Ricky’s Review of the movies of 2014

2014 was another huge year at the box office, as the industry raked in over 10 billion dollars. Holy cow! I would say I was responsible for about .01% of that as the movie theatre is my second home. There were some really great films (Gone Girl, Nightcrawler, some not so good ones (Robocop, Noah), some nice surprises (Guardians, Let’s Be Cops) and some letdowns (Amazing Spider Man 2, Transformers).

I don’t think it was the best year for the movies, but there were a handful that stuck out to me as great. There were still several films I have not yet seen, but I will add to this list as I check them off the list. Every year I release a spreadsheet/review of all the movies I have seen and provide a rating. Before I do that, here are my top 10 movies from 2014:

Gone Girl
The Fault in Our Stars
Purge: Anarchy
Guardians of the Galaxy
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
The Judge
Rob the Mob

Movie Title Quick Review Rating (out of 5)
Cold Comes the Night Cranston is creepy in this. Good, not great ** 1/2
The Legend of Hercules Horrendous *
Dumbbells Pretty good stupid humor movie ** 1/2
Ride Along HILARIOUS! Plus a great repeat watch *** 1/2
Jack Ryan Big Chris Pine Fan, underrated movie ***
Back in the Day Lackluster comedy that was pretty dull ZERO
Reasonable Doubt Intense Film. Cooper/Jackson were great in this **
I, Frankenstein Was looking forward to this and it was bad *
That Awkward Moment LOVED THIS MOVIE! Can’t say enough ****
The Lego Movie Not as “great” as everyone says but fun for sure ***
The Monuments Men Ensemble Cast was good but the movie let me down ** 1/2
Welcome To the Jungle I laughed a lot. Another stupid humor movie that worked ***
Hungover Games Good laughs but as a whole pretty stupid **
Robocop Just brutal. Never should’ve been remade *
Adult World Cusak is the man. Highly Recommend this ***
About Last Night Underwhelmed by this **
Winters Tale Why was this made? Awful *
3 Days to Kill I felt like I saw this film before but I still enjoyed it ** 1/2
The Bag Man Cusak again the man. Another small enjoyable limit release ***
Hair Brained Oh, Brendan Fraser has fallen on hard times. Bad ZERO
Non-Stop Like, not love and I am a big Neeson fan **
300: Rise of the Empire Not as good as the 1st but the film stands well on its own ***
The Grand Fun cast and a movie ***
Grand Piano Elijah Wood plays creepy really good. Not bad ** 1/2
Need for Speed Jesse Pickman needs Breaking Bad to come back. Terrible *
Bad Words FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY! Top 5 comedy of 2014 ****
Rob the Mob My favorite limited release movie of 2014. Great film ****
Blood Ties Should’ve been so much better **
Divergent So so so bad *
Sabotage It really missed the boat. Good idea but poor execution **
Noah Horrible, horrendous and stupid zero
Captain America: Winter Soldier Best Comic Book movie outside of the Avengers, amazing ****
In the Blood Gina Carano is hot but that’s about all this film has to offer *
Draft Day Unrealistic at some points but overall a good film ** 1/2
Transcendence Not the worst Johnny Depp film I’ve seen **
Brick Mansions Entertaining for sure but nothing special **
Locke Tom hardy is fantastic in this ***
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Just no. Comic book movie done wrong **
Neighbors Comedy of the year! Hilarious! Efron is $ ****
Chef Great acting, great story. Loved this movie ****
Million Dollar Arm Better than I thought it would be. Good film ***
Godzilla Huge letdown for me. Not enough Godzilla in the film **
Blended I want funny Adam Sandler back *
X-Men: Days of Future Past Good but let down after First Stand was so good ***
The Angriest Man in Brooklyn Meh. Really meh * 1/2
A Million ways to die in the West Just didn’t work for me. A lot of forced laughs *
The Fault in our Stars One of my favorite movies of the year. Great film **** 1/2
Edge of Tomorrow More people should’ve liked this. Cruise/Blunt were great *** 1/2
22 Jump Street A sequel actually done right. Hill/Tatum are a great pair *** 1/2
Think Like a Man too A sequel done wrong. Not bad but just not very good **
Transformers: Age of Extinction 40 million hours too long, but the action scenes were great ** 1/2
Begin Again Mark Ruffalo is pretty awesome in this movie. Very good *** 1/2
Tammy McCarthy is funny. Parts of this worked, others didn’t **
Life Itself Ebert is a hero of mine, this was absolutely perfect *****
Rise of the Planet of the Apes Hated the 1st film and hated the 2nd *
Purge: Anarchy What the 1st film should’ve been. Brilliant movie ****
The Rover Pattinson showed some acting chops in this ** 1/2
Sex Tape Just okay and I love Segel **
Hercules It worked for me, I liked it ***
Lucy Cool idea but didn’t get the hype **
Guardians of the Galaxy Top 5 film of 2014. Pratt was $. Surprised me **** 1/2
Into the Storm A wannabe Twister. It was okay **
TMNT I get the hate but as a big TMNT fan it worked for me ***
The Hundred Foot Journey Great story, fantastic film *** 1/2
Let’s Be Cops Surprise comedy of the year. Hilarious ****
Are you here It was okay. Expected a lot more with the cast it had though **
When the Game Stands Tall Typical football movie but done better than most ***
The Prince The poster is misleading but Jason Patric is great in it ***
Life of Crime Everyone in this movie was good. Fun film *** 1/2
The November Man Same film we’ve seen before except Bronson is the star **
The Longest Week I don’t know, just not that good *
The Drop Tom Hardy is becoming one of my favorite actors. Good film ***
The Maze Runner Better than I expected. Look forward to the sequel ** 1/2
This is Where I leave You Funny cast and film ***
A Walk Among the Tombstones Neeson killed it! Doesn’t get the credit it deserves ***
The Equalizer Slow build but Denzel kicks some ass ***
Good People James Franco has been on fire and it doesn’t stop here ***
Two Night Stand Miles Teller one of the best up and coming actors ****
Gone Girl This film is the reason I love movies *****
Left Behind I wish Cage would be left behind ZERO
St. Vincent Bill Murray is just Bill Murray. Amazing movie ****
The Judge Downey Jr/Duvall were out of this world ****
Fury Very good film but Brad Pitt is just meh to me now ***
Nightcrawler Gyllenhaal is brilliant in this movie. Creepy and great *****
Interstellar Liked it, didn’t love it. Want to see it again ***
A Merry Friggin Christmas Just a mess. You get the point but who cares *
Foxcatcher Waited 2 years and it was worth it. Amazing! *****
Horrible Bosses 2 The 1st was so good, hard to top. Good though ** 1/2
The Interview Franco made this film, period. Very funny *** 1/2

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Interview with Lets Be Cops star Joshua Ormond

I had the chance to interview star of the #1 movie in America Let’s Be Cops – Joshua Ormond. The 14-year old star as Little Joey in the film. I had the great pleasure in talking with him, we talked everything from what it was like onset with co-stars Damon Wayans Jr and Jake Johnson to what he likes to do on his downtime to what his plans are for the future.

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That Ain’t It: We’re Going To Hell (T.I./Mayweather/Malaysian Jet & More)

The guys from That Ain’t It are back with another episode. In this episode they début a brand new show. They break down the show into 3 segments, added a few commercials from our sponsors and had a great time.

1st segment the guys talked about the T.I./Floyd Mayweather situation as Floyd came out and said he FUCKED Tiny. Get the guys thoughts on what Floyd said and much more.

Check out the brand new commercials in the episode. In this commercial we bring you That Ain’t It Sperm.

2nd segment – The guys talk the Malaysian Jet that was shot down. We give our insight on what happened as well as give you some interesting news regarding the 1st plane.

Commercial – Did you like the That Ain’t It Head Doctor????

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