5 Burning Questions: Fantasy Wide Receivers

The fantasy football Season is upon us and our team here at The Sports Script wants to make sure you are completely prepared for your draft! Our football staff will be periodically releasing questions and answers to burning questions that the readers have at each position. Our talented team of writers  has you covered! Today we continue with our wide receivers installment.

5 questions about fantasy WR:

1. Which WR are 1st round worthy?

Gallimore: Calvin Johnson is a “no doubt about it” first round pick for me. After that, I wouldn’t have a problem with your choice of Demaryius Thomas or Dez Bryant towards the latter part of round 1 and depending on your thoughts of Jimmy Graham or Peyton I could see AJ Green or Brandon Marshall sneaking in as well in deeper leagues.

Moore: Megatron, Thomas, Bryant and Marshall. Those 4 receivers are as low-risk as they come. Megatron is Megatron, Thomas is Peyton’s #1 guy, Bryant is sleeper for #1 WR in PPR and in a very pass-friendly offense and Marshall is Cutler’s security blanket.

Hines: In the 1st round a majority of people look for that stud RB to help stabilize their team. I am in the minority in regards to this strategy. After the top RB are gone (and there aren’t many) I wouldn’t blame anyone for going after Calvin Johnson. In the 1st two rounds you are looking for consistency. You can’t tell me that Calvin isn’t more valuable than Doug Martin, who is currently going in front of Johnson in some mock drafts. Anywhere after pick 4 (AP, McCoy, Forte, Charles going in those top 4 we assume), I would be okay with someone taking Calvin. The only other non-RB I would take in the 1st round is someone we will talk about in a future column, stay tuned.

Valero: I am not fond of drafting a WR in the 1st round as I like my running backs. However, in the latter half of the 1st you strongly have to consider it. Calvin Johnson is a shoe-in for the 1st round and one could select A.J. Green near the end of the turn.

2. Which WR has the biggest sleeper appeal?

Gallimore: I look to Golden Tate (mid 30’s ranking) as a great candidate to move into the top 15 when all is said and done. He comes from a running heavy system to a pass happy one with a QB that will get him the ball. Megatron will dictate coverage and Tate will be the big benefactor.

Moore: Eric Decker. He is now in sole possession of being a #1 WR on a team that will want their young QB to throw. He could haul in 90 receptions. He could be a back-end WR1/top WR2 if he stays healthy. He will be force-fed the ball as he is the only WR on that team that has it all together.

Hines: Reuben Randle. Currently Randle goes after pick 100 in drafts and is someone that I am looking to have on my team this year. Last year Randle only started in three games but had 6 TD and 611 yards. Eli targets him in the red zone, and with Cruz being double covered, Randle should get a ton of looks. Randle isn’t going to be a top option by any means, but he has the potential to be a great flex play.

Valero: Hakeem Nicks. I think he is going to have a bigger impact than most people think. Nicks is a really good WR and is the type of player that will fit right in with Luck. I can see him ending the season as the Colts’ most valuable pass-catcher.

3. Who will be the biggest bust at the position?

Gallimore: I hate to say it because I have him in a dynasty league but Percy Harvin. He has never had a 1,000 yard season and his physical style of play leads to injuries every year. On a per game basis he is usually very good but over the course of the season he won’t warrant his top 20 price tag.

Moore: Pierre Garcon. No way he gets over 180 targets and 110 receptions again. Washington has a new HC who will implement a more balanced offense and rely less on the passing game. DeSean Jackson is in Washington now as well, and will definitely eat into targets. He could have 80-90 receptions, but that might even be too much. I see him as a high-end WR2 this year instead of a mid-tier WR1, which most people are drafting him as.

Hines: I love Keenan Allen! He came out in his rookie year and was an absolute stud for fantasy owners. Regardless of the relationship between he and Phillip Rivers, there are more mouths to feed in San Diego entering 2014. Based on ADP, Allen just will not provide the value that you will have to pay to get him.

Valero: A few names that come to mind are Keenan Allen, Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson. Randall Cobb represents the biggest bust value, I think he has all the talent in the world but dealt with injury a season ago and doesn’t warrant his draft position.

4. Mike Evans or Sammy Watkins?

Gallimore: I most likely won’t get either as they are going higher than I would spend but if I have to make a choice I go with…both. I know it’s cheating but I take Mike Evans for redrafts and Watkins in dynasty leagues. Each has value but I would go with Evans in the short term because I trust his QB a little bit more plus he has V-Jax taking away some attention.

Moore: Sammy Watkins. He’s a much more talented receiver. He may be over-drafted, but he will still have a better year than Evans. Evans is behind Vincent Jackson, who is the go-to guy in TB, while Watkins is clearly the #1 in Buffalo. He has been doing some amazing things in camp as well. Evans will be good no doubt, but Watkins will be better.

Hines: Josh McCown is the starting QB for the Bucs this year. Now, he isn’t the best option in the world, but under Marc Trestman and the new Bears offense, McCown had a great year filling in for Jay Cutler. Now the main man in Tampa, he has a new weapon in Mike Evans to throw to. Mike comes from Texas A&M where he was the guy you saw catching the balls that Manziel would just throw up for him to get. The kid is a play-maker, and although Watkins is a future stud, I think in 2014, Evans will is the one you want.

Valero: Their ADP are within a few spots of each other and honestly maybe a little too high for my taste but Mike Evans is going to win ROY this year, go ahead and book it. He may not kill it week to week but will have over 900 yards and 7 scores.

5. What’s the highest you would draft a WR?

Gallimore: I would look to take Calvin Johnson at pick 1.07. The top 4 RB (AP, Charles, McCoy, Forte) in some order, then I would also take Lacy and Jimmy Graham before pulling the trigger on a WR. I just think after those 6 players the next tier of RB has too much risk to pass on the consistency of Megatron.

Moore: 5th after AP, McCoy, Forte and Charles are gone (in no specific order). I’d rather have Megatron over Lacy personally. I can always spend the next two rounds on RB and have a little leeway with WR2. He has proven he can fight through injuries and will have Golden Tate to take some of the pressure off of him.

Hines: Again, going back to question #1, I am in the minority when it comes to this question but in standard leagues I think anywhere after 4 is fair game for a WR selection. That is assuming that AP, McCoy, Charles, and Forte are off the board. In PPR leagues I am in the same position. After those top guys, I would rather have Calvin than Lacy, Martin, or any of the other RB going in the first round. If I am 5th pick though, give me Calvin.

Valero: It depends on the draft, in PPR I would totally go around the 5th or 6th slot but in Standard leagues I would wait until probably the top half of round 2 in order to take one.

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