NBA Free Agency: The Top 10 Best Signings

Continuing off of my Top Ten Worst Signings of the 2013 NBA Free Agency period, here is my Top Ten Best Signings. While this may not be as much fun, it’s important to note who made impact signings, whether they’re superstars, ex. Dwight Howard and Chris Paul, or even below market value role players, ex. Andrei Kirilenko and Matt Barnes that can mean the difference between an NBA Championship, and being knocked off before you can even get there. With that being said, here are my best signings of the NBA Free Agency period.

Honorable Mentions: Tony Allen: 4-years/$20 million, Matt Barnes: 3-years/$10 million, Greg Oden: 2-years/$2 million, Marco Belinelli: 2-years/$5.5 million,  Mike Dunleavy: 2-years/$6.5 million

10. JR Smith, 3 years $18 million- 

9. Nate Robinson, 2 years $4 million- 

8. Brandon Jennings, 3 years $24 million- 

7. Dwight Howard, 4 years $88 million- 

6. Josh Smith, 4 years $54 million- 

5. Paul Millsap, 2 years $19 million- 

4. Andrei Kirilenko, 2 years $6.5 million- 

3. David West, 3 years $36 million- 

2. Andre Iguodala, 4 years $48 million- 

1. Chris Paul, 5 years $107 million- 

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