Why Tebow to the Patriots makes sense.

As we all know, yesterday it was reported that Timothy Tebow would sign with the New England Patriots. It caused quite a social media circus per usual. It was the talk of radio shows, Twitter, Facebook, and much more. I even saw it pop up on CNN last night. Of course ESPN is going Tebow crazy while I am writing, as well as it’ll probably be doing while you’re reading this, causing outrageous coverage. I am going to share why I think this is good for the Patriots, and even better for Tebow.

Last season was nothing short of a huge disappointment for Tebow. Coming off a season in which he led the Broncos to a playoff victory, he was relegated to punt protection and, an occasional, “decoy” as a WR for the Jets. New York made a mockery out of him and it was pretty sad to see. They never gave him a shot at playing quarterback for a team that was just awful. People criticized that he couldn’t do anything they asked of him last season. Well, I am not sure that I would put my best foot forward for a GM and Head Coach that made a joke of me all season long either. I am not here to preach that Tebow is a great quarterback; I just think the kid gets unjustified criticism. ESPN has made him “God” as he’s the majority of all their shows. They spend countless hours reporting on what he is doing and where he was doing it. They even have songs on First Take about him, and Skip Bayless just showing his undying love for the quarterback. So plain and simple the “circus” around him isn’t his fault.

Why it’s a good fit for the Patriots is because Bill Belichick likes football players, and that’s exactly what Tebow is. No matter what anyone says, Tebow, in my opinion, can play football. Belichick also will not allow the media circus around Tebow, if Tim doesn’t want them around. Now the Patriots have never dealt with something of this size, but if anyone can kill the circus, it is Belichick. He can control this situation to make it so where Tim is focused on the ins and outs of football only.

Why this is good for Tebow is because he is going to a place to learn the game of football properly. He is going to learn from one of the best coaches of this generation. Belichick will have him eating and sleeping football. Tim will also share the locker room with Tom Brady, who can teach him a whole heck of a lot about playing the quarterback position. Belichick is also good at getting players to play other positions (examples: Troy Brown, Julian Edelman, and Kevin Faulk). So maybe he can make Tebow understand that he isn’t just a quarterback. Tebow has every opportunity to learn and grow from this experience in New England.

So does he play QB? Does he play TE? Does he even make the 53-man roster? Is Gronkowski’s injury even worse than we know? Or is this Belichick being Belichick.

There are a lot of questions and we are only in June, so I guess we will all stay tuned to the Tim Tebow saga.

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