Draft Scripts: Using NFBC ADP’s to evaluate Outfield

In anticipation of the FSTA draft this week, I continue my early look at NFBC ADP’s, concentrating on the top 200 in money drafts. While the names continue to shuffle others stay the same. Outfield will be about trust, mixing some power with guys who can steal some bases and catching that bargain that others either overlooked or were burned by last year. It is evident in the ADP information that it will take due diligence and maybe a little luck to hit on the breakouts this year. Due the fact there are forty nine names to digest I made one chart and took the liberty of splitting up their strengths by color:

Red – 20+ HR, 8 < SB (Power); Green – 10 < HR, 20+ SB (Speed); Blue – 10+ HR, 10+ SB (Blends)

Here is how the outfield stacks up. I listed their draft rank below and also inserted their average ADP’s in the NFBC drafts to give an early indicator of their value prior to Thursday’s FSTA draft.

OF NFBC Avg ADP Chart Update 2

Keeping with the format, I have processed each player drafted in the top 200 in charts with their respective Steamer Projections courtesy of Fangraphs.com. After each group I will give some thoughts about how the outfielders stack up and then move to the next one. The first two charts will be in groups of seventeen then the last group will round out to the 49 outfielders according to the ADP numbers.

Group One – 4 Power, 1 Speed and 12 Blends

OF NFBC Projection Chart 1-17

I mean the first seventeen at most positions should be rock solid and for the most part the outfielders are. I have sort of clumped some highlights into categories since the Golden Globes just happened, so here goes. By the way I am not scared of either Matt Kemp or Justin Upton in San Diego but I wrote about that already here.
Safety in numbers: Adam Jones, Baltimore
He is not flashy and is always a regression candidate and he just keeps producing. It is like you do not feel great drafting him at his ADP but he is consistent while not flashy, which in the first round is not so bad.
Bounce Back: Ryan Braun, Milwaukee
I was warning drafters last year to avoid Ryan, but I am back. Since his ADP is trending down, his health may be up and guys who produce 28 home runs and 12 steals are dwindling with a batting average near .300, so I am here with open arms.
Trust Issues: Michael Brantley, Cleveland; Carlos Gonzalez, Colorado
While I am intrigued by the price on Carlos Gonzalez, his checkered health past, last year makes him a very risky option this early. But he could deliver a season like Michael Brantley did last year. Let that marinate a minute. Brantley broke through for a strong 2014, are you feeling lucky paying for a repeat? If you are the cost may alarm you.
Wild Cards: Bryce Harper, Washington; George Springer, Houston
Two guys who could determine how teams finish. I mean there is a 25 home run and 15 steal season while hitting .290 just waiting for Harper who people seem to forget is only 22 years old. With batting averages dropping across baseball again, a guy who could hit 30 home runs and if his legs stay healthy, steal 20 is tolerable if he hits .240, but the .240 could be iffy. If Springer gets his average to .250, then he is a potential top 10 outfielder. There, I said it.
Upside Play: Starling Marte, Pittsburgh
At the same cost as Carlos Gonzalez who may strain a pinkie or Billy Hamilton I can get a poor man’s Jacoby Ellsbury who is younger with more upside? Twenty picks later? Absolutely.
Group Two – 6 Power, 2 Speed, 9 Blends

OF NFBC Projection Chart 18-34

Safety in numbers: Nelson Cruz, Seattle
It is clear that Nelson Cruz’s huge 2014 netted him the Mariners contract which is twofold, first he will protect Robinson Cano and second he adds a power right handed bat that they have craved. While I am not saying to invest heavily in a repeat, he can still hit 25 home runs and you know what you are getting with Cruz.
Bounce Back: Jay Bruce, Cincinnati
At a time when power hitters are craved a strong return by Jay Bruce at a deflated cost would be huge for his fantasy value. We know he can hit for power, or at least should, but will his batting average return to respectability? Or does the shift have another victim?
Trust Issues: Charlie Blackburn, Colorado; J.D. Martinez, Detroit
One had a career year in Coors field and the other was an outcast from the Astros and found success in Motown? If I had to pick from the two, I think a repeat in power by Martinez is possible with some losses in batting average but his Steamer projection supports a solid season. I think Blackburn is a nice story but to invest in him this early when there are other options available late is a tough pick to justify.
Wild Cards: Rusney Castillo, Boston; Jorge Soler, Chicaco Cubs
A Cuban theme here in the wild card section so all kidding aside, they both have immense ability. If Castillo can translate his winter season statistics to the major leagues then the Red Sox have an even deeper outfield and should be dealing Allen Craig sooner than later. Not to kill the theme, but a power hitting outfielder is becoming rarer and rarer, so Jorge Soler has to be on radars. Since he could hit more home runs without destroying a team’s batting average I may venture to gamble on him since he can develop over say a Jay Bruce….the shift….
Upside Play: Jason Heyward, St. Louis
On my tombstone it will read, he trusted in in Jason Heyward. He has not hit left-handed pitching, well, at all lately and even though I sang his praises from the rooftops last year Heyward was replaced in Atlanta by Nick Markakis? Yes, that Nick Markakis. I am not saying that 20/20 is a guarantee but would it surprise anyone that being a Cardinal unlocked his potential? Would not be the first guy to have that happen.
Group Three: 3 Power, 4 Speed, 7 Blends, Melky Cabrera

OF NFBC Projection Chart 35-49

Safety in numbers: There is not really safety out here….

Bounce Back: Shin-Soo Choo, Texas
With health, it is hard to imagine a prohibitive top twenty outfielder in 2014 draft preps has fallen so precipitously, but Choo has. How many owners did he upset? In NFBC formats this means he is a tenth round pick and chance well worth taking. Unless the curse of Kinsler is real.
Trust Issues: Same as the safety problem, there are going to be trust issues here as well. Just look at the ADP’s of Alex Rios and the aforementioned Choo.
Wild Cards: Avisail Garcia, Chicago White Sox; Yasmany Tomas, Arizona
It takes some stones to invest in players out here in drafts and when you see the pitching options you will see why I am going to get power and hitters early and try to target pitching later. But I will take a chance on Avisail Garcia here since he could have a ceiling of 20 home runs with ten steals at an ADP of 172 on average. All day every day. The White Sox are going to score some runs. Yasmany Tomas will come with some hype especially with the breakout that Jose Abreu had last year but I fear that Tomas will resemble a different White Sox teammate, Dayan Viciedo. Tread lightly here….
Upside: Gregory Polanco, Pittsburgh
There are all kinds of terms, post-hype sleeper for example, whatever you want to say I think Polanco had a tough go after his promotion last year but he is talented. After watching him in person I was a fan and he has presence. Though his ceiling in 2015 is probably 13 home runs and 25 stolen bases that is a bargain where he is going.
It is getting late so I am going to offer up one more chart with player that are beyond the top 200 in each category for outfield with their projections included. When you speak of me, please speak nicely.

OF NFBC Undrafted Chart with Projections Updated

Statistical credits: Baseball-Reference.com, Fangraphs.com, ESPN.go.com
Photo cred: http://goo.gl/DKf0LS

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Script Splits: Using Advanced Stats to Rank OF vs RHP

Reddick is more than a "careless whisper" but has his swagger back slashing 307/356/560 vs RHP
Reddick is more than a “careless whisper” but has his swagger back, slashing .307/.356/.560 vs RHP

There were some great outfielders to target in the Splits series against left-handed pitching, but as I turn my attention to which ones to target against right-handed pitchers, it becomes a little riskier. Whereas nine outfielders have an OPS above 1.000 against southpaws, only Yasiel Puig and J.D. Martinez have the same success against right-handed pitchers. Of course this can be due to volume of at bats, but it is something to observe when constructing daily lineups. Targeting weak left-handed pitchers may be easier to predict as opposed to righties. This is one of the reasons that the Colorado pitching staff is one to target when possible due to their volume of left-handed pitchers. Of course Chris Sale and David Price are exceptions to this rule, it is food for thought. However, this is a look at how outfielder’s splits against right handed pitchers. Again, here are the parameters I am using to judge the outfielders using the following variables:

wOBA: Weighted On Base Average represents all the ways a player gets on base (HBP counts in this metric). It is used to measure a player’s overall offensive value.

ISO: Isolated Power  is simply a player’s slugging percentage minus his batting average.

OPS: On base plus Slugging is exactly what it’s surname suggests, adding together both statistics (OBP and SLG%). In the daily game being getting on base via the extra base hit is preferred.

AB/HR: A simple stat. How many homers does a player hit between each at bat? The fewer the better.

wRC+: Weighted Runs Created Plus A measure of how many runs a player creates. The “+” accounts for differing ballpark factors. So a player who’s home park is Coors is weighted to equal one in Citi Field, for example.

Because sites require three outfielders to be active, I will list the top twenty in each category before I rank them based on the average finish across all categories.

Outfielders versus right-handed Pitching (minimum 100 plate appearances):

1. Yasiel Puig .437
2. J.D. Martinez .429
3. Michael Brantley .422
4. Mike Trout .418
5. Andrew McCutchen .416
6. Corey Dickerson .410
7. A.J. Pollock .410
8. Kevin Kiermaier .400
9. Josh Reddick .396
10. Seth Smith .390
11. David Peralta .385
12. Danny Santana .383
13. Brett Gardner .382
14. Matt Kemp .381
15. Jose Bautista .379
16. Carlos Gomez .375
17. Ryan Braun .375
18. Jason Heyward .373
19. Giancarlo Stanton .370
20. Melky Cabrera .370

There are some interesting names to note here. Intriguing targets are emerging, one of them being Josh Reddick. The A’s outfielder has been red hot since his return from the disabled list. Another player who is making his way back from injury is A.J. Pollock. Kevin Kiermaier has also been quietly emerging in Tampa Bay. Even though Kiermaier has been hitting ninth, he provides great value in daily lineups against right-handed pitchers. The last player I will highlight in this list is David Peralta of the Diamondbacks who is not only a great story, but a favorite of longtime scout Bernie Pleskoff. With all of the injuries in Arizona, he may be a great player to target for teams who are pending the loss of Andrew McCutchen.

1. Mike Trout .278
2. J.D. Martinez .269
3. Nelson Cruz .263
4. Yasiel Puig .259
5. Corey Dickerson .256
6. Josh Reddick .253
7. George Springer .251
8. Colby Rasmus .243
9. Kevin Kiermaier .242
10. Giancarlo Stanton .240
11. Brett Gardner .234
12. Andrew McCutchen .226
13. Brandon Barnes .221
14. Carlos Beltran .221
15. Ryan Braun .219
16. A.J. Pollock .216
17. Seth Smith .215
18. Michael Brantley .215
19. Oswaldo Arcia .204
20. Justin Upton .201

While it is no surprise to see Mike Trout at the top of the list, how about taking some time to recognize how good Brett Gardner has been this year? It was discussed on our podcast if he could hit 20 home runs this year, I said yes. Will he do it again next year? I am not willing to pay for it but it has happened before with a one-year power spike. Two boom or bust plays are on this list in Colby Rasmus and Oswaldo Arcia. Both have great power and in tournament play are interesting chances to take against a weak right handed pitcher.

1. Yasiel Puig 1.014
2. J.D. Martinez 1.000
3. Mike Trout .979
4. Michael Brantley .971
5. Andrew McCutchen .967
6. Corey Dickerson .960
7. A.J. Pollock .941
8. Kevin Kiermaier .928
9. Josh Reddick .916
10. Seth Smith .895
11. David Peralta .884
12. Danny Santana .882
13. Brett Gardner .879
14. Matt Kemp .871
15. Giancarlo Stanton .870
16. Jose Bautista .867
17. Ryan Braun .864
18. Carlos Gomez .853
19. Melky Cabrera .843
20. Jason Heyward .841

I understand why some baseball people can be turned off by Yasiel Puig, but he has been proving he is no fluke. Love him or hate him, he is one of the only two with a 1.000+ OPS against righties along with surprise J.D. Martinez. It will be interesting to rank J.D. next year. He has tailed off some from his hot start after being promoted and his sustainability will be questioned.

1. George Springer 13.9
2. Giancarlo Stanton 16.7
3. Colby Rasmus 16.8
4. Mike Trout 17.8
5. J.D. Martinez 17.8
6. Josh Reddick 18.8
7. Corey Dickerson 19.5
8. Josh Willingham 20.3
9. Carlos Gonzalez 20.6
10. Brett Gardner 21.4
11. Kevin Kiermaier 21.9
12. Jose Bautista 22.8
13. Kole Calhoun 23.3
14. Marlon Byrd 23.4
15. Matt Kemp 23.4
16. Travis Snider 23.9
17. Michael Brantley 24.1
18. Justin Upton 24.4
19. Torii Hunter 24.5
20. Seth Smith 25

In the boom or bust section are George Springer and Colby Rasmus. They appear in the power lists as they can run into a fastball at any time and hit one out. However, to rely on them on a day-to-day basis is tough due to their propensity to strike out or not make solid contact. With the injury to Andrew McCutchen, Travis Snider may see an uptick in his playing time against right-handed pitchers which coincides with his recent hot streak. Kole Calhoun and Michael Brantley are two players that represent a high floor against right-handed pitchers and are nice players to target on a daily basis.

1. Yasiel Puig 188
2. Michael Brantley 175
3. J.D. Martinez 174
4. Mike Trout 174
5. Andrew McCutchen 172
6. Kevin Kiermaier 162
7. A.J. Pollock 161
8. Josh Reddick 157
9. Seth Smith 155
10. Corey Dickerson 149
11. Matt Kemp 149
12. Danny Santana 146
13. David Peralta 144
14. Brett Gardner 142
15. Jason Heyward 140
16. Jose Bautista 139
17. Kole Calhoun 139
18. Carlos Gomez 139
19. Ryan Braun 138
20. Giancarlo Stanton 137

Although there are many familiar suspects, one player I have yet to highlight is Corey Dickerson who is having a great season in Colorado. He and Seth Smith represent great plays when they are at home against right-handed pitching.

Overall Rankings Based on Aggregate Averages (2014 Stats vs. RHP included):
1. J.D. Martinez – 160 AB, 24 R, 9 HR, 32 RBI, 2 SB, 350/382/619
2. Mike Trout – 302 AB, 51 R, 17 HR, 63 RBI, 11 SB, 311/389/589
3. Yasiel Puig – 301 AB, 51 R, 1 HR, 48 RBI, 7 SB, 339/416/598
4. Corey Dickerson – 215 AB, 37 R, 11 HR, 32 RBI, 6 SB, 321/383/577
5. Josh Reddick – 150 AB, 28 R, 8 HR, 26 RBI, SB, 307/356/560
6. Kevin Kiermaier – 153 AB, 20 R, 7 HR, 19 RBI, 4 SB, 314/373/556
7. Michael Brantley – 289 AB, 51 R, 12 HR, 51 RBI, 10 SB, 353/403/567
8. Andrew McCutchen – 337 AB, 49 R, 13 HR, 56 RBI, 16 SB, 323/418/549
9. A.J. Pollock – 139 AB, 19 R, 4 HR, 10 RBI, 6 SB, 338/389/554
10. Brett Gardner – 278 AB, 54 R, 13 HR, 41 RBI, 14 SB, 281/364/514
11. Seth Smith – 275 AB, 40 R, 11 HR, 26 RBI, SB, 295/386/509
12. Giancarlo Stanton – 334 AB, 55 R, 20 HR, 62 RBI, 8 SB, 266/364/506
13. George Springer – 233 AB, 33 R, 16 HR, 38 RBI, 3 SB, 242/315/493
14. Matt Kemp – 257 AB, 34 R, 11 HR, 36 RBI, 5 SB, 304/369/502
15. Colby Rasmus – 202 AB, 27 R, 12 HR, 28 RBI, 2 SB, 233/276/475
16. David Peralta 151 AB, 22 R, 4 HR, 20 RBI, 3 SB, 331/361/523
17. Danny Santana – 140 AB, 22 R, 4 HR, 21 RBI, 3 SB, 336/361/521
18. Jose Bautista – 296 AB, 52 R, 13 HR, 50 RBI, 5 SB, 274/397/470
19. Ryan Braun – 256 AB, 38 R, 10 HR, 50 RBI, 2 SB, 293/352/512
20. Carlos Gomez – 327 AB, 53 R, 11 HR, 40 RBI, 20 SB, 303/364/489

Bonus Plays:
1. Jason Heyward – 306 AB, 43 R, 7 HR, 34 RBI, 9 SB, 304/397/444
2. Melky Cabrera – 335 AB, 55 R, 9 HR, 40 RBI, 5 SB, 322/368/475
3. Adam Eaton – 261 AB, 40 R, HR, 21 RBI, 9 SB, 299/363/410

Do not let David Peralta slip under your radar. He is an undervalued source of HR/SB & will play in Arizona
Do not let David Peralta slip under your radar. He is an undervalued source of HR/SB and will play in Arizona

Even though J.D. Martinez made it to the top of the list based on the overall rankings averaged out, I am hesitant to roster him going forward. The league has adjusted to him and now it is up to him to adjust back. In the bonus plays section, Melky Cabrera plays in a high-octane offense and when Edwin Encarnacion comes back hitting second is really beneficial to him. Adam “Spanky” Eaton has been on fire lately and like Cabrera, hitting ahead of Jose Abreu has proven to be valuable as Eaton will score runs and steal bases ahead of him. These are great guys to have in case you are playing a Colby Rasmus or George Springer type with the hope of a home run as they provide a solid base of points with runs and hits. Many targets have been talked about so there are plenty of good plays in this group. With Yasiel Puig and Mike Trout’s price points, it is tough to get them with top pitching plays in daily fantasy so knowing who the bargains (David Peralta, Josh Reddick, Kevin Kiermaier) are allow for roster flexibility.

Statistical credits: Fangraphs.com, ESPN.com
Photo cred: http://goo.gl/UrV6Li (Reddick), http://goo.gl/BDjtqD (Peralta)

Greg Jewett is The Sports Script’s senior fantasy baseball writer. Follow him on Twitter @gjewett9!

My Experience at Minute Maid Park…..

So for the first time in a long time I am on vacation and we are spending it in the great state of Texas (I don’t know about this great thing yet) but so far we have had a warm welcoming time.

Today we did one of my favorite things to do (outside of pulling up to a movie theater) and that is go to the baseball game to catch the Houston Astros take on the Arizona Diamondbacks. Very few things in this world really excite me than heading out to the ballpark for a game.

Pulling into downtown Houston is really nice, there are what you can tell some rough areas as well as some holy crap areas where you are just mind blown with what the houses look like. Well we pulled up to Minute Maid Park and honestly parking is some of the easiest I’ve ever met while at the stadium or venue. We found some parking I would say about a block from the stadium, which of course is always really good.

Now of course any trip to the ballpark wouldn’t be a fun time without a little snag right? Of course, so mine came when i went to pick up my “will call” tickets from the box office. Well as I got one of the first of many grumpy old women at the box office, this woman was just horrendous. I gave her my I.D. as well as the credit card I purchased the tickets from, both of which the email that was sent when I bought the tickets I would need and would easily be able to pick up my tickets. Well obviously it wasn’t that easy for this woman at all. So after a good solid 20 minutes of trying she decides she can’t help me anymore and sent me over to another woman. Well this woman was pretty rude at first and after realizing that the first lady was just completely inept at her job and didn’t help me at all, she got on the same page with me and finally got our tickets.

Well for today’s game we decided to go with the Coke Cola value deal tickets, which are the worst seats you can grab and you get a free coke, hot dog and popcorn for $20. Now of course the big entrée for this trip is the Astros/Rays game so we put more money into the tickets but for today and for me, it’s just about being able to go to the ball park.

We walked in and walked around a little and I was representing my L.J. Hoes t-shirt I bought on my earlier trip to Minute Maid Park. Well I really wanted a George Springer t-shirt to add to the collection so first thing after walking in I wanted to do is go pick one up. So after walking around the store and I tell you anything that you can possible think of they really decide to put a player or the team logo on. The customer service was very good while we were in there as well, I asked if they had the Springer shirt in a large in the blue, took her less than a minute to go to the back and grab me one and I was on my way. Another thing I like that they offer is the scorecard, which for those of reading that haven’t gone to the ballpark or don’t know what that is, it’s a card that you can follow each batter and record what he did during his plate appearance. Now this can be really fun or even a lesson you can teach if you bring the kids to the ballpark and can add another element to the game. But I always pick up the games scorecard and collect them.

One big thing about enjoying the game is the food and always trying something different or making it a little fun, so that’s what we did. Well lucky for us it was $1 hot dog night and we decided we were going to attempt a “Hot Dog Eating Contest”. Well folks that didn’t last very long, as I decided I was going to overflow my dogs with Jalapeño Peppers and just literally had my mouth on fire as well as I knew I was going to regret it later that night. So I think between the 3 of us we got down 11 of the originally 12 hot dogs we brought back to our seats. But again, the Dogs are a big part of a good time at the ball park.

We had a great view of the stadium, I am not sure there really is a bad seat in the house there and we benefited with having the front row seats of our section and we had the luxury of stretching and if you have ever been to a sports stadium you know how good it is to have that.

I was really excited to see this more fresh version of this Astros team which is different from the team I saw less than a month ago. Jon Singleton who had just recently been called to join my boy George Springer in the lineup got things started with a Sac Fly to put the Astros up early 1-0 in the 1st. The D’backs tied it up in the 3rd with a Sac Fly of their own. One of my least favorite things to figure out at a baseball game is when to get up and try to either get a refill or figure out when it’s time to get more food. Well as we decided to do that at the bottom of the 3rd inning, Jon Singleton decided he was going to the 1st pitch he saw from Miley in this inning deep to right field for a homer. I just knew something like that was bound to happen because it always does no matter which game I am going to see. Chad Qualls came in the 9th for the save for the Astros and gave up a homer to Miguel Montero and he blew the save. Luckily the Astros were able to enjoy a walk off via a Chris Carter (no not the football player folks) homer.

We got to see 2 fantastic plays, one was a diving grab in center field by Dexter Folwer which was just amazing and the other was Jonathon Villar with a nice diving grab at short to get an out.

So I decided since I was going to check my time at the ballpark I will breakdown the experience by how I felt about each thing. It is on a scale of 1-10, of course 1 being the worst and 10 being the best.

Parking – 10 – Honestly have been to a few ballparks and honestly there has been plenty of times where you are looking for parking for hours (LP FIELD!!!!) but this wasn’t the case here at Minute Maid Park. Easy to find and like I said earlier, within a few blocks of the stadium. 

The Food – 7 – I was surprised how easy the transition was for it being $1 hot dog night. It was available at a majority of the concession stands and it was a fluid and was very fast. Couldn’t have asked for a better transition even with knowing how busy they would be. The Hot Dogs were great! Tasted good and smothered them in Ketchup, Mustard and jalapeno. My other favorite thing to do at the ball park is to get the little helmets that they fill with ice cream. First I like to collect the little helmets and 2nd I am a huge I MEAN HUGE Ice Cream fan and being in Texas can mean only one thing, BLUE BELL Ice Cream is what is on the menu. One thing I do like that they do is they have a different “featured flavor” every night and tonight’s was Tin Roof. They filled that helmet up and I topped it with some chocolate and caramel syrup and it was perfection.

The Customer Service – 7 – The only thing that held this back from a 8-9 was the box office woman and honestly I didn’t let influence my choice much but with the little trouble I had, it was hard to let that not be apart of my final score. The people throughout the ball park are very nice, whether it was the woman who checked me out in the food line, the woman who helped me out in the Astros Store or the people who help you get to your seats. All very nice and very helpful. 

The Game – 10 – The greatest thing you can ever do is take the family to the ball park. Especially down in Houston,  you can take the family and just have a great time. It was great to see the young up and coming Astros players play and I think they have a bright future of them with all that young talent. 

Overall Experience – 8.5 – Just one little small hiccup at the beginning of the trip really held this being a 9 or 10 but at the end of the day, great customer service otherwise, great food and another fun day at the ballpark and you can ask much more for that…. 

If you are ever in Houston and have a chance to catch a game, I would. The stadium is beautiful and it would be a fun time at the ballpark for everything.

The Sports Script Fan Duel MLB Lineup for 04/17 (Late)

Who is excited baseball is back????? I know I am which also means that Daily Fantasy Baseball is back as well. I really enjoy DFS Baseball as it keeps you even more involved and keeps you up to date with guys you normally wouldn’t care about.

Another solid day over at Fan Duel, I hope you have been following along and been making some $$$.

Well everything I am going to bring you my lineup in which I am playing over at FanDuel.com – Which if you haven’t joined just click this link here: http://partners.fanduel.com/processing/clickthrgh.asp?btag=a_3360b_2

I am going to bring you the lineup I feel is the best for you to bring home some $$$ for the day. Early on we are fighting the guessing game but riding some of the guys hot bats to start the season.

The Sports Script Fan Duel MLB Lineup for 04/17


Here are a few reasons why I like these matchups.

James Shields vs. Houston Astros – SHIELDS vs. THE ASTROS!!!!!!

Evan Longoria vs. CC Sabathia – hitting .396 (21/53) with 6 2Bs, 6 HRs, 13 RBIs & 12 BBs

DJ LeMahieu vs. Ian Kennedy – hitting .417 (5/12) with 3 2Bs, 3 RBIs & a BB

Ryan Braun vs. Edinson Volquez – hitting .355 (11/31) with a 2B, a HR, 3 RBIs & 5 BBs

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The Fantasy Forecaster Episode 4

The Fantasy Forecaster: brought to you by the Sports Script episode 4.

This is a weekly show featuring Ricky Valero (TheSportsScript.com & TheFakeBaseball.com) and (RotoAnalysis.com & FantasySqauds.com) Timothy King talking everything  to know about the world of Fantasy Baseball. They will cover trade talk, hot/cold players, guys to keep an eye on and much much more.

They will also be joined by Jeff from theinfirmaryreport.blogspot.com each week as he will breakdown all the injury news around the diamond and he will give you some recommended players to replace them with.

Timothy King and Ricky Valero were joined by Jonathan (@Jonathan_TTF) from TopTeamFantasy.com as they covered everything in the world of Fantasy Baseball.

You can listen to the show here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thesportsscript/2014/04/17/the-fantasy-forecaster-1or download the show on iTunes by clicking the link here. https://itunes.apple.com/podcast/the-sports-script/id850876078?mt=2

They talked George Springer, the Angels rotation, Votto moving into the two hole and they played a game of Panic Meter for the slumping players.

We are here each and every Wednesday starting at 9:00 PM EST.

If you have any questions for the guys on the show email TheFantasyForecaster@gmail.com or hope on over to twitter @TheSportsScript – @rickygangster – @Tking978 – @InfirmaryReport

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