The Sports Script Fan Duel MLB Lineup for 04/25

Who is excited baseball is back????? I know I am which also means that Daily Fantasy Baseball is back as well. I really enjoy DFS Baseball as it keeps you even more involved and keeps you up to date with guys you normally wouldn’t care about.

Had some great success in the early games and decided to get a little greedy and try the night-cap too and burnt me.

Well everything I am going to bring you my lineup in which I am playing over at –RIGHT NOW IF YOU JOIN Fan Duel and make your 1st deposit using the Promo Code – SCRIPT – You will get 100% bonus match on it!!!!!!!! Just do it folks.
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I am going to bring you the lineup I feel is the best for you to bring home some $$$ for the day. Early on we are fighting the guessing game but riding some of the guys hot bats to start the season.

The Sports Script Fan Duel MLB Lineup for 04/25

Here is a few reasons I like these guys tonight.

Miguel Cabrera vs. Kevin Correia – hitting .393 (11/28) with 2 2Bs, a HR, 8 RBIs & 2 BBs
Early in the week Miggy owners were in panic mode and selling him, today you couldn’t get him if you tried. 6 hits in the last 3 games and he has a matchup against Correia who is struggling against RHP this season. They are hitting .360 against him and this is the easy no brainer pick of the day.

Pedro Alvarez vs. Shelby Miller – hitting .231 (3/13) with 3 HRs, 3 RBIs & a BB
This is just a gut play today. Miller has struggled against lefties and Alvarez has struggled against RHP. I think Alvarez takes Miller deep tonight.

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5 Questions surrounding Fantasy Baseball Starting Pitchers

The MLB season is upon us which means it is time for the Fantasy Baseball season. We here at the Sports Script want to do everything possible in setting you up for draft day and helping you throughout the season to win a Fantasy Baseball Championship. We are gathering a team of Sports Script writers as well as some special guest to answer 5 key questions about each position for the upcoming 2014 Fantasy Baseball Season. Today we have gathered me (Ricky Valero), Matt Bell and Matt Wincherauk as we are going to take a look at the Starting Pitchers.

5 Questions surrounding Fantasy Baseball Starting Pitchers

1 – Which player or players are you targeting?

Ricky – Jered Weaver – While the dip in strikeouts is a concern as they have dropped steadily from the 9 K/9 in 2010 to 6 K/9 last season.  But what I do like is the fact you are getting a guy with 10+ wins in 8 straight seasons, a guy with a career 3.24 ERA and someone with a low WHIP over the course of the past 4 seasons (1.06 WHIP).  You can have him in the 9th or 10th round and I think he will easily surpass his ADP this season.

Matt Bell – The pitchers that I’m targeting to fill my starting roles are of course the obvious guys just like the other positions. I’m not going to jump on a guy like Kershaw or any of those, but rather try to find value in the starting position later on. The guy I’m targeting most is Jose Fernandez as I was really impressed with this young pitcher last year and think he can do big things this year. He had a 2.19 ERA and averaged over 9 strikeouts per 9 innings last year. He’s young and should only get better as a pitcher at this point in his career. I think he could put up big numbers and be hand a few rounds later than Kershaw.

Matt Wincherauk – Jose Fernandez is a guy I’m going to try to target in a number of my drafts. He’s got a great park to pitch in, had a great year last year, and should only continue to improve. He might not get a ton of wins considering how bad his team is, but he should still have top flight numbers.

2 – Which player are you staying away from?

Ricky – Max Scherzer – He has huge regression written all over him this season. He had an unreal 2013 season which was topped off with winning the Cy Young and with that he is being drafted among the top 5 or 6 pitchers. The price is too high and he will come back down to earth this season.

Matt Bell – The pitcher I will probably avoid most for my drafts is Cliff Lee. He’s 35 years old and pitching for a Phillies team that doesn’t have a ton of offense. They struggle at times to give him run support which is something I want to see when taking a pitcher as early as where Cliff Lee projects.

Matt Wincherauk – I’m going to avoid Gio Gonzalez. Last year was a good indicator that he wasn’t an ace, and more just a solid second option. Yet people are probably going to see a bounce back year to prominence this year. I don’t trust him, and will try to avoid him if I can.

3 – Who is the biggest sleeper heading into 2014?

Ricky – Sonny Gray – In 10 starts last season he was a big time player and I think heading into 2014 he is going to pick up where he left off. He averaged over 1 strikeout per nine as well as he held a 3.35 K/B ratio. I expect a tiny regression and a slight rise in the ERA but expect him to be among the top 20 pitchers for 2014.

Matt Bell – The sleeper for me at starting pitcher I’ll have to admit is sort of homer type pick, but I’m really high on Michael Wacha this year. He had an amazing postseason going 4-1 and striking out 33 hitters over that time. He will be in the Cardinals rotation for a full season this year and with the lineup he has behind him could rack up quite a few wins.

Matt Wincherauk – I think Michael Wacha has to be a guy that will go under the radar a bit. I see some of the bigger sites and writers having him barely crack their top 50. I’m very willing to take a risk on him as my 3rd pitcher, as he could be one of the next major star pitchers in this league after what we saw from him in the playoffs. I’m willing to take a bit of a risk on him, in order to get potentially a huge reward.

4 – Which player will be a bust for Fantasy owners?

Ricky – You could really go with Scherzer here as well but one guy I am looking at is Jose Fernandez. He brought some nasty stuff to the table in 2013 and impressed the heck out of me. But I think we need to be tempered with expectations for 2014 for him. While I think he will be a top 20 pitcher, he is being drafted among the élite and I just haven’t seen enough and he does play for a Marlins team that isn’t going to be very good again this season.

Matt Bell – The biggest bust at pitcher for me this year is Fransisco Liriano. He’s had an ERA over 5 for 4 of the last 5 seasons, but brought false hope to owner with one really good year last year. He went 16-8 last year and while the strike out numbers will still be there I don’t think he can hold the ERA to around 3 against. He will struggle to pick up 16 wins again next year hurting his value fantasy wise.

Matt Wincherauk – One guy I’m not willing to trust is Masahiro Tanaka, and I believe people might get a bit too jumpy on his staggering numbers overseas. He’s obviously coming in and pitching against better competition, and has to do so in one of the most hitter friendly ballparks in baseball. He won’t be a huge bust, but I think he will be a bit of a disappointment.

5 – Give a bold prediction for one player.

Ricky – I like Justin Verlander to bounce back and win 18 games with an ERA under 3.10.

Matt Bell – The bold prediction for the starting pitchers this year is that Strasburg comes back after a full year back and shows why everyone was hyped on him. I’m going to say he comes up to the top competing with Kershaw for a chance as the CY Young winner in the NL this year.

Matt Wincherauk – Max Scherzer’s gaudy numbers from last year will take a significant hit. He won’t top 15 wins, and his strikeout numbers, and ERA will also drop.

If you have any questions about the upcoming Fantasy Baseball season make sure to hope on over to twitter and ask. You can follow me @rickygangster @mattbell211 & @TheMattyWin and we will answer any and all questions.

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2014 Fantasy Baseball Starting Pitcher Rankings

MLB season is upon us and Fantasy Baseball is back and better than ever! Over the next few weeks we are planning on getting you ready for any of the upcoming Fantasy drafts that you have. This week we are sending out our initial 2014 rankings that will be updated as Spring Training progresses. The week after we are going to answer 5 questions about each position as well as giving you some insight into some players that we like as well. Matt Bell is joining me today as we rank Starting Pitchers as well as take a look at one guy we like higher than his ADP and one we have lower than his ADP.

2014 Fantasy Baseball Starting Picther Rankings (as of 2/24/14)
*Cole Hamels dropped in the rankings due to reports he will not pitch in the 1st month of the season

Rank Ricky Valero  Matt Bell 
1 Clayton Kershaw Clayton Kershaw
2 Adam Wainwright Yu Darvis
3 Yu Darvish Stephen Strasburg
4 Cliff Lee Adam Wainwright
5 Felix Hernandez Chris Sale
6 Madison Bumgarner Felix Hernandez
7 Max Scherzer Jose Fernandez
8 Zack Greinke David Price
9 David Price Max Scherzer
10 Chris Sale Justin Verlander
11 Jose Fernandez Cliff Lee
12 Stephen Strasburg Madison Bumgarner
13 Anibal Sánchez Zack Greinke
14 Gio Gonzalez Anibal Sánchez
15 Justin Verlander Gio Gonzalez
16 James Shields James Shields
17 Mat Latos Hisashi Iwakuma
18 Cole Hamels Gerrit Cole
19 Mike Minor Shelby Miller
20 Hisashi Iwakuma Mat Latos
21 Gerrit Cole Cole Hamels
22 Jered Weaver Mike Minor
23 Shelby Miller Jered Weaver
24 Homer Bailey Homer Bailey 
25 Jordan Zimmerman Jordan Zimmerman
26 Matt Moore Matt Moore
27 Matt Cain Matt Cain
28 Masahiro Tanaka Hyun-Jin Ryu
29 Hyun-Jin Ryu Masahiro Tanka
30 Alex Cobb Alex Cobb
31 Doug Fister  Julio Teheran
32 Julio Teheran Doug Fister
33 RA Dickey Hiroki Kuroda
34 Hiroki Kuroda RA Dickey
35 Kris Medlen Patrick Corbin
36 CC Sabathia Michael Wacha
37 Johnny Cueto  Kris Medlen 
38 Patrick Corbin Johnny Cueto
39 CJ Wilson CC Sabathia
40 Francisco Liriano CJ Wilson 
41 Zack Wheeler Franciso Liriano
42 Michael Wacha Zack Wheeler
43 Jon Lester Sonny Gray
44 Sonny Gray  Andrew Cashner
45 Andrew Cashner Jon Lester
46 Jeff Samardzija Matt Garza
47 Matt Garza Jeff Samadzija
48 Clay Buchholz Clay Bucholz
49 Jarod Parker Jarod Parker
50 Lance Lynn Tony Ciniragi 
51 Justin Masterson Justin Masterson
52 Jake Peavy Lance Lynn
53 Dan Straley Dan Straley
54 AJ Burnett Jake Peavy 
55 Chris Archer Chris Archer
56 John Lackey John Lackey
57 Chris Tillman Bartolo Colon
58 Tony Ciniragi  Aj Burnett
59 Bartolo Colon Chris Tillman
60 Dan Haren Dan Haren

Why I ranked (blank) higher than his Current ADP (ADP average comes from the rankings at

Ricky – Zack Greinke – Current ADP 13th – I have him 8th – Post All-Star he was 7-2 with a 1.85 ERA and .98 WHIP. He will pick up where he left off in 2013. I really like him ahead of guys like Strasburg, Fernandez and even Scherzer all of whom are being drafted ahead of him.

Matt Bell – Chris Sale comes in a bit higher in my rankings at number 5 while carrying an ADP of 10th. He’s going to be one of the first pitchers I’ll target this year based on where I can grab him in drafts. He can rack up the strike outs and keeps the ERA low enough to dominate the starting pitching categories. The problem last year was his lack of offense from the White Sox and if he can get some run support a  15 to 20 win season is not out of the question for Sale.

Why I ranked (blank) lower than his current ADP.

Ricky – Stephen Strasburg – Current ADP 6 – I have him ranked 12th – It’s crazy how his split at home and are so different. He was 5-4 with a 1.73 ERA at home and 3-5 with a 4.50 ERA on the road. He ranks in the same boat as Harper this season. Both have all the potential in the world but I am not riding the boom or bust wagon for either of them this year.

Matt Bell – Cole Hamels is the biggest dropper from my rankings at 21 with an ADP of 14th. The drop in my rankings isn’t all about the fact of Hamels declining, but it’s more about the fact that he’s just not dominant with the Phillies offense to justify a higher pitcher ranking for me. Hamels has to do better than his 3.6 ERA he carried last year to be a worthy fantasy pitcher this year.

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If you have any questions about the upcoming Fantasy Baseball season make sure to hope on over to twitter and ask. You can follow me @rickygangster and I will answer any and all questions.

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