NBA Preview 2013: Dallas Mavericks

243px-Dallas_Mavericks_logo.svgWelcome back to another day of NBA Previews, right here on the Sports Script. Yesterday we had the Pelicans and Wizards, so make sure you check them out, as well as the rest of the teams. We’re starting to close in on playoff teams, but not quite there yet. This team had a disastrous offseason, so they had to cover themselves with some very questionable moves. We have the Dallas Maverick.

Key Additions: Jose Calderon (Signed via Pistons) Monta Ellis (Signed via Bucks) Samuel Dalembert (Signed via Bucks) Wayne Ellington (Signed via Cavaliers) Shane Larkin (Draft) Devin Harris (Signed via Hawks) DeJuan Blair (Trade via Spurs)

Key Departures: OJ Mayo (Bucks) Chris Kaman (Lakers) Elton Brand (Hawks) Roddy Beaubois (Free Agent)

Projected Starters: PG Jose Calderon, SG Monta Ellis, SF Shawn Marion, PF Dirk Nowitzki, C Samuel Dalembert

What a disappointing offseason for the Mavs. Just two years removed from winning an NBA title, they swung and missed terribly on Chris Paul and messed up hysterically on Deron Williams, but the saving grace was supposed to be Dwight Howard. But that didn’t happen, so how about Andrew Bynum? Nope. That didn’t happen either, so they settled on Sam Dalembert to start at center *shivers. They added a TON of guard depth after losing Beaubois and OJ Mayo, in Jose Calderon to big money, Monta Ellis and all his bad shots to big money, Devin Harris makes a return performance, Wayne Ellington brings shooting touch from Cleveland, and Shane Larkin was drafted out of Miami, and maybe he will be the only one to actually play defense, with Ellis and Calderon doing their best Los Matadores impression. OLE! Right to the basket… They also added DeJuan Blair to add some post depth.

The starting lineup has talent on it, except it’s too bad most of that talent their bodies a few years ago. Calderon is a very solid point guard, but won’t blow you away. His defense will be hilarious to watch as he has to guard the likes of Westbrook, Curry and other western guards. Monta Ellis is the same undersized two guard who’s never met a shot he hasn’t loved, and will also play some hilariously bad defense against the likes of a returning Kobe Bryant and James Harden. At forward we have Shawn Marion who hasn’t been relevent since like 2007 when he was traded for a broken Shaquille O’Neal, so don’t expect much besides his expiring contract to be moved eventually. Dirk has got to hate what’s going on. He had a title contender two years ago, but let the likes of Tyson Chandler walk for nothing, in return for promises of Deron Williams and Dwight Howard. How does Jose Calderon, Monta Ellis and Sam Dalembert sound Dirk? Still happy to retire here? And even then, Dirk only has a few great years left, hell maybe those years have already passed him by. He’s the one consistent on the Mavs, and will retire here if Cuban has his way, but he should be doing what he can to get out of this sinking ship. Or maybe the ship has already sunk because one of you’re BIG offseason acquisitions was the human goaltend machine Sam Dalembert. Have fun with that Mavs fans.

This is going to be a team that contends for that 8th playoff spot, but wont’ get there, because they just don’t have the talent. Not good enough to be a playoff contender, but not nearly bad enough to get a truly team changing player in the draft. Late lottery is this team’s best bet, and then you have to hope for a miracle pick. Good luck this year Cuban, Nowitzki, Mavs fans, you’re going to need it.

Final Prediction: 39-43, 10th Western Conference

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