Week 3 Fantasy Football Sleepers

What a first 2 weeks of Fantasy Football. In week 2 we had even more surprises than we did in week 1. Eddie Royal caught 3 TDs (5 in two games), Knowshon Moreno ran for 2 scores and Sam Bradford threw for 352 yards with 3 TDs against the Falcons. So “Anything is Possible” should be the theme for the first 2 weeks of the season. I have my Fantasy Football Sleepers for week 3 ready but, before we get to them, I’ll give you a review of who made me look good and bad last week.

Sleepers I hit

EJ Manuel made me look good throwing for 296 and a TD. I had him down as a solid QB2 and he produced those types of numbers. Brandon Myers caught 6 balls for 74 yards. (Which isn’t terrible). The Oakland Raiders D shut down the Jaguars, holding them to 248 total yards, 9 points and sacked the QB 3 times.

Sleepers I whiffed on

Vick Ballard got injured the day before my last piece and I’m probably to blame for this. DeAngelo Williams wasn’t terrible, but wasn’t great either (86 total yards). Mike Williams and Jerome Simpson totaled a whopping 4 catches for 58 yards (Sorry?).

So it was a pretty even split down the middle, some hit and some didn’t. You can’t win them all, can you? Alright enough about week 2…

My Week 3 Fantasy Football Sleepers

Matt Schaub vs. Baltimore Ravens

I really like this matchup for Schaub this week. I would keep an eye out for the status on Andre Johnson, but he played really well in the 4th quarter and OT without him. The Ravens D did a good job of shutting down the combination of Weeden/Campbell. Let’s be honest though, neither of those guys are really good at being QBs. Schaub has led two 4th quarter comebacks in back-to-back weeks with over 600 yards and 6 TDs through the first two games. He didn’t get to 6 TDs until his 4th game last year and he only threw for 1 TD in the first 2 games last season. I think he is a borderline QB1 this week.

Alex Smith vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Did anyone see Alex Smith out there running around like he was RGIII on Sunday? Boy was that fun to watch. This Eagles pass D isn’t very good, as we have witnessed over 700 total yards and 6 TDs over the first 2 games. We also have Andy Reid coming to town to face his old team. I think Reid has revenge on his mind. He has done a great job in utilizing Smith so far. I think, minus the rushing yards, Smith’s stats (maybe a bump in yards) should resemble those of the game against the Cowboys.

Knowshon Moreno vs. Oakland Raiders

Oh my God, am I really recommending starting Moreno in 2013? He had a really solid game against the Giants this past week (107 yards and 2 TDs). He has a bit of a tougher matchup this week against a surprisingly good Raider Run D. I believe however, that Monday Night the Broncos are going to try to set up the run again to slow down the pace and keep Pryor & Company off the field. They will make big plays but I think Moreno produces RB2/Flex numbers.

Deangelo Williams vs. New York Giants

So I Williams made me look bad last week, but I am giving me one more chance to show me something, and I think you should too. The Giants let Moreno run all over them last week and Williams has received a bulk of the touches in Carolina. He has hit 80+ yards in two straight but I believe finds the endzone in week 3, giving him solid RB3/Flex ranking.

Nate Burleson vs. Washington Redskins

I still think Aaron Rodgers is throwing for touchdowns on the Redskins as I am typing this. The Redskins pass D is atrocious and isn’t getting any better by the end of the week. Burelson has garnered 16 targets (catching 13 of them) in the first 2 games. I think the Redskins are going to “attempt” to take Calvin Johnson out of this game, which will give Burelson and company a chance to shine.

DeAndre Hopkins vs. Baltimore Ravens

Hopkins had a coming out party against the Titans in the 2nd half and OT. With the possibility of Andre Johnson either not playing or being limited, the Texans could rely heavy on Hopkins. He has 18 catches so far in the season, 10 of which have come in the 2nd half. I am big on Schaub this week and big on his #1 target from last week. Hopkins is a WR3/Flex play for the week.

Tony Gonzalez vs. Miami Dolphins

Starting tight ends have 13 catches, 177 yards and 2 TDs through 2 games. Future Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez is coming to town on Sunday. I look for him to be a solid TE1 this week with this favorable matchup.

New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills

The Jets did a great job of playing defense against the Patriots and the Buccaneers. They are giving up an average of 248 totals yards (181 passing & 59.5 rushing) a game, which is good for 2nd best in football. EJ Manuel and the Bills are coming in playing good but not great football. The Jets D could be a great play for you this week, especially if you are into streaming defenses.

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The Fantasy Football Studs for Week 2

Well we are here on a Monday morning and trying to figure out how or why we either won or loss our Fantasy Matchups. I can only imagine how many people are second guessing who they did or didn’t start this morning. So I am here for my 2nd edition of Fantasy Studs for the week. Don’t forget to check out my buddy Matt Bell’s Fantasy DuDs for the week here: http://wp.me/p2MUTr-lN.

Fantasy Studs Week 2

Aaron Rodgers vs. Washington Redskins – 34/42 480 yards & 4 TDs

Rodgers came out throwing darts on Sunday. He tore the Redskins secondary to shreds, throwing 3 touchdowns in the first half. Through 2 games he is 1st in yards (813), 2nd in TDs(7) and is completing nearly 70% of his passes. He is a Fantasy Stud and showed why he was this weekend.

Marshawn Lynch vs. San Francisco 49ers – 28 carries, 98 yards & 2 TDs – 3 catches, 37 yards & a TD

This is why you don’t panick and trade studs after poor performances. Lynch showed out against a tough 49ers D, totalling over 130 yards and finding the endzone 3 touchdowns. Next week on Lynch’s table is the Jacksonville Jaguars, should be a top 5 start next week as well.

Desean Jackson vs. San Diego Chargers – 9 catches 193 yards & a TD

This new Chip Kelly offense is pretty awesome to watch. One of the guys that has benefitted the most from his offense is Desean Jackson. He light up the Chargers secondary and looks like he is on pace for the best season of his career.

Eddie Royal vs. Philadelphia Eagles – 7 catches 90 yards & 3 TDs

Royal is having an unreal start to the season. He caught 7 balls, 3 of them for touchdowns and now has a total of 5 in the 1st two games. He has more touchdowns than Andre Johnson, Dez Bryant & Calvin Johnson combined. Nobody saw this coming from him or this Chargers team. Royal will be a hot waiver wire  guy this week and I think he is worth the claim.

Martellus Bennett vs. Minnesota Vikings – 7 catches 76 yards & 2 TDs

One of my preseason favorites has really made me look good the first two games of the season. This week he caught the game winning touchdown with only a few seconds left. Bennett is a true redzone threat and could be a solid week to week tight end start.

Honorable mentions: Phillip Rivers(36/47/419/3), James Starks(20/132/1) & Julio Jones (11/182/1)

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The Fantasy DuDs for NFL WEEK 2


                Well it’s the end of Sunday NFL action and most of us have a pretty good idea of how our NFL fantasy weekend is going to end with only Monday Night Football left. The problem for some of us is some of our players laid some flat-out terrible performances for what we expected. We call these guys the DuDs, so without further talking here are the guys you are sending the angry tweets to this week.

Eddie Lacy (@Lil_Eazy_Ana_42) is a guy that I heard was going to get 20-25 carries this week from a tweet that came out early Sunday morning. Well he busts a 10 yard run and boom, Brandon Merriweather gives him a concussion done for the game. We can’t be mad at Lacy since it is a concussion, but darn it that kills us fantasy owners.

Ray Rice (@RayRice27) what the heck are you doing out there? I mean look at your career stats versus the Browns everybody was counting on you and this is what you give us. You had 13 rushes for 36 yards and 3 catches for 9 yards, oh yeah you also fumbled the football. I think I speak for all fantasy owners when I say “THAT COST US TWO POINTS! HOLD ONTO THE DARN FOOTBALL.” Oh! Ray by the way your little tweet after the game C’MON MAN!

@RayRice27 I was a fan of fantasy football until today so many spiteful and hateful words I still love you all God Bless great win today #Ravens


Jared Cook (@JaredCook89) you gave us fantasy owners the world last week and we thought we had found gold with you. This week, however you are at the top of the DuDs list with that 1 catch 10 yard performance. I mean at one point you had a chance to catch the ball and tripped over your own feet costing the Rams and yes Fantasy Owners a touchdown. I speak for all fantasy owners this week as I say “please learn to run standing up.”

Jason Witten (@JasonWitten) you are the PPR tight end machine that we can count on each week! RIGHT? Not Quite today as 3 catches for 12 yards is not going to get the job done for the price fantasy owner pay for you. Dear Mr. Witten you were a DuDs today, but because of your past I’m not going to bash your day to badly.


Demarco Murray – 12 Rushes for 25 yards and 5 catches for 49 yards

Reggie Wayne – 5 catches for 46 yards

That’s all I got for you this week. Remember each week I will post these DuDs and would love to hear from you on my twitter account @mattbell211

The Family Review

So after seeing the initial trailer for the Family I really wanted to check this out. Robert De Niro & Tommy Lee Jones together had to be something worth seeing, right? So I took the venture out to see it yesterday and I will go through the 10 things I did and didn’t like about the film.


The Manzoni Family, a notorious mafia clan, is relocated to the city of Normandy France under witness protection. Where fitting in for the family becomes a bit of a challenge and they realize old habits die-hard.

8 Things I Did/Didn’t like about the Family

1. Robert De Niro is still fun to watch in the movies.

You know I really don’t want this guy to ever die. He is such a good actor and in this movie he is such a bad ass. A Mob boss played by De Niro in a movie, that’s a new concept. But I think he did a great job in this movie, it’s just too bad the story wasn’t as good as it good have been.

2. The Supporting cast

Michelle Pfeiffer (Maggie Blake), Dianna Agron (Belle Blake) & John D’Leo (Warren Blake). They all played their roles well and were great assets to the movie. Pfeiffer (who plastic surgery has killed her face) was a lot better than I expected from her in this film to be honest. Agron killed it in this role, a long way from Glee for sure. She was funny, kick ass and as always nice on the eyes. D’Leo who I actually had to IMDB to figure out what the heck he has ever been in, was really good as well.

3. Tommy Lee Jones

Yes I know he was a part of the Supporting Cast but he deserves his own section. He was funny, witty and just a nice addition to this film. The banter between him and De Niro was a pleasure to watch. It really made parts of the movie that shouldn’t have been enjoyable, enjoyable. I feel like if those two would’ve had more on-screen time it could’ve been a much better film.

4. The Movie

Luc Besson had a really good idea going for this movie and at some parts he did a good job, others not so much. It was funny at times, serious at times (maybe too serious) and just boring at times. A near 2 hours film that could’ve been better off at the hour and a half mark, just seemed to go on forever. The middle of this movie was really dull and boring. I think he took an interesting concept and really blew it.

5. The Ending

The Ending took this movie from being a terrible movie to a not that bad of a movie. They did a terrible job at building the movie up and they gave you a really good pay off. It was bad to think afterwards if they would’ve built up the movie good enough to match the good finish you really could have a solid film.

6. The Action

Some really fun action in this film. All 4 members of “the Family” had a fun turn at how they were either going to kill or injury a person in this movie. It was great to watch and very funny as well.

7. Domenick Lombardozzi

He gets his own section because he is from the Wire. Nothing spectacular from him in this but it was nice to see him in the movie.

8. My Favorite Scene

My favorite scene (outside the ending) was “The BBQ party” where they invited the neighborhood over for a special BBQ. Without giving up the spoilers this was a fun part of the movie.

The Verdict

** ½ out 5

The movie really had its ups and downs for me. The story itself was pretty solid and the acting was A+ but they middle of the movie seemed to drag on forever. De Niro still is money and makes the movie watchable for sure. I wouldn’t recommend a theater visit for this move, it felt more like a movie you could catch on RedBox.

WWE Night of the Champions Predictions

We are back and we have gotten our team of writers together for another edition of the WWE PPV picks. This weekend is WWE Night of the Champions. It is a fun stacked card and the product has been picking up the pace. Matt Bell, Matt Wincherauk & Ricky Valero are back and here with their picks.

WWE Night of the Champions Predictions

The Prime Time Players (Darren Young and Titus O’Neil) vs. Tons of Funk (Brodus Clay and Tensai) vs. The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso) vs. 3MB (any pairing of Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mihal) vs. The Real Americans (Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro, with Zeb Colter). Winners face The Shield for the WWE tag team championships.

Matt B.: The Prime Time Players are getting a push right now and I think they find a way to win this match, unless of course we find a team in this that’s not been announced yet. Look out for the Wyatt family in this one.

Matty: This was supposedly going to be Mark Henry and the Big Show vs the Shield’s Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, but another Mark Henry injury nixed those plans. So instead we have Tag Team Turmoil, where we have five teams going against each other for a Tag Title shot later in the night. The Uso’s had their shot, 3MB is a (fun) joke, The Real Americans are floundering, Tons of Funk have gone extinct, so I’ll take the PTP to get this shot. Even though they will lose to the Shield, the PTP are the next best team going right now.

Ricky: I as well hear that this was going to be Henry & Show vs. the Shield and with the injury to Henry, the decided to do a Tag Team Turmoil instead. Are we really pushing the PTP? I mean really? I don’t like these guys at all but that’s who I think wins. I do think they lose to the Shield though. The whole Shield thing is getting stale I think so they may change the titles here.

AJ Lee (champion) vs. Natalya vs. Brie Bella vs. Naomi — Divas championship

Matt B.: It’s a DIVA’s match so not much more than some eye candy ( I hope my wife doesn’t read this ) but I will take AJ Lee to win. I don’t see the WWE having the same success in the DIVAS division that it has right now unless she’s champion.

Matty: I’m not that interested in this match, and I don’t many other people are either. AJ Lee has had a great run as Diva’s champion, including that CM Punk-esque pipebomb on the “Total Divas” but this is a waste of her talent. The only one of the Total Divas I like is Naomi but I still expect AJ to retain her title.

Ricky: I for sure will be telling Matt’s wife about that comment. I love me some AJ and think she is the best thing the WWE has had Diva’s wise in a long time. I think she has to keep the title here.

Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman vs. CM Punk

Matt B.: CM Punk got humiliated on Raw and now it’s his turn to do the same to Heyman. I expect this to be a nice fight with Punk coming out on top in the end. I do however think Heyman will find a way to get away from Punk to possibly keep the feud going!

Matty: No one’s watching this for the wrestling between Punk and the Curtis Axel-bot, but for the amazing chemistry between Punk and Heyman. I believe that Punk will win this match, but once he really starts laying into Heyman, we’ll see some shenanigans. Maybe a new “Paul Heyman Guy”?

Ricky: CM Punk and I agree with maybe a new guy in the works. Which I am all for because I HATE Curtis “I’m nowhere near as good as my dad” Axel.

Alberto Del Rio (champion) vs. Rob Van Dam — World Heavyweight championship

Matt B.: R-V-D he’s just so popular and I think WWE would like to give him a push in the industry and what better way to do it than putting the gold around his waist.

Matty: Del Rio goes up against the ridiculous and totally camp pairing of RVD and Ricardo Rodriguez. We get it, these two like to “hang out” with each other when not wrestling. This is just like the feud with Christian though, RVD has looked super strong vs ADR, but I believe ADR will retain his title. Expect him to drop it to a younger talent, maybe when Cody Rhodes returns? Either way, we haven’t seen the end of the Del Snoro era.

Ricky: For some reason I think that Del Rio squeezes a victory out here setting up for one more match next month. I would like for them to put the title on RVD because he deserves one more solid run with the belt. I just think they wait another month.

Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan – WWE Heavyweight Title Match

Matt B.: This match is probably going to anger me as I’m a Randy Orton fan, but hate where they have him right now. He plays this role best in WWE, but it’s so hard for me to cheer for him right now. He will win this match when Big Show turns on Daniel Bryan!

Matty: This is what everyone is going to want to see. Orton and Bryan have been at each others throats in what I think has been a great angle so far. Orton is the new “coroprate” champion and Bryan is the new Stone Cold Steve Austin. Both have been on fire in terms of wrestling lately, especially Orton’s match vs Goldust, but I think Orton will leave champ under questionable means. Bryan is going to get screwed, but by who? I’m thinking our new Corporation will be getting another member.

Ricky: Orton has to win this match. No question. This has been the best fued the WWE has put together in a long time. They have done this before with other guys (Austin, Rock) but they have never done it with a talented wrestler as Bryan. This fued could really put Bryan over the top. He is the biggest face of this company and if this is done right he could rival Cena for years to come. Orton wins with some help from someone else.

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The Sports Script Week 2 Picks

We here at the Sports Script are getting our writers together and give you our weekly Predictions for each game. We are going to keep track throughout the season to see how well our team does. We will also be getting a Guest Writer to join us in making weekly predictions. Week 2 we are bringing on Jonathan Vandersluis, founder of TopTeamFantasy.com. Hit him up on twitter @Jonathan_TTF. We hope you join us all season long and give us your predictions on the games.

Matt Bell was victorious in week 1 going 13-3 and our guest for the week Neil Parker came in 2nd with an 11-5 record. Lets see how our team does this week.

Week 2  Matt Bell Matty W. Chad Mandi Ricky Jonathan
Jets vs. Patroits Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots
Rams vs. Falcons Falcons Falcons Rams Falcons Falcons Falcons
Chargers vs. Eagles Eagles Eagels Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles
Cowboys vs. Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs Cowboys
Dolphins vs. Colts Colts Dolphins Colts Colts Colts Colts
Titans vs. Texans Texans Texans Texans Texans Texans Texans
Redskins vs. Packers Packers Packers Redskins Packers Packers Packers
Browns vs. Ravens Ravens Ravens Ravens Ravens Ravens Browns
Panthers vs. Bills Bills Bills Bills Bills Panthers Panthers
Vikings vs. Bears Bears Vikings Bears Vikings Bears Bears
Saints vs. Bucs Saints Saints Saints Saints Saints Saints
Lions vs. Cardinals Lions Cardinals Lions Lions Cardinals Lions
Jaguars vs. Raiders Raiders Raiders Raiders Raiders Jaguars Jaguars
Broncos vs. Giants Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos Giants Broncos
49ers vs. Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks 49ers 49ers Seahawks
Monday Night
Steelers vs. Bengals Bengals Bengals Bengals Bengals Steelers Bengals
Season Record 13-3 10-6 10-6 10-6 7-9 11-5

Week 2 Fantasy Football Must Start/Must Sit

The Fantasy Football season has started and we are heading into Week 2. I am here to give you all the help you need when it comes to your Week 2 fantasy lineup. I will help you each week giving you 6 guys that you should start and the 5 you should be sitting.

Week 2 Must Start

Eli Manning vs. Denver Broncos

Big Brother Peyton is 2-0 vs. Eli and I am not sure that it won’t be 3-0 after this weekend. But who cares whether they win or lose (unless your Broncos or Giants fans). Eli posted some solid numbers after a rough start Sunday night against the Cowboys. He threw for 450 yards and 4 TDs (yes I know 3 INTs too) which was good enough for the 3rd among QBs in week 1. Flacco had some pretty good success against the Broncos pass D and that was without good weapons. Eli comes to town with Cruz/Nicks/Randle/Myers combination, which means Eli is in line for another solid fantasy week.

Matt Forte vs. Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings gave up 115 yards rushing and 168 yards through the air to the combo of Reggie Bush/Joquie Bell. Forte received most carries as well as garnering all the goal-line carries. So with that being said Forte a pass catching back out of the backfield could have a field day against the Vikings D and is a RB1 this week.

Marlon Brown vs. Cleveland Browns

The Browns did a great job of shutting down Mike Wallace by having Joe Haden cover him. Well in week 2, I would expect the same thing when it comes to Torrey Smith. Brian Hartline totaled 9 catches for 144 yards and one touchdown and Brandon Gibson caught 7 balls for 77 yards. Which means Brown will have a good chance at producing big numbers this week. After Jacoby Jones left the game, Brown received 6 targets catching 4 of them for 65 yards and his first career touchdown. I expect to see a lot more Brown in week 2 and think he is a very startable WR3/Flex play this week.

Reggie Wayne vs. Miami Dolphins

A lot of talk of T.Y. Hilton and Darrius Heyward-Bey during the offseason and a ton of people forgot about old faithful Reggie Wayne. Luck to Wayne seemed like it was a trend on Sunday in Indianapolis, as they connected on 8 passes (on 8 targets) for 96 yards and a TD. Wayne is Luck’s security blanket and will be a borderline WR1 throughout the season.

Jordan Cameron vs. Baltimore Ravens

Cameron was a huge sleeper heading into the 2013 season. He didn’t wait to back up a lot of what people were saying about him during the offseason. He caught 9 balls (on 13 targets) for 108 yards and a TD against the Dolphins. Julius Thomas had a field day against the Ravens and Cameron is better than Thomas. The Browns are going to have to throw to keep up with the Ravens and Weeden will target Cameron a lot this game.

New England Patriots D vs. New York Jets

The Patriots squeaked by the Bills in week 1 but the Defense played rather well. It was a couple of costly turnovers that gave the Bills a touchdown and short field on another touchdown drive. The D forced 3 fumbles (recovering 2 of them) and held the Bills under 300 yards total for the game. The Jets are coming to town for a Thursday night game. The Jets thanks to a rookie mistake by Lavonte David come into this game 1-0. But they didn’t look great on the offensive side of the ball. I look for the Patriots to take advantage of this Jets team on only 3 days rest and are a top 5 Fantasy Defense for the week.

Week 2 Must Sit

Josh Freeman vs. New Orleans Saints

Freeman against the Jets only completed 48% of his passes. The Saints defense looked A LOT better in week 1 than they did they did all of last season. They pressured Matt Ryan (6 QB hits & 3 Sacks) and forced 2 turnovers. In week 2 there are better options out there than Freeman, so I would even go out to say that you should cut bait on Freeman and find a suitable replacement for him.

Vick Ballard vs. Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins did a great job in week 1 of containing Trent Richardson holding him to 47 yards on the ground. Ballard comes in after having a solid week 1 but this Dolphins run D is tough and he will struggle to find running room against him. Only start Ballard if you really have too.

Eric Decker vs. New York Giants

Decker didn’t have a great week 1 in Denver; he dropped a couple of passes and fumbled the ball. He will still be targeted in Denver but with him being the 3rd option (maybe 4th behind Orange Julious) now his Fantasy Football production will not be able to be trusted weekly. He is worth keeping an eye on for sure but I would sit him if you have better options.

Zach Sudfeld vs. New York Jets

Oh man what a week 1 disappointment. I had him on the sleepers pick and thought he was poised to breakout. He received 1 target in which he turned into an interception for the other team. I still think the potential is there for him but this week on the short week (plus the hammy injury); he needs should be on the bench this week.

Atlanta Falcons vs. St. Louis Rams

On the outside looking in this could be a solid start for the Falcons this week. But with the improvements made by this Rams team and how they looked pretty solid week 1 on the offensive side of the ball, I think that the Rams should have no problem putting up 20+ points up against this defense. So I wouldn’t consider the Falcons as a startable defense in week 2.

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First Week – NFL Power Rankings

As the weeks go on throughout the football season, I’ll be bringing you a Top 10 Power Rankings. After the long wait for Kickoff Weekend, the games didn’t disappoint by any means. Week 2 is slated full of teams out to prove that they were for real and/or they just needed a little bit more time to settle into the 2013 season.

1. Denver Broncos – Peyton looked like Peyton with a good 1st half and a stellar 2nd half. Denver seems ready to roll on Defense when Von Miller returns from suspension.

2. San Francisco 49ers – Kaepernick silenced many critics, including myself, coming out strong vs. Green Bay. The team will have their hands   full against a tough Seattle team in Week 2.

3. Chicago Bears – Chicago’s Defense picked up right where it left off in 2012. The Bears will prepare for division-rival Minnesota this week.

4. Houston Texans – Matt Schaub and the Defense got rolling in the second half last week. Playing Tennessee will be an interesting watching this week as the Titans beat Pittsburgh last week and ranked 1st in Total Defense.

5. Seattle Seahawks – Seattle didn’t look as impressive as you’d think. Wilson did throw for career numbers, but didn’t play up to his usual standard of play. They’ll be ready for the 12th man and San Francisco in Week 2.

6. New England Patriots – New England seems not be as solid at Running Back as many thought, but the Wide Receivers are stepping up in the typical “next man up” Patriot way. They’ll have another game they’re expected to win in Week 2 against Geno Smith and the Jets.

7. New Orleans Saints – New Orleans finally got their leader back on the sidelines and it showed. They looked up to their old tricks against Atlanta. It’ll be interesting to see their Offense match up against Tampa Bay’s Secondary this week.

8. Atlanta Falcons – Atlanta’s Offense was firing but missed a healthy Roddy White against the Saints. The Rams come to the A Town this week. It’ll be a great game to watch!

9. Cincinnati Bengals – The Bengals played strong against Chicago, but Andy Dalton threw 2 costly interceptions. Next week they’ll have division-rival Pittsburgh. The Steelers lost to a very questionable team last week. The Bengals “should” have no problems in this game.

10. Green Bay Packers – The Offense is what you’d expect, but the team is lacking good secondary talent and missed Casey Hayward. They’ll play a Redskins team at home this week that struggled Offensively in Week 1.

Week 2 Fantasy Football Sleepers

The season has started and I am back to giving you my weekly Fantasy Football Sleepers. After some interesting players that stepped up in week 2. Here are 6 guys and 1 defense that I believe that if they’re on your roster, they could be some real sleepers heading into week 2.

Week 2 Fantasy Football Sleepers

EJ Manuel vs. Carolina Panthers

Manuel looked poised and threw the ball pretty well in his season début against the Patriots. He almost helped carry the Bills to an upset victory over the Patriots as well. He completed 66% of his passes and threw for 2 touchdown passes. He faces a Panthers team that gave up 320 yards and a TD to Russell Wilson, who also completed 75% of his passes as well. Now I am not saying Manuel is Wilson but he will have enough success against them to garner some sleeper value. (QB2)

DeAngelo Williams vs. Buffalo Bills

The Bills didn’t do a very good job at stopping the run against the Patriots. Williams looked pretty good (minus the 2 fumbles of course) against a tough Seahawks D. He rushed for 86 yards on 17 carries averaging 5.1 YPC. So Williams should have no problem finding some running room this week against the Bills. He is a solid sleeper this week as a RB2/Flex play.

Vick Ballard vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Ballard left a heck of a 1st week impression. He looked very good in pass protection (6 for 6 in blitz pickups). He ran the ball effectively averaging 4.8 YPC on 13 carries. As of right now Ballard is the #1 guy and I think he has some solid value as a RB2/RB3.

Mike Williams vs. Atlanta Falcons

Mike Williams had 8 targets on Sunday. This could be a shootout with the Falcons and Williams has found the end zone in 5 out of the last 6 games including a 6 catch, 65 yards and a TD performance against the Falcons in week 17 of last year.

Jerome Simpson vs. Chicago Bears

Simpson led all WR’s in targets with 8. This is the guy that I expected to see last season after coming off the suspension. He has a tough matchup this week against the Bears but he will have to target him if the Vikings have a chance to win this week.

Brandon Myers vs. Denver Broncos

Dallas Clark heavily targeted against the Broncos in week 1. He ended up with 7 catches on 12 targets. He would’ve had probably 2 or 3 more catches (including one for a TD) if he wouldn’t have come down with case of the butterfingers. Enter Brandon Myers who saw 9 targets against the Cowboys (yes some were in garbage time) catching 7 of them and one for a touchdown. With the Broncos secondary preoccupied with Nick/Cruz/Randle combination, Myers will be in line for another big fantasy week. He is available in around 3% of ESPN leagues & 27% of Yahoo leagues. He is a TE1 this week and would be worth adding if available in your league.

Oakland Raiders D vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars were held to 2 points against the Chiefs. This offense is in shambles any way you look at it. The Raiders D played rather well in week 1 against the Colts. The held the Colts to 7 points in the 2nd half after giving up 14 in the 1st. They also produced 4 sacks (8 QB hits) and only gave up 274 total yards. If you are a streaming D kind of guy, I would target the Raiders this week.

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