MLB Bold Predictions for July

The month of June, I nailed a whopping 1 out of my 5 predictions. Man I should quit my day job and become a psychic or something. Today I make another awesome attempt at predicting what will occur in Baseball, during the month of July.

Top 5 Bold Predictions for July

The Detroit Tigers will fall 5 games back of the Cleveland Indians.

The Tigers continue to struggle due to their bullpen, and they don’t seem to feel the need to fix it either. They need to be out here trying to trade for any available arm. They’re ranked in the top 4 in Runs, Batting Average, On Base Percentage and Slugging Percentage in hitting. Their Pitchers rank 9th in ERA, 2nd in Quality starts, 7th in WHIP, and 9TH in BAA. Which is pretty good but they are only 6 games above .500 and are currently tied for 1st in the Central with the Indians. The Indians have won 7 of 10 and are on a roll right now. Look for them to edge control of this division for the month of July.

Yasiel Puig struggles and hits under .250.

Puig-mania has been a really fun surprise to watch as a baseball fan. This guy is going to struggle at some point though, and I think it will happen soon. He is a very high strikeout guy and that is going to hurt him. His BB and K percentage is an awful 0.20. I am not saying the kid isn’t going to be a star in the future but we’ll be stopping the comparisons to Trout and Harper after we see him struggle this month.

The San Diego Padres will sit in sole position of 1st place in the NL West

They have the Red Sox, Nationals, Rockies, Giants and Cardinals coming up over the 1st half of July. To think they will finish in 1st place to end the month, I would be crazy right? Well folks I think I am! This team will win their fair share of those games and then stand tall in 1st place at month’s end.

Cliff Lee will be traded to the Rangers.

The Rangers were 14-14 for the month of June. Yet they sit atop of the West, 14 games over .500, but with a slim .5 game lead over the A’s. The back-end of the rotation has struggled this year. Even though Grimm is 7-5, he has a 5.56 ERA, and Nick Tepesh has a 4.71 ERA. Adding Lee would not only solidify this rotation, but I think it would make them favorites to represent the AL in the World Series this year. A 1-2-3 punch of Darvish, Lee, and Holland would be great for them heading into the postseason. They need to make this trade happen.

Michael Cuddyer is going to flirt with history.

Cuddyer, who currently sits with a 27-game hitting streak, will approach 50+ games in his hitting streak to end the month. Cuddyer has been on fire over the course of this streak and I look for him to continue this through July. If he plays in every game of this month the streak will be at 54 games entering August, which would only be 2 games shy of Joe DiMaggio’s 56 game streak.

Other Predictions for July –

The O’s will take over 1st place and the Red Sox will stumble into last.

Miguel Cabrera will overtake Chris Davis in homeruns.

We will finally get the No-Hitter I have asked for.

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