That Ain’t It: We’re Going To Hell (T.I./Mayweather/Malaysian Jet & More)

The guys from That Ain’t It are back with another episode. In this episode they début a brand new show. They break down the show into 3 segments, added a few commercials from our sponsors and had a great time.

1st segment the guys talked about the T.I./Floyd Mayweather situation as Floyd came out and said he FUCKED Tiny. Get the guys thoughts on what Floyd said and much more.

Check out the brand new commercials in the episode. In this commercial we bring you That Ain’t It Sperm.

2nd segment – The guys talk the Malaysian Jet that was shot down. We give our insight on what happened as well as give you some interesting news regarding the 1st plane.

Commercial – Did you like the That Ain’t It Head Doctor????

3rd Segment – We brought you the That Ain’t it Segment and this week we featured “Scob’s Bullshit” where he talks about woman and denying that they are Hoes. I promise you won’t want to miss this.

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That Ain’t It: Scob is a Super Hero !!!!!!!

Scob and Ricky are back with another edition of That Ain’t It. In this episode Scob talks about a life-saving experience that he encountered.


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Scob’s Top 4 Worst Song’s Ever

On this episode Scob brings us another “That Ain’t It”. This time he is talking about the worst songs Ever…

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That Ain’t It: Jeremy Meeks

Ricky N Scob are back with another part of That Ain’t It. In this episode they talk all things Jeremy Meeks and the situation surrounding the women going nuts over his Mug Shot.

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That Ain’t It: Lisa McDowell McChicken/McNutty Update

Ricky N Scob bring us another episode of That Ain’t It. In this episode they give us an update about Lisa McDowell, who found something extra special inside her McChicken. Before the next time you go to McDonald’s, you may want to watch this video.!!!!!

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Neighbors Movie Review

So I had the opportunity to see a Screener of Neighbors, which is something I was very pleased to get ahold of as I have wanted to see the film ever since I saw the first trailer. I had high hopes going in and was really hoping that we had our first big time funny comedy to kick off the summer season. So after seeing the movie, I will give you the Good, The Bad and the Ugly of the film.

Again thank you to @Cinemit for the passes.

A couple with a newborn baby face unexpected difficulties after they are forced to live next to a fraternity house.

The Good

Hilarious – The movie was just funny from start to finish. Some classic one-liners that will be spoken about a ton after you see the movie. From what you see in the trailer is exactly what you get in the movie. Just raunchy R rated comedy. The air bag scenes I watched 50 times in the trailer and laughed and when I saw it in the movie I laughed even harder. The whole entire cast was great.

The pairing of Seth Rogen & Rose Byrne – They play Mac & Kelly Radner a middle age couple with a new-born baby. The instant you saw these two on the screen you knew they had something special going on. You could see the chemistry and instant laughter that will ensue when the movie started. The baby in the picture of course brought another element to the picture that would really bring another funny element to the movie. These two killed it as a pair.

Seth Rogen – Lets just throw it out there that this guy is on another planet of funny during his last two films now. Last year’s This is the End was one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. So following that up was going to be a bit hard to be honest and well he brought his A game to this movie as well. He is just laugh out loud funny in this. You couldn’t help but slide down into your chair in laughter after certain scenes (Including a scene where he and Efron are fighting and he bounces on a trampoline to throw an elbow and he hits a ceiling fan). The chemistry he and Rose Byrne showed in this film was killer. They were the perfect pair for this movie.

Rogen is just so good at what he does, the little things just add up.

Speaking of Rose Byrne (Kelly) she was fantastic. She has previously played in a few movies that I have really enjoyed (The Internship, Get Him to the Greek and Place Beyond the Pines) but I wasn’t sure how she and Rogen would do together in this film. But she was in there with the big boys and she knocked it out of the park and held her own. She was just funny. Nothing else that really can be said about it.

Zac Efron – Let me go ahead and put it out there that this is one of the future mega stars in the movie industry. He is good and after watching That Awkward Moment the other day and now this, he is going to be money for years to come.

He played Teddy Sanders the president of the fraternity that moves in next door to Mac & Kelly. They couldn’t have casted a better person for the role. His exchanges with Rogen were some great stuff. There is one scene that really stuck out for me and that’s based around the scene when Rogen called the cops on Teddy and the fraternity. You’ll understand when you see it.

Dave Franco – Franco played Pete opposite of Teddy Sanders (Efron) as the VP of the fraternity. Look this guy is one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood. He like Efron has a bright future in front of me. Franco wasn’t actually in this as long as I would’ve hoped but when he was in it, he was on. His De Niro impression as Jack Byrnes from Meet the Parents/Fockers was amazing.

Supporting Cast was fantastic as well. Anywhere from Christopher Mintz-Plasse to Lisa Kudrow to Craig Roberts as Assjuice they all brought some good stuff to this movie.

The Bad

One thing about Seth Rogen his go to is “smoking pot” in his comedies. While I don’t hate it at all just the act is going to start wearing thin soon.

Andrew Cohen & Brendan O’Brien – This is definitely not a big complaint as they wrote a really funny film but there were some serious plot questions throughout the film. Again I understand that this is a comedy and sometimes the plot can fly off the handle, which is okay. I just think they could’ve tidy up the film a little better.

The Ugly


Overall Thoughts

4 out of 5 stars

This really would’ve been the perfect comedy without the plot holes but that didn’t damage the overall movie for me too much. It had so many funny moments in it that it made up for the holes. It is really nice to see Rogen back to his old ways of being funny, Bryne really was the star of the show and Efron really showed up for this. The supporting cast as well was amazing. Very fun time at the movies and would recommend a theater visit for this.

Neighbors is in theaters Friday

This Is The End Review

I had the opportunity to see a Pre-Screener of This is the End last night thanks to the folks over at Cinemit & Gofobo. This will be one of the harder movies for me to review because of the all the craziness inside the film. Nonetheless here is the Good, the Bad & the Ugly of the movie.

While attending a party at James Franco’ house, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel and a mix of other celebrities are faced with the apocalypse.

*Warning – Contains Some Spoilers*

The Good – Seth Rogen/Evan Goldberg – The script and the direction of this movie was absolutely insane from start to finish. One minute we are partying at James Franco’s house the next we are chasing around a burning Jonah Hill who’s turned into the “demon”. That line alone should make you want to see the movie. These characters playing themselves was a smart idea that really worked. While over the top in every aspect these guys put together a well-written and nicely directed film.

Seth Rogen the Actor – As shown in the movie, this guy has been in a bit of a funk. He was in Observe & Report, Green Hornet, and worst of all, The Guilt Trip. All movies were pretty terrible, but he came out swinging in this film. He was funny, witty and just everything that put this guy on the map. This was the Seth Rogen I hope we get to see in future films.

Jay Baruchel – While not my favorite character in the film, he played his part just fine and held his own against some other comedian powerhouses.

James Franco – I love this guy; he is so funny when he wants to be. Franco and Rogens Pineapple Express 2 trailer in the movie was one of the highlights. He brought his A game to the table in this film. I really feel he could’ve been lost in the shuffle with laughs with the other guys in the film.

Craig Robinson – He is funny, funny, and even funnier in every role this guy plays in. He had me on the brink of tears on many occasions in this film.

Jonah Hill – The banter between Hill & Baruchel was nothing short of comedy heaven. Hill stole the show with how he acted towards Baruchel.

Danny “Show Stealer” McBride – Literally my favorite guy to watch on TV, from Hot Rod to East Bound & Down, this guy is money. He was this movie; from the time he appeared on the screen till the final scene he was funny. He played this role to perfection. He will have you laughing hysterically in this film.

The Cameos – Michael Cera was easily the best cameo, even up to the point where he was getting blown in the bathroom and drinking a capri-sun to blowing a huge thing of coke in McLovin(Mintz-Plasse) face. My other favorite was Emma Watson (boy does she look as good as ever); she was surprisingly quite funny in her extended cameo in this. The rest were great and even a few surprises I won’t spoil.

The Laughs – I have not laughed so hard at a movie since I watched the Hangover. This is what a comedy is supposed to be! Start to finish laugh out loud punch lines and jokes.

The Bad – Not being picky about anything in this film, it was hilarious.

The Verdict– 4 ½ out of 5 Stars

This will easily be comedy of the year and I am not sure anything will come close. This is the best comedy to hit the theaters since the 1st Hangover. Seth Rogen is brilliant for what he brought to the table in this movie. This is not a wait for RedBox, Netflix, Flixter, TNT or ABC type of movie. This is a get off your butt and go see movie when it hits theaters on Wednesday.

The Heat Review

I had the opportunity to see an advanced screener of The Heat starring Sandra Bullock & Melissa McCartney. Here is what I thought was the Good, the Bad & the Ugly of the movie.

The story is based on an uptight know it all FBI Agent Sarah Ashburn, who is sent to Boston where she is to take down a drug lord. On the way she runs into Shannon Mullins a Boston cop with a mean and vicious attitude. They have never had a partner and now they are forced to team up to take down the drug lord.

The Good –

Director Paul Feig & casting – He did an amazing job casting this film, from top to bottom I enjoyed each person in their character. Feig also did a good job at directing the film as well, some parts I will point out later I had a problem with. Overall he made this an enjoyable chick/buddy cop flick.

Melissa McCartney as Det. Shannon Mullins – She has found her niche; she was perfect for this role. I truly couldn’t imagine anyone else in this role. Literally everything she did in this movie you could buy, she made the character true to life. She played a very good witty, sarcastic kick ass chick. The banter between her and Bullock was worth watching in itself.

Sandra Bullock as Special Agent Ashburn – Goes with what I am saying about Feig’s great casting job here, Bullock was perfect. She was an uptight; know it all, annoying FBI Agent that absolutely everyone hates to be around. It’s funny watching her battle with having to be social with Mullins as she is pushing to get the promotion.

Spoken Reason – Though he didn’t have a really big role in the film, when he was on-screen you couldn’t help but laugh. He was witty, funny and perfect for this role. He has enormous talent and I think we are watching a future star being born.

The Supporting Cast – The perfect group of supporting cast member were picked as well. Michael Rapaport was great in his role & his family was just a ball of fun to watch as well. Kaitlin Olson was hilarious in the small role she had & Tony Hale played a funny pale obnoxious cop.

The Laughs – This was a very funny movie, it was very surprised how the film kept the laughs coming. That is credit to Katie Dippold on a well written screen play and Feig for putting it together on the screen.

The Bad –

It had a really slow start, around the first 15 minutes of the movie I really could’ve done without. They introduced Bullock’s character 1st than McCartney’s. I think it would’ve been better if they switched it around.

No Build for the Bad Guy – The movie was based on the McCartney/Bullock combo and it should’ve been. But there was a huge gaping hole in the movie for the bad guy. Not to dive into spoilers but one of the main “bad guys” was supposed to be this tough guy that chopped limbs off people. Well he was in it a total of 10 minutes and when he was on-screen it wasn’t memorable. They tried to make up with it with a twist at the end and that seemed like a throw away moment.

The Ugly –

A score can make or break the movie. The score was terrible to start this movie; it wasn’t upbeat like it should’ve been. It was a bland mix of something dull and boring. As the movie progressed it got better.

The Verdict –

3 out of 5 Stars

If you can overlook the gaping holes of the bad guy, you get a fun female version of Cop Out. McCartney & Bullock are a great pairing in this movie. If this is a hit in the box office and I believe it will be, I expect a sequel for sure coming in the next year or two. If you are looking for a buddy cop movie that will make you laugh start to finish this is the movie for you.

The Internship Review

Thanks to Gofobo & Cinemit I had the opportunity to see The Internship last night. I am a huge fan of Vince Vaughn and big fan of Wedding Crashers that he and Wilson did.

The story is based around Two salesmen Billy (Vaughn) & Nick (Wilson) who become down on their luck when they find out that the business they work for goes out of business. They decide to try to take on a Google internship where they have to compete with tech geniuses in order for a shot at employment.

The Good –

The story was well put together; I was surprised to see that it was partly written by Vaughn himself. It did have your typical bring you up, down and back up story to it. This was okay because it all built itself up to come together at the end.

The Characters – Billy (Vaughn) & Nick (Wilson) had an awesome as I like to call it bromance going on. Both very likable characters that were fun to watch adapt to the “new age”. Hearing two guys who basically still live in the 90’s battle it out and figure stuff out in the present was great. Hearing Billy say “on the line” instead of online was hilarious. The scene where you see in the trailer, when there group sends them off to find Dr. Xavier is just as funny wrapped up in the film. Stuart (O’Brien) played a very nice “villianish” role in the movie.

Supporting Cast –
I’ll just get it out there that I have a huge crush on Rose Byrne, who played her role just fine in the film. Mr. Chetty (Mandvi) was probably my favorite character in the film. He was just a witty, smart & annoying boss type that you could really hate. Josh Brener, Jessica Szohr & Max Minghella all brought nice touches to the “team”.
Vaughn and Wilson – I am pretty sure these two could play in anything and I would enjoy it. They have excellent chemistry together. They are a duo that I would like to see do more movies together.

Will Ferrell – I swear if he just did random cameos in every single movie I think I would be happy. I think sometimes his cameos are better than some of the movies he is in.

The Bad –The story isn’t as original as some of you might think. It has a very familiar story to Fired Up, a little known indie movie that didn’t get great recognition. It has very similar stories. Though it doesn’t take away whether it was a good or bad movie, it’s just not as “original” as everyone will think it will be.

This was a very safe movie, wasn’t outside the box. It was straight forward and really didn’t throw any good curve balls your way. You really knew where the film was going from start to finish.

They really could’ve done more with Byrne & Wilson; they rushed the storyline between the two. They really wanted a “romance” in the film and they kind of just threw it together.

The Ugly –

The Verdict –

3 ½ out of 5 stars

Shawn Levy & Vaughn did a great job in not making this a sole movie to tech savvy people. Vaughn & Wilson make a great pairing that I hope to see again in the future. The movie brought you up, down and back up again like you would want. Though the movie was safe and predictable, it was a fun feel good comedy that anyone can enjoy. I would recommend seeing this in theaters when it hits June 7th.