NBA Preview 2013: Golden State Warriors

warriors_primaryLogoTime for another preview of on NBA team here on the Sports Script, as we draw nearer to the start of the regular season. Earlier today I previewed the Memphis Grizzlies, so check them out and the rest of this series. Today we get so close to the contenders, it’s painful. This team is about as close to being a real contender, and they might just be, but too many variables keep me from ranking them higher. The most exciting team in basketball, and a constant NBA League Pass watch every time they play, let’s talk the Golden State Warriors.

Key Additions: Andre Iguodala (Signed via Nuggets) Toney Douglas (Signed via Rockets) Marreese Speights (Signed via Grizzlies) Jermaine O’Neal (Signed via Suns) Nemanja Nedovic (Draft)

Key Departures: Jarrett Jack (Cavaliers) Carl Landry (Kings) Brandon Rush (Jazz) Richard Jefferson (Jazz) Andris Biedrins (Jazz)

Projected Starters: PG Stephen Curry, SG Klay Thompson, SF Andre Iguodala, PF David Lee, C Andrew Bogut

The Warriors, the most fun to watch team in the NBA, and if their offseason goes like the team hopes it will, we will be seeing a ton of these guys in big time games, late in the season. Let’s talk the biggest move for them this offseason, Andre Iguodala. Iggy was a huge signing for this team, as he bring so many dimensions to this team that they previously did not have. First off, some defense on the perimeter. Curry and Thompson for as good a shooters as they are, can’t really play a lick of defense, and Iguodala will be great to them. He doesn’t play great offense, but should hopefully get some easy baskets here and there, as teams will be frantically guarding Steph Curry 30 feet from the basket. I didn’t love them losing Jack, but it was unavoidable with Iggy coming in, and I really get scared thinking of Curry’s injury past, and them having to rely on Toney Douglas. Speights and O’Neal provide some inside presence, and could be big if Bogut goes down again. They lost the trio of Rush, Jefferson and Biedrins in the process of signing Iguodala, which is great, but they also lost some picks in a stud draft. Hopefully the Warriors go far enough so that it won’t matter that much.

I love this starting lineup so much, and Iguodala makes off the chart good. Bogut is a question at center, as to whether or not he can stay healthy for a season, but hopefully he can, because he was enormous to them when healthy, and with Howard in the West for a long time, it’s even more important now. Lee is a juggernaut on offense, and was sorely missed in the Spurs series last playoffs, and I felt if he was healthy, could’ve been all the Warriors needed to swing that season. Expect more big rebound numbers, and huge offensive stats from him this year, like always. Iguodala like I said above, will complement the guards very well, and while it’s too bad Harrison Barnes will be put on the bench, it will be good for him, and he can come in for shorter bursts, and kill teams with his athleticism and really good two way game. Klay Thompson on pretty much any other team would be the best shooter in the organization, but here he’s number two. That’s crazy scary. Thompson should improve even more in his third season, and I wouldn’t expect any less than a 40% shooting season from three. Now Steph Curry. The best shooter in the world, and dare I say… The POTENTIAL, to be the best shooter of all-time? It’s more than possible. This guy shot 45% from three last year, while shooting almost EIGHT a game, and will probably be taking even more this year. If you’re not guarding him as soon as he gets over half, then it’s already too late, and he’s probably dropped a 30 foot three on you. He had unlimited range, and can get his shot in so many ways, it’s downright unfair. But the if, and it’s a very big one is, how are those paper mache ankles? Stay healthy Steph, we all want to see you do amazing things this year.

The Warriors are going to be a great team this year, and if they were in the East, I might’ve put them right up by the Heat, or just behind the Pacers, but they’re stuck in the loaded West. It’s too bad really, because you’re at least going to have to go through the Spurs, or Rockets, or Thunder or even Clippers if they get their stuff together. It could be a historical season if the Warriors have everything go right for them, and with a player the caliber of Curry, you always have a chance. Can’t wait to spend half my nights watching these guys do amazing things on League Pass. Worth every penny.

Final Prediction: 52-30, 5th Western Conference


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