Week 9 Fantasy Football Sleepers….

Last week was a bit rough on my sleepers, I hit 2 out of 5. Thanks to Sam Bradford deciding not to look like a stud against a terrible Patriots D. Well he we try again this week with week 9’s Sleepers.

1. Dwayne Allen v.s Mia – The combo of Fleener/Allen have had 20+ targets a piece over the last 5 games. Fleener is out for this week’s game and possibly next week as well. So look for Allen to take advantage of that. If he is still available I believe with Gronk, Hernandez, Davis & Keller out this week. He will fit into your lineup just fine.

2. CJ Spiller/Fred Jackson v.s Hou – One of the best Duo’s in the NFL this year. This week provides a very tough matchup for these guys. But I really like both of them to still get some quality fantasy points. Even if they get behind these guys will catch balls out of the backfield. Even with them facing Houston, I think they are both startable.

3. Randall Cobb v.s Ari – Cobb has either a TD or 100 yards in each of his last 4 games. Cobb has been targeted 25 times in the last 3 games as well. Arizona defense has given up 5 touchdowns in the last 5 games to WR. Love this matchup here for Cobb.

4. Jonathon Stewart v.s Wash – Now being the #1 RB in Carolina. Showed this week as well with getting a bulk of the carries. He should shine this week against a weak run defense in Washington.

5. Rashad Jennings v.s Det – Jennings has a very nice game this week against Detroit. Who have given up 100+ yards in 4 of the 7 games this year. And with MJD out for this week’s game as well. Jennings with again see a majority of the carries.

Those are my Week 9 sleepers, I will be posting my start/sits on Friday. Any thoughts or questions feel free to comment below or contact me on Twitter.(@rickygangster)


Silent Hill: Revelation

So the movie lineup for this weekend wasn’t to great. You had the choice of Silent Hill: Revelation or Cloud Atlas. Atlas doesn’t look really good to me, so I decided on Silent Hill.

So we start off with some Inception style a dream within a dream material. Adelaide Clemens is not a bad actress, but I am not sure she is that good either. The attempt to scare you or make you jump just wasn’t there for me. Never one to really jump at horror movies any way. Just didn’t really see anyone else in the theaters either. The story at times felt really rushed. We went from her moving to a new town in a new school, to running from the cops in 15 minutes.

The plot holes in this movie were making me so mad. I hate give away any spoilers of any sort but a few examples are these. (SPOILERS AHEAD)

A.) In the beginning the private eye that was sent to look for, went from chasing her down to find her. To being like the best friend and letting her in on all the secrets of what was going down.

B.) Vincent(new student as well at this school Heather attends) it was a bit predictable to see the twist of him being a bad guy coming. Because what random guy would help some who walked into her house Dad missing and house covered in blood. So he just decides sure let’s be friends and let me help you dodge the cops.

C.) When Vincent than reveals himself to her, he comes out of nowhere with the most random accent ever. Never hearing it one time prior to this, it just basically appears. Plus lets pitch in that he is going defy his mother and help her out. Just because of course.

D.) Leonard(Malcolm McDowell) – who they built up as this crazy mad men. Was just so easy to take down by one swift taking the “key” or whatever that was out of him.

Just overall, some of the scenery was kind of cool at moments. The acting was just rough throughout the movie. Story had plenty of holes in it and was just not my cup of tea. Most of all I am so glad I didn’t pay to see in 3D. I would have been really upset if I did that.

1/5 Stars – Just not a very good movie at all. Wouldn’t recommend this to anyone honestly

Stacie Halas fighting to get her job back….

When I first saw this article reminded me of times past where I saw similar things happen to other people. The story is this, Stacie Halas a former Junior High School Science Teach at Richard B. Haydocks Intermediate School was fire after it was revealed she used to be a porn star. Now she is out fighting to get her job back.

Okay understanding and reading this story I never understand why what she use to do matters now. She says that she was done with all of her X-Rated stuff before coming a teacher. So how exactly is that right? It isn’t, everyone has a sketchy past and their own set of demons. But just because she possibly needed the money to get by, she should be punished now for it. I just feel that is unfair and just completely wrong.

I understand you than have the students watch it and say stuff to her about it. Heck even the others Teachers see it and say stuff. But shouldn’t she be judged on what kind of teacher she was? Not the kind of “porn star” she was in her past time. I believe so, I truly feel she should be give her job back and allowed to teach wherever she wants.

Sadly now if she does in fact get her job back and gets to teach. There is going to be the dark cloud surrounding her. Any move she makes will be judge and this school will be waiting to pull the trigger for a “real” reason to fire her. On top of that you will have these kids out there knowing what has happened and criticizing her.

I just feel people’s past judgments shouldn’t be held against them in cases like this. I do hope she gets her job back and gets to do what she loves…..

Week 8 Must Start/Must Sit….

Week 8 is upon us and sadly I feel this NFL season is going way to fast. But I am here with my Must Start/ Must Sit guys for week 8.

Must Starts

Alex Green v.s JAX – Other than last week against the Raiders, The Jaguars have given up 120+ yards a game over the 1st 6 weeks of the season. Green hasn’t been very impressive in his 1st two starts. But this week I feel with a nice matchup and factor in GB will probably playing with a lead. Green should exceed 20+ touches and reach the end zone this week.

Chris Givens v.s NE – As we all know the NE defense is just not that good defending the pass. Givens is 3rd in the NFL in down the field targets. Take all that into consideration and we have a potential Fantasy Stud. I really like him this week and you should as well.

Eric Decker v.s NO – Going against the worst Pass Defense in Football. I think the Saints are really going to focus on Thomas this week. Should lead the way for Decker to have a field day against the Saints defense.

Must Sits

Matthew Stafford v.s SEA – Stafford not having a terrible season, just not having the season we thought he would have. But this week facing a tough defense that has faced some tough competition. Only allowed one QB 20+ fantasy points this year(Brady). I like other guys like Rivers, Bradford or Vick this week over Stafford.

Michael Turner v.s PHI – Eagles run defense has been decent this year. Turner just doesn’t have the talent he once had. I look for this to be a shootout between these two teams. Taking Turner out of the game completely.

Felix Jones v.s NYG – He wasn’t that impressive in his 1st start of the year. The Giants were shredded on the ground last week. Mostly thanks to RGIII opening up the run game though. This guy somehow always gets carries taken away while being on the sideline injured for a play or two. So many better options this week than this guy.

Those are my week 8 start/sits, any Fantasy Football Questions you can ask on here or on twitter. (@rickygangster) I’ll answer any and all questions you send leading up to game time.


From Hero to Chump for Trump…..

When I was a little kid growing up I admired Donald Trump. I wanted to be that man, I bought every book he wrote. I would watch any time he was on TV, I would dream to one day be that man. He was my Hero, when I was about 9 years old I got to meet my hero. He & the late George Steinbrenner were together. I was in shock and just wowed by this man. He just had a presence about him that was amazing. After meeting him I really knew I wanted to be this guy. I remember visiting Trump Tower as a kid, walking around it in just awe of the place. All I knew is I was going to be this guy one day.

Let’s fast forward roughly 17 years later. I couldn’t be more appalled to have ever been a Donald Trump fan. I can’t stand this guy one bit, he is a self-righteous, obnoxious ass. Whether it’s calling out the President for his birth certificate or his latest stunt. Telling President Obama he would donate $5 Million to his favorite charity if he provides him his College records. SERIOUSLY? The sad part in this day and age with Twitter and other social media networks. They are to blame for his attempts to be relevant in this world. Places like ESPN covering what he is saying about Jeter getting hurt due to selling his Trump Tower place. Than suggesting A-Rod was a great player when he lived in Trump Towers. Why in the world would ESPN put this trash on their network? Because it’s an overblown soap opera on that channel as well. That’s a different topic for another day though.

Hey Trump, why don’t you donate $5 Million to charity just to do it? I know he donates a lot to charities but instead of a publicity stunt to keep his name in the news. Just do it. He has turned into such a moron of a public figure. Any ounce of respect I had for this guy goes down the drain every time he sends out another tweet. Yeah I know I don’t have to read them, but hard to say that when I turn on every channel and they are cover this trash. Do us a huge favor Mr. Trump you and that ludicrous hair you have just disappear. Please just go far away to an island that we never have to hear from you again.


Week 8 Fantasy Football Sleepers

We have the BYE weeks of some of the best Fantasy RB’s and a Couple good Fantasy QB’s. So I am going to give you my Top 5 list of potential Sleepers that you can replace for this week.

Week 8 Sleepers

1. Sam Bradford v.s NE – Boy it’s a sad state of a football team when you make Mark Sanchez look like a stud. NE pass defense is just plain bad, Bradford who is much better than Sanchez shouldn’t have any problem passing on this defense. Should have a good Fantasy game. I feel he is definitely worth the pick-up on a bye week replacement.

2. Josh Gordon v.s SD – This guy is a stud, he is a borderline start/flex every week now. SD defense can be thrown on and the Browns like to pass a lot. Gordon should have another really good Fantasy week, cementing his spot on rosters everywhere.

3. Joel Dreessen v.s NO – We all know that the Saints defense can be passed on. Dallas Clark had his best game as a Buc last week against them as well. I really like Dreessen and his matchup here. His targets have risen over the past few weeks, he has scored in 3 or the last 4 games as well. I think Owen Daniels owners should easily target him as a starter this week.

4. Vick Ballard v.s TN – Ballard was on my list last week and didn’t have that great of a game. But this week against a rough TN team who can’t stop anything at all. I like Ballard to reach the end zone this weekend. Is definitely worth inserting into the starting lineup either as a RB2 or Flex.

5. Antonio Brown/Mike Wallace v.s Wash – These two should have a field day against this lack thereof a defense. You should easily start these two against them and feel real comfortable about it.

Those are my Week 8 sleepers, I will be posting my start/sits on Friday. Any thoughts or questions feel free to comment below or contact me on Twitter.(@rickygangster)


Paranormal Activity 4

Just on a whim decided to go see this movie. I have only ever seen the 1st of the series and I thought it was bad. So for some reason I thought it was possible this would be different.

So the movie opens with the typical background of the family that is going to be involved. Mom/Dad fighting, kids kind of roaming all around the place. Then we got introduced to the little kid to ruin the whole world Robbie. This kid gave me the creeps, he just looked evil and possessed. Guess he really did his job, well the only person in this movie that did.

Outside a bit of being comical to me at times. This movie was just bad, really really bad. The story is just dumb with plot holes everywhere. The acting is average at best, which I mean these people are supposed to be “real”. So I guess they can fall back on that.

The story just makes no sense, has no legs to it. When they set up the cameras to watch what happens at night. Why did they never check them out? They would’ve seen all the weird stuff going on. That to me is the biggest plot hole of them all.

Maybe it’s just me but I truly don’t get the whole up roar surrounding this movie franchise. Do people go and see this as like a comedy and laugh? or Do people genuinely get scared and enjoy these? Either way doesn’t make sense to me.

Overall one of the worst movies I have ever seen in theaters.

0.5/5 Stars – Struggled to give it half a star. Only did based on some of the comedic value I got from certain scenes.


Seven Psychopaths

So after reading a lot of bad reviews about Alex Cross, I decide to go ahead and see Seven Psychopaths instead.

Hearing lots of good things about this movie, I was looking forward to seeing it for myself.

The Cast was unreal, Sam Rockwell stole the show for me during the movie. He was just off the wall crazy and funny all at once. His character Billy/Jack of Diamonds was pretty well-played by him. Opening scene was hilarious where you saw him walk up and shoot two gangsters waiting to murder there Bosses GF(I promise the only spoiler).

Farrell & Walken both were solid in this movie as well. Harrelson was just his normal funny/crazy role he is used to playing.

The opening scene saw an interesting start of the movie for sure. I really liked how it opened and had me excited for more. But to me the movie was really all over the place. While had moments of just hilarious stuff, it was a bit to over the top for me. It would bounce from one scene to another scene. There were a few scenes that were just hilarious.

1st Scene was with Sam Rockwell & Christopher Walken where they are talking about Ghandi.

Hans(Walken): As Gandhi said…’An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind’. I believe that whole heartedly.
Bill(Rockwell): No it doesn’t. There’ll be one guy left with one eye. How’s the last blind guy going to take out the eye of the last guy left whose still got one eye left? All that guy has to do is run away and hide behind a bush. Ghandi was wrong. It’s just that nobody’s got the balls to come out and say it.

That scene was great, just laugh out loud funny.

2nd Scene, I really enjoyed was near the end with Walken & Ivanek. That one would give a bit of a spoiler away and I don’t want to do that. But that was just a pretty funny exchange between the two.

Overall the acting was really good, it was really funny at times. But I felt it was just a lot crammed into a movie. Also just didn’t like how it was all over the place either.

2.5/5 Stars – Good but I really think it’s a wait for it on DVD type of movie.

Week 7 Must Start/Must Sit….

Week 7 is upon us and we have 6 teams on a bye this week. So there is some guys out here that I really like.

Must Start’s

James Jones – this guy has been on fire as of late and everyone should be riding him as long as Jennings is out. He has 6 TD’s in the last 3 games and has 7 overall for the season. With Jennings most likely out for week 7, Jones will have another nice game this week.

Vick Ballard – Not a great showing in his first game as the starting RB. But wasn’t really his fault either. The Jets jumped ahead early, making the Colts have to resort to the passing game. The Browns have given up at least 100 yards rushing in 4 out of the 6 games so far this year. I look for Ballard to have a nice bounce back week.

Stevan Ridley – Ridley had a really rough week last week against The Seahawks. I don’t think he was given much of a fair shake either though. Ridley the 5th leading rusher in the NFL this year. Should come out against a soft Jets run defense and have a good game.

Must Sit

Matthew Stafford – I know it’s hard to sit someone with the talent of Stafford. But this guy has been really bad in his 3 trips to Soldier Field. He is 0-3 with 2 TD’s and 5 INT’s in 3 starts. Making matters worse the Bears are coming off a bye as well. If you can find another option use them this week.

Any of the Steelers RB – With Mendenhall & Redman out for this week’s game. I am not to big of a fan of Dwyer or Batch. I look for them to pass a little bit more this week. Take in the fact that they are the late game Sunday night as well. I would stay away from this mess for this week.

Shonne Greene – After his breakout performance last week against the Colts. People have jumped back on the Greene bandwagon. I have not, this guy is just not that good. Also cannot be trusted in Fantasy either. Count that in to the fact that the Patriots have held there last 3 opponents under a 100 yards. Stay away and don’t buy last week’s performance as a turnaround.

Those are my week 7 start/sits, any Fantasy Football Questions you can ask on here or on twitter. (@rickygangster) I’ll answer any and all questions you send leading up to game time.