Week 14 Fantasy Football Sleepers

Huge weekend for Wide-outs as we saw Josh Gordon become the 1st WR in NFL History to get back to back 200+ yard games, Eric Decker matched his total TDs in the season in one game (4) and Alshon Jeffery go crazy against the Vikings for the tune of 12 catches 249 yards and 2 TDs. The Fantasy Playoffs are here for most of you and it’s time to get the right guys in the lineup for this week and make sure you make it to the next round of the playoffs.

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Week 14 Fantasy Football Sleepers

Josh McCown/Jay Cutler vs. Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys give up the most Fantasy points to opposing QBs this year. The Bears QB combo are averaging 271 yards and almost 2 TDs a game. Love this matchup for whoever is playing the position.

Donald Brown vs. Cinncinatti Bengals

Brown struggled against the Titans in the 1st 3 quarters but added 49 total yards and a 4 yard TD run on the last drive to cement another good Fantasy game. Brown will get the nod for the 2nd straight game over Trent Richardson. He faces a tough Bengals run D but they have a trouble with pass-catching RBs and Brown can catch the ball. I like him as a solid sleeper for this week.

Montee Ball vs. Tennessee Titans

Ball had his 1st career 100 yard game last weekend against the Kansas City Chiefs while Moreno struggled to get going (18 yards on the ground). While Moreno is still the starter Ball is still getting some looks and is facing a Titans team that has given up 20+ fantasy points to opposing RBs in 6 of the last 7 games. Ball is a solid Flex play this week.

Michael Crabtree vs. Seattle Seahawks

This is a tough matchup for Crabtree but the Seahawks aren’t really healthy in the secondary right now. Crabtree played in over 60% of the snaps last week (only behind Boldin). He is going to have a huge impact on the Fantasy Playoffs and if he is available I would grab him now.

Roddy White vs. Green Bay Packers

Finally White had the game owners across the world have hoped for, sadly most of us had him on the bench this week. Well White is back and has another great matchup ahead of him. Solid play this week.

Jared Cook vs. Arizona Cardinals

Cook opened the season with 7 catches 121 yards and 2 TDs against the Cardinals and the Cardinals have yet to figure out the tight end since. They have given up 11 more TDs since that game and in 4 straight games as well. Cook has been inconsistent all year-long but this is the week you get him in there.

Oakland Raiders D vs. New York Jets

All I really have to say is this: Have you seen the Jets play football over the last few weeks? Yep Raiders are a great matchup to have for the 1st week of the Fantasy Playoffs

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The Sports Script NFL DuDs for Week 13

What’s up everyone? We’ve wrapped up another fantasy football weekend with only a Monday Night Football game left to catch our opponents. The playoffs start the next week for most fantasy leagues and some  of us had to win this week to get in to those. That being said let’s take a look at the guys that had the DuDs costing owners a trip to the fantasy playoffs.

I’ll have to admit before I start this was one of my toughest weeks finding guys that just killed you. I mean there are studs out there that didn’t go off, but not those that just laid a flat-out DuD!

Riley Cooper 3 catches 48 yards – Cooper burst onto the scene as a reliable fantasy option when Foles took over as the starting quarterback. The waiver claims went fast for Cooper and this week he may have cost fantasy owners a shot at the championship. If this was week 1 in the NFL season you wouldn’t care that Cooper did this, because he’s still just an average NFL wide receiver. That being said what a let down for him to build us up false hopes of consistency then let us down with this pitiful performance.

Jordan Cameron 4 catches 43 yards – Cameron is no longer a reliable fantasy options as he’s done nothing the last few games to show worth of paying for in daily fantasy. He’s even to the point to where the yearly owners that may have made a playoff run thanks to his excellent play to start the year, might want to consider benching him. What’s going on Cameron some of us have no other choice that to start you and if it’s not to late can you pick it back up?

Danny Woodhead 7 carries 22 yards 2 catches 13 yards – This week was really tough to pick out some major DuDs, as most people had decent games. Woodhead is a guy that has become a reliable fantasy option for teams all year, but on this Sunday he failed up. When you choose a running back like him to play you’re expecting more than 2 catches as you rely heavily on the PPR format to get you points. Woodhead failed many people on Sunday and is probably the reason some fantasy teams are headed to the consolation bracket next week.

Honorable Mention

Eddie Lacy 10 rushes 16 yards 2 catches 23 yards – They have no QB and Detroit has a tough  run D!

Wes Welker 3 catches 38 yards – This kills fantasy owners, but dang someone has to have a bad day when that offense goes off like this.

Permanent DuDs

This is a new section where I will put people who seem to be showing up weekly. They will simply earn their way out by having a good game. The guys you see featured here will not have a discussion, because if I put them here at this point I don’t even want to talk about that guy.

Trent Richardson

Ray Rice

By: @Mattbell211