would be Dalton connected with Sanu on a 76 yard bomb that reversed what would’ve been a tough day for Dalton owners.

Zach Ertz – (4 catches for 86 yards) – While he didn’t find the endzone in the game, Ertz made some big plays again in the passing game.

Must Sit hits

Tony Romo – (19/29 – 176 yards & a TD) – He wasn’t flashy at all and they didn’t need him to be either. Murray carried the load and Romo failed to throw a INT.

Eddie Lacy – (61 total yards) – The Jets shot out to a huge lead early and took Lacy out of the game.

Any Oakland WR – This is a shout out to anyone not named James Jones.

Must Start Misses

Shane Vereen – (40 total yards) – I think this one hurts a little too much to talk about for me.

Kendell Wright – (3 catches for 31 yards) – Wright just couldn’t take advantage of this great matchup and that is tough to watch.

Denver D – (24 points & 380 total yards) – The Chiefs team that played in Week 2 was totally different from Week 1.

Must Sit Misses

James Jones – (9 catches for 112 yards & a TD) – UGH REALLLLLLLLLLLLLY?

Antonio Gates – (7 catches for 96 yards & 3 TDs) – Did someone tell the Seahawks that Gates was old and slow? Cause I sure didn’t see anyone covering the guy.

Overall as a whole, week 2 wasn’t too terrible for me but it surely wasn’t great. Week 3 seems like a good week to put the pieces all together and just kill it, right? I think so.

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