Ricky and Scob’s Cereal Recipes

I am sure you are clicking here after watching the very first edition of the That Ain’t It Cooking show. In cased you missed it here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzhQL3dUgyQ

Are first episode we showed you how to make a Bowl of Cereal, Gourmet Style from scratch and as promised in the show, we are going to provide you with the recipes from the show.

So check them out below and let us know how you make your cereal.

        Scob’s Cereal Recipe

Great Value Fruit Spins

  • Pour the cereal into the bowl, leave room at the top.
  • Bounce the bowl against the counter to straighten out the cereal
  • Tap the top of the milk and open up the Milk
  • Next put your left hand over the bowl, pour the Milk between the thumb and the pointy finger. When the cereal touches your hand, stop pouring.
  • Insert the spoon and swish it around a little and you are ready to eat.

    Ricky’s Cereal Recipe

    Milk – 2 Cups
    Great Value Fruit Spins

  • Pour straight into the bowl, over fill a little so you can grab a little and take a little sample of what you are eating.
  • Take a measuring cup and pour 1 cup of milk over the top of the cereal. You need to drizzle it over like its syrup.
  • Take a second cup of milk and repeat the process.
  • Grab and spoon and dive right in.


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My Experience at Minute Maid Park…..

So for the first time in a long time I am on vacation and we are spending it in the great state of Texas (I don’t know about this great thing yet) but so far we have had a warm welcoming time.

Today we did one of my favorite things to do (outside of pulling up to a movie theater) and that is go to the baseball game to catch the Houston Astros take on the Arizona Diamondbacks. Very few things in this world really excite me than heading out to the ballpark for a game.

Pulling into downtown Houston is really nice, there are what you can tell some rough areas as well as some holy crap areas where you are just mind blown with what the houses look like. Well we pulled up to Minute Maid Park and honestly parking is some of the easiest I’ve ever met while at the stadium or venue. We found some parking I would say about a block from the stadium, which of course is always really good.

Now of course any trip to the ballpark wouldn’t be a fun time without a little snag right? Of course, so mine came when i went to pick up my “will call” tickets from the box office. Well as I got one of the first of many grumpy old women at the box office, this woman was just horrendous. I gave her my I.D. as well as the credit card I purchased the tickets from, both of which the email that was sent when I bought the tickets I would need and would easily be able to pick up my tickets. Well obviously it wasn’t that easy for this woman at all. So after a good solid 20 minutes of trying she decides she can’t help me anymore and sent me over to another woman. Well this woman was pretty rude at first and after realizing that the first lady was just completely inept at her job and didn’t help me at all, she got on the same page with me and finally got our tickets.

Well for today’s game we decided to go with the Coke Cola value deal tickets, which are the worst seats you can grab and you get a free coke, hot dog and popcorn for $20. Now of course the big entrée for this trip is the Astros/Rays game so we put more money into the tickets but for today and for me, it’s just about being able to go to the ball park.

We walked in and walked around a little and I was representing my L.J. Hoes t-shirt I bought on my earlier trip to Minute Maid Park. Well I really wanted a George Springer t-shirt to add to the collection so first thing after walking in I wanted to do is go pick one up. So after walking around the store and I tell you anything that you can possible think of they really decide to put a player or the team logo on. The customer service was very good while we were in there as well, I asked if they had the Springer shirt in a large in the blue, took her less than a minute to go to the back and grab me one and I was on my way. Another thing I like that they offer is the scorecard, which for those of reading that haven’t gone to the ballpark or don’t know what that is, it’s a card that you can follow each batter and record what he did during his plate appearance. Now this can be really fun or even a lesson you can teach if you bring the kids to the ballpark and can add another element to the game. But I always pick up the games scorecard and collect them.

One big thing about enjoying the game is the food and always trying something different or making it a little fun, so that’s what we did. Well lucky for us it was $1 hot dog night and we decided we were going to attempt a “Hot Dog Eating Contest”. Well folks that didn’t last very long, as I decided I was going to overflow my dogs with Jalapeño Peppers and just literally had my mouth on fire as well as I knew I was going to regret it later that night. So I think between the 3 of us we got down 11 of the originally 12 hot dogs we brought back to our seats. But again, the Dogs are a big part of a good time at the ball park.

We had a great view of the stadium, I am not sure there really is a bad seat in the house there and we benefited with having the front row seats of our section and we had the luxury of stretching and if you have ever been to a sports stadium you know how good it is to have that.

I was really excited to see this more fresh version of this Astros team which is different from the team I saw less than a month ago. Jon Singleton who had just recently been called to join my boy George Springer in the lineup got things started with a Sac Fly to put the Astros up early 1-0 in the 1st. The D’backs tied it up in the 3rd with a Sac Fly of their own. One of my least favorite things to figure out at a baseball game is when to get up and try to either get a refill or figure out when it’s time to get more food. Well as we decided to do that at the bottom of the 3rd inning, Jon Singleton decided he was going to the 1st pitch he saw from Miley in this inning deep to right field for a homer. I just knew something like that was bound to happen because it always does no matter which game I am going to see. Chad Qualls came in the 9th for the save for the Astros and gave up a homer to Miguel Montero and he blew the save. Luckily the Astros were able to enjoy a walk off via a Chris Carter (no not the football player folks) homer.

We got to see 2 fantastic plays, one was a diving grab in center field by Dexter Folwer which was just amazing and the other was Jonathon Villar with a nice diving grab at short to get an out.

So I decided since I was going to check my time at the ballpark I will breakdown the experience by how I felt about each thing. It is on a scale of 1-10, of course 1 being the worst and 10 being the best.

Parking – 10 – Honestly have been to a few ballparks and honestly there has been plenty of times where you are looking for parking for hours (LP FIELD!!!!) but this wasn’t the case here at Minute Maid Park. Easy to find and like I said earlier, within a few blocks of the stadium. 

The Food – 7 – I was surprised how easy the transition was for it being $1 hot dog night. It was available at a majority of the concession stands and it was a fluid and was very fast. Couldn’t have asked for a better transition even with knowing how busy they would be. The Hot Dogs were great! Tasted good and smothered them in Ketchup, Mustard and jalapeno. My other favorite thing to do at the ball park is to get the little helmets that they fill with ice cream. First I like to collect the little helmets and 2nd I am a huge I MEAN HUGE Ice Cream fan and being in Texas can mean only one thing, BLUE BELL Ice Cream is what is on the menu. One thing I do like that they do is they have a different “featured flavor” every night and tonight’s was Tin Roof. They filled that helmet up and I topped it with some chocolate and caramel syrup and it was perfection.

The Customer Service – 7 – The only thing that held this back from a 8-9 was the box office woman and honestly I didn’t let influence my choice much but with the little trouble I had, it was hard to let that not be apart of my final score. The people throughout the ball park are very nice, whether it was the woman who checked me out in the food line, the woman who helped me out in the Astros Store or the people who help you get to your seats. All very nice and very helpful. 

The Game – 10 – The greatest thing you can ever do is take the family to the ball park. Especially down in Houston,  you can take the family and just have a great time. It was great to see the young up and coming Astros players play and I think they have a bright future of them with all that young talent. 

Overall Experience – 8.5 – Just one little small hiccup at the beginning of the trip really held this being a 9 or 10 but at the end of the day, great customer service otherwise, great food and another fun day at the ballpark and you can ask much more for that…. 

If you are ever in Houston and have a chance to catch a game, I would. The stadium is beautiful and it would be a fun time at the ballpark for everything.

Week 14 Fantasy Football Must Start/Must Sit

The Fantasy Playoffs are here for most of you and playing the right matchup can either win or lose you a game. Last week was a big week for WRs and I think we could find that in week 14 it will be the same. With Dez Bryant, Brandon Marshall and Calvin Johnson with great matchups this week, we are bound to see a repeat of last weeks WR party.

Don’t forget with the Fantasy Football Playoffs here check out my Sextastic 10, which is an in-depth look at 10 Fantasy QBs and their Fantasy Playoff Schedule. Check it out here: https://thesportsscript.com/2013/11/21/the-sextastic-10/

Week 14 Fantasy Football Must Start 

Andy Dalton vs. Indianapolis Colts

While Dalton disappointed last week with a good matchup against the Chargers, I don’t think this will happen again this week. The Colys haven’t been good against the pass in the 2nd half of the season. Dalton is a top play this week.

Demarco Murray vs. St. Louis Rams 

Murray had 3 rushing TDs last week against a Raiders run D that had only given up 2 in their previous 5. Rams give up almost 20 PPG to opposing Fantasy RBs, Murray is an easy must start this week.

Steven Jackson vs. Green Bay Packers

Jackson has hit his stride at the right time for Fantasy owners (163 total yards and 3 TDs in last two games). He is facing a Packers Run D that has given up 440 yards and 3 TDs in the past to games to RBs. Start him if you got him as a RB1 this week.

Riley Cooper vs. Detroit Lions 

The Lions prior to last week gave up 2 or more TDs to WRs in 5 straight games (Lucky for them they faced Matt Flynn). Riley is coming off back to back games under 50 yards but look for him to break it open against a terrible Lions secondary.

Victor Cruz vs. San Diego Chargers 

It’s been 8 weeks since we last saw the Salsa Dance brought out by Mr. Cruz. I’ve looked into my crystal ball and I see not one but 2 Salsa dances against a team that has given up 392 yards and 3 TDs to opposing WRs over the last two weeks. Get this man in the lineup this week and dance along with him.

Garrett Graham vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

6 catches for 69 yards in his 1st matchup against them. Graham has been hit and miss since Daniels (who is coming back soon) went down with injury. I like this matchup this week and consider this a top 10 matchup.

Arizona Cardinals Defense vs. St. Louis Rams 

Cardinals D is the real D and the Rams aren’t that great. Cardinals are a Top 5 option for this week.

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Week 14 Fantasy football Must Sit 

Robert Griffin III vs. Kansas City Chiefs 

I know the Chiefs have been struggling but they need a team to beat on after losing 3 straight games. The dysfunctional Redskins are the perfect team for that. I don’t like him this week at all, find a better option.

Ryan Mathews vs. New York Giants

Mathews found the endzone through the air on Sunday against the Texans but couldn’t muster anything else up. The Giants rank well against the RB this year and I just don’t trust my Fantasy playoff matchup with Mathews in my lineup.

Pierre Thomas/Mark Ingram vs. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers have given up 1 rushing TD since week 5 and the Saints only had 45 yards rushing against the Seahawks last weeks. Not a good matchup for either of these guys.

Jordy Nelson vs. Atlanta Falcons (If Rodgers plays Jordy is a must start)

With Rodgers in question and Jordy’s season going down the drain due to the QB carousel in Green Bay since Rodgers went down. Jordy isn’t trustworthy this Fantasy playoff season. If Rodgers plays you have to play him, otherwise he needs to be on the bench.

Jordan Reed vs. Kansas City Chiefs 

The Chiefs have given up only 2 TDs to TEs all season and they have only given up over 50 yards twice. With Reed coming off the injury, I would hold out another week before starting him.

Emmanuel Sanders vs. Miami Dolphins 

The Dolphins have given up 1 TD all season to opposing WRs. Even though Sanders has 3 TDs in his last two games he isn’t worth the start this week in a tough matchup.

Seattle Seahawks Defense vs. San Fransisco 49ers

Seahawks D has risen to the occasion pretty much all season but the 49ers have payback on their mind and they have played some great football. I like the 49ers this week and think they do some big things to the Seahawks this weekend.

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Week 13 Fantasy Football Must Start/Must Sit

One of my favorite times of the year is right around the corner. We have Black Friday shopping, we have great delicious home cooking and we have 3 games on Turkey Day. Every Thanksgiving I would enjoy waking up and spending some quality time with the family but more so being able to sit down with my family and watch some football. My Dad was a big time Cowboys fan (still is unfortunately) and of course they play every year. So it would be fun to root against them every year. I remember watching in ’98 when Randy Moss who was pretty upset that the Cowboys passed him up torched them for 163 yards and 3 Touchdowns. Another notable performance was watching Peyton dismantle the Lions for 6 touchdown passes as they won 41-9. This season we have 3 matchups happening on Turkey day and they are bound to be some great performances again this year.

With the Fantasy Playoffs starting next week (for most of you) this week could be a swing game on whether you will make it or not. I am here to help you with your lineup and give you the guys I think are Must Start and Must sit for week 13.

Week 13 Fantasy Football Must Start

Andy Dalton vs. San Diego Chargers

The Chargers let Alex Smith throw on them like he was Peyton Manning last week and have given up 8 TD passes in the last 3 games. Dalton has thrown for 2 or more TDs in 5 out of his last 6 (16 overall). Love this matchup for Dalton.

Alex Smith vs. Denver Broncos

Smith has been on fire the past two games throwing the football, throwing for 524 yards and 5 TDs including a 230 yard and 2 TD performance against the Broncos 2 weeks ago. Smith has 5 straight great matchups and should be starting this week and for the ROS the season.

Frank Gore vs. St. Louis Rams

Gore has hit a bit of a rough patch over the past 2 weeks totaling only 79 yards on the ground. Well do you know what a way to cure a RBs slump is? I do it’s the St. Louis Rams run D. They are giving up an average of 20.7 PPG to opposing RBs and Gore rushed for 153 yards and scored a TD against the Rams in week 4. Start the man!

Rashard Jennings vs. Dallas Cowboys

Jennings I always thought had a bunch of talent but didn’t show it last year when he had the chance to take over for a hurt Jones-Drew. Over the past 4 games he is averaging over 100 YPG from scrimmage. The Cowboys run D has been atrocious in 2013 and has given up 446 rushing yards over the past 2 weeks. Opposing RBs also have 83 catches and 5 TDs out of the backfield as well, even better news for Jennings.

Kendall Wright vs. Indianapolis Colts

One of my biggest regrets from the drafting this year is not having Wright on more of my teams. He has been a PPR machine this year. He has double-digit Fantasy points in all but 2 games in PPR formats. He had 9 catches for 80 yards against the Colts 2 weeks ago, this Colts secondary hasn’t gotten any better since then. Start Wright in both formats this week.

Larry Fitzgerald vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Fitzgerald has been up and down all season long but he put together his 1st back to back double-digit fantasy points (in standard leagues, 2nd in PPR formats). The Eagles rank #1 at giving up the most receiving yards to opposing WRs and 2nd in TDs given up to them as well. Love this matchup as Fitz and Palmer have been on the same page over the last few weeks.

Dwayne Bowe vs. Denver Broncos

Bowe strung together back to back 50+ yards and TD performances over the last two weeks and has shown signs of what everyone was hoping to see all season long. No better time to string some good games together than the present. Bowe had 4 catches for 57 yards and a TD against the Broncos in his last matchup he may draw a returning Champ Bailey but who is to know whether he is healthy or not. I like Bowe this week as a solid WR2.

Jordan Cameron vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

It has been tough to be a Cameron owner over the last 3 games. He has a total of 10 catches for 55 yards and zero TDs. Enter Brandon Weeden as the QB for the Browns this week and a great matchup for Cameron. I know he has been frustrating to play but the Jaguars give up the 2nd most Fantasy pints to opposing TEs, this week will be a week you would regret having him on the bench.

New York Giants vs. Washington Redskins

Even though the Giants gave up 24 points to the Cowboys they still sacked Romo 4 times and forced an INT as well. Add that to on top of the fact the Redskins aren’t playing very good football right now and this is a no brainer start for week 13.

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Week 13 Fantasy Football Must Sit

Mike Glennon vs. Carolina Panthers

Glennon is becoming one of my favorite young QBs in all of football. He has grown a ton over the past few weeks and over the past 6 games he has 10 TDs and only 1 INT. But this week he faces a tough Panthers D. He did throw for 275 and a TD against them in week 8 but I don’t see him getting as much success this time around. Find yourself another option this week and only start him in 2QBs if you have no other options.

Lamar Miller vs. New York Jets

Even with Daniel Thomas out this isn’t a great matchup for Miller who has 27 rushing yards over the last 3 games. The Jets have yet to give up a 100 yard rusher and only one RB has found the endzone over the past 4 games. Miller should continue to be on the bench for this week.

Pierre Thomas vs. Seattle Seahawks

Thomas has been on fire as of late but faces the biggest test to date. The Seahawks have been able to get ran on over the past couple of weeks but this is one of those weeks they are going to rely on Drew Brees. PPR Formats I like him to get 10 or more points but in standard he belongs on the bench this week.

The cycling of Patriots RBs vs. Houston Texans

Ridley, Blount and Bolden all are more than likely to touch the ball on Sunday and you factor in Vereen’s touches, this situation is a hot mess. The 3 of them should be on the bench until further notice, Vereen is the only one that has any Fantasy value this week and going forward.

TY Hilton vs. Tennessee Titans

The Titans haven’t surrender a TD to opposing WR since week 2 and they held Hilton in check 2 weeks ago to the tune of 44 yards. With potential Fantasy playoff implications on the line, I don’t want Hilton and a single-digit output to ruin my chances.

Tavon Austin vs. San Francisco 49ers

The Rams have finally gotten around into using Austin in a bunch of variations over the past few weeks which has resulted into 3 total TDs for him. But remember it’s playoff time and shouldn’t get cute, the 49ers are going to shut Austin down and you shouldn’t be let down in the process.

Tony Gonzalez vs. Buffalo Bills

Gonzalez hasn’t been bad this year but he hasn’t been the Gonzalez we are used to seeing. He has single-digit Fantasy outputs in all but 2 games (in standard and 6 in PPR). The Bills have been great against TEs this year only giving up 5 PPG to them. This is one of those weeks you throw Gonzo on the bench.

Kansas City D vs. Denver Broncos

They didn’t perform terrible in their 1st matchup against the Broncos but that was before Philip Rivers shredded them at home. Find yourself another option this week.

Don’t forget with the Fantasy Football Playoffs right around the corner to check out my Sextastic 10, which is an in-depth look at 10 Fantasy QBs and their Fantasy Playoff Schedule. Check it out here: https://thesportsscript.com/2013/11/21/the-sextastic-10/

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