Ricky’s Week 4 Fantasy Review

I am back with another edition of the Ricky’s Review. I am going to breakdown the week that it was in the world of Fantasy Football and what I brought to the table as far as my 5-Pack Fantasy Sleepers as well as my Must Start/Must Sit pick for the week. So this will be either an article ranting and raving about how awesome I am or me talking about how I enjoyed a long, emotional shower cry Sunday Night.

Week 4 was really insane. Forte broke out of his slump, McCoy had his 2nd straight single-digit performance, Eli Manning looked like Peyton and Matt Asiata scored not once, not twice but three times this week. Speaking of McCoy, could someone wake him up please, I have way too much stock in him to be treading water week to week.

Alright lets dive right into my 5-Pack Fantasy Sleepers for Week 4

Tom Brady - Ummmmmmmmm yeah. Let’s not talk about this one folks.

Matt Asiata – 100 total yards and 3 TDs - My man Asiata just killed it this week!!!!! Although his job is probably in jeopardy with how good McKinnon looked but still LOVED this matchup and going forward I think I like anyone who is rushing against that Falcons D.

Jeremy Maclin – 5 catches 68 yards - Can we get a bonus for great catches? The price just didn’t end up being worth it this week.

Owen Daniels – 4 catches 43 yards - This was pretty solid value. He was one of the cheapest TE’s and unless you spent big on Graham, he wasn’t awful.

Lions D – 17 points 2 turnovers 2 sacks - They weren’t fantastic but they did well enough to be a solid play for me this week.

Overall: Asiata provided amazing value and the Lions D was good as well but other than that just a crap shoot of MEHness this week.

Now let’s dig into my Start/Sit Hit’s and Misses

I breakdown my list into 3 sections, Hits (Guys who made me look good), Misses (Guys who made me look bad) & the Meh Group (They weren’t hits but they surely didn’t miss).

Must Start Hit’s

Philip Rivers – 377 yards and 3 TDs - He came in and did his job like he should have. Great play this week.

Ahmad Bradshaw – 52 yards and a TD - That makes it 3 straight games with a receiving TD. The TD really saved what would’ve been a lackluster day for him.

Charges D - 14 points 3 sacks 3 turnovers – Job well done.

Must Start Misses

Antonio Gates – 3 catches 30 yards - I guess you can’t win them all in this matchup. Gates was 5th in the pecking order in targets.

The Meh Group

Michael Crabtree – 5 catches 43 yards - 9 PPR points? 4.3 standard points? MEH!

Must Sit Hit’s

Joquie Bell/ Reggie Bush – 104 total yards - This was a real no brainer for me. Jets run D is legit and proved so but shutting both of these guys down.

Greg Olsen – 2 catches 30 yards - I hated this matchup for him this week and even late he really couldn’t get it going when the team was down big.

Panthers D – 38 points 0 turnovers 0 sacks - This is not the same defense it was last year.

Must Sit Misses

Vincent Jackson – 3 catches 32 yards 1 TD - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! A TD catch with 7 seconds left really ruined this for me.


Overall: Overall it was a pretty good week. Gates/Crabs/Vjax were my only enemies this week, outside of that looks like everyone did their part for me.

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Waiver Wire Wizardry: Pickups for Week 5

Manning Face

Sure, Eli Manning makes a lot of strange faces but he’s coming off a 300 yard, 4-touchdown performance against the rival ‘Skins. Is he worth a look?


Eli Manning (47% Y!): He’s always had the weapons to do it but just couldn’t put it together for the first three weeks. On Thursday night, Manning showed a lot of improvement and that he seems to be understanding the new West Coast offense put in place during the offseason. Throwing for 300 yards, 4 TD and rushing for another score is a huge improvement over what he had done the first 3 weeks of the season (674 yards, 5 TD, 4 picks). Having Victor Cruz, Larry Donnell, Rashad Jennings, Reuben Randle and potentially Odell Beckham (might debut this week) is certainly a good set of weapons for Manning looking ahead. Now that Manning seems to be putting it all together, he is definitely worth a roster spot for QB needy teams in the coming weeks. Don’t expect these kinds of monster weeks over the rest of the year as he’s faced weak defensive units but he could be a solid bye week filler option in the future.

Teddy Bridgewater (13% Y!): Teddy Football? I like it. Finally Bridgewater was given the starting job and led the Vikings to a victory over the Falcons, who had destroyed the Buccaneers the week prior. Yes, the Falcons have a very weak defense, but Bridgewater flashed his skills during the game – throwing for over 300 yards while rushing for a score. He seemed to connect with Jarius Wright, who spend a lot of time with Bridgewater on the practice squad. Bridgewater could be even more dangerous in the coming weeks as the Vikings (hopefully figure out that they need to get the speedy Cordarrelle Patterson more involved in the offense. Bridgewater did suffer a sprained ankle in the 4th quarter of Sunday’s game but is expected to play Thursday night against a beatable Green Bay secondary.

Running Back:

Jerick McKinnon (16% Y!): When Adrian Peterson was suspended, a lot of people (myself included) thought that McKinnon would take over as the lead back. This has not yet been the case. Minnesota has used Matt Asiata heavily since the Peterson suspension. However, McKinnon was given 18 carries on Sunday, turning them in to 135 yards. McKinnon has shown over and over again that he is the superior back and sooner rather than later, the Vikings will realize that. Asiata had all 3 TD on the ground Sunday, but that could change quickly as he is better suited as a passing-down tailback. Asiata has a 3.38 YPC so far through 4 games (47 carries for 159 yards) while McKinnon has a 6.17 YPC (23 carries for 142 yards). The window to grab McKinnon is quickly closing.

Justin Forsett (41% Y!): Forsett was used as the primary tailback on Sunday as Bernard Pierce was active but not given a touch. Lorenzo Taliaferro was the backup runner. Pierce seems to have fallen out of favor with the Ravens, no matter what the coaching staff says. Forsett has been very reliable for Baltimore so far as both a runner and receiver. He has a 5.8 YPC (44 for 255) and 16 receptions through four games this season. Taliaferro is going to experience growing pains, as he did Sunday. Forsett is simply the more experienced halfback right now and seems to be in good graces with the Ravens, unlike Pierce. Forsett is a surefire FLEX option, with the potential for RB2 upside some weeks. He needs to be owned in all formats as the Ravens seem committed to using him as the primary running back in the coming weeks.

Bishop Sankey (56% Y!): Entering the season, there was never a question who the most talented back on the Titans was; Bishop Sankey. He has yet to be given the keys to the car through four games and been able to really lead this backfield in touches. Once Sankey corrects his minor issues he should be capable of taking over lead duties for the remainder of the season. He rushed 6 times for 34 yards and a touchdown on Sunday, performing much better than any other of the mediocre Titans halfbacks. Unfortunately, Sankey didn’t play at all in the 1st half and that shows that Tennessee isn’t ready to give him the outright starting job. Whisenhunt should quickly realize that Sankey is their best option in the backfield, especially with a career backup at QB. The Titans will rely on the run more than ever, and Sankey should only see his carries increase moving forward. Scoop him up before he finally does breakout. It’s coming.

Wide Receiver:

Eddie Royal (23% Y!): Is it deja vu all over again? Didn’t we see this out of Royal last year? Back-to-back 2 touchdown games have put Royal squarely on the waiver wire pickup map. There are few reasons that while this streak won’t continue, he is a valuable WR4 for fantasy. When this happened last year, the Chargers running game was established with Ryan Mathews and Danny Woodhead and San Diego turned to them a lot. Also, Rivers was still on the “recovery” path to becoming a great QB again and he basically force-fed Keenan Allen the ball. Now, Rivers is putting up an even better season than he did in his 2013 resurgance. Behind Allen and Gates, there is nobody else reliable for Rivers to throw to and Royal seems to still have some life in him and could be  serviceable down the stretch of bye weeks, with the running game sputtering. He will continue to have plays set up with chances to score. You could do worse at WR4.

Rueben Randle (62% Y!): It seems like the Giants offense is finally clicking now that they have had some real game experience in using thw West Coast play calling. Randle was a favorite to breakout this season but failed to do so the first few weeks with Manning sputtering. Now that Manning is looking much better, so is Randle. He was targeted 10 times, catching 8 balls for 88 yards on Sunday. You can expect to see more of those target numbers going forward. Randle is Eli’s third target in the passing game, so the targets should be there. Randle needs to be owned across the board. There’s upside here.

Tight End:

Larry Donnell (55% Y!): Donnell’s 7/54/3 line from this past week says it all. He’s not a fluke. Eli clearly has a connection with this man, especially near the end zone. The Giants’ tight end is my #1 waiver claim this week and one that can be ignored no longer. If he’s somehow still available in your league, change that. Last call here, folks.

Heath Miller (62% Y!): While he won’t put up 10 catches for 85 yards and a TD every week, those lucky enough to have Miller still on your waiver wire should go ahead and give him a look. He is Ben Roethlisberger’s go-to-guy and his #2 target after super-star Antonio Brown. Pittsburgh’s offense is clicking on all cylinders and Miller is a safe option. Running a more no-huddle oriented offense under Todd Haley enables the Steelers to make more plays, which is good for every member of the Steelers. Despite early-season woes for Miller and his fantasy owners, he showed on Sunday that he can be trusted with a big workload and should put up good enough numbers to make him a low-end to mid-tier TE1 in the coming weeks.

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The Fantasy Forecaster: Week 4 Start/Sit

Ricky was joined by fellow TSS writer Doug Moore and they discussed their Must Start/Must Sit for week 4

Here is the short version of the show just telling who we picked.

 Here is the show in full with explanation of why we picked each guy.

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The Weekly Stream: Defense; Week 4

I’ve been asked countless times why shouldn’t I just roll with one defense all season? Fair question. I usually respond with a question.

Why would I pick just one?

Picking one defense is like going to the same diner every week. Sometimes the food will be great, other times it will be just OK, and rarely, it may even be vom-worthy. Trust me, even the best defenses lay an egg at some point during the season. Playing weekly matchups allows the owner to spend their draft picks on impact offensive contributors. The math has been done, streaming defenses properly nets you top-5 defensive production over the course of a full season without having to waste a high pick on Seattle’s 12th man, for example.

So how does the restaurant analogy come full circle when it comes to streaming defenses? Streaming defenses is like going to a new restaurant every week. Variety is fun! The wait times might be long at the hot place in town but the restaurant (or defense) with the best value might be wide open for the taking. I don’t know about you, but if I have to choose between a packed restaurant with high expectations or a smaller restaurant with local owners, better deals, and a chance at amazing food, I know where I am going.

In standard formats, only three of the top 10 defenses (Patriots, Bengals, Panthers) are 100% owned. The other 7? Texans (58.2%), Falcons (9.2%), Bears (8.9%), Bills (43.9%), Lions (8.8%), Vikings (2.2%) and Eagles (7%). Three weeks is a small sample, but when 3 of the bottom 4 units are universally owned, something needs to change.

How did I do last week?

The Chargers allowed only 10 points to the Bills and got to EJ Manuel three times. In total they scored 9 fantasy points in standard, almost as many as the 100% owned Seattle defense has scored all season. The Cowboys didn’t get past the Rams offensive line all game to sack the QB but they did have two interceptions, one fumble recovery and a defensive TD; good for 12 points. Not bad for a defense that is 4% owned and is considered one of the worst in football. The Texans were my flop of the week. I thought they would be all over Eli and the Giants. Instead, they allowed 30 points, only sacked Eli once and scored just three fantasy points. This week they have the Bills, but I wasn’t impressed with them last week. I will be looking for a better matchup than that. The Indianapolis Colts on the other hand left you happier than a kid in a candy store. Indy allowed 17 points to the Jags, with two picks, one fumble recovery and a TD. They also recorded 4 sacks and are currently 14.5% owned. Finally, the Patriots (now 100% owned after waivers last week) disappointed, with only one pick and no sacks against the Raiders. This matchup was supposed to be better than prom night for the New England Patriots but instead they were held to just six fantasy points. Still overall, the Patriots are currently the number one fantasy defense after three weeks.

Convinced? Join the party. Below are defensive options whom are widely available. You should be able to pick them up in the majority of leagues. Good luck in week 4!

Week 4 Targets:

San Diego Chargers: The first thing I do when writing this is to see which team is playing Jacksonville. Ding ding ding! It’s San Diego’s turn. The Jaguars with Bortles under center may be a different team but every opposing defense through three weeks has scored at least 14 fantasy points! I will take my chances with the San Diego Chargers. Not only are the Chargers a team that likes to sack opposing QB (at least two sacks in every matchup this year) but the Jaguars have a terrible offensive line. In three games, Jaguars QB’s have already been sacked 17 times, including 10 times in week 2 by Washington. I expect San Diego to attack Bortles (if he starts) and get to him at least 5 times.

Indianapolis Colts: Again, the Colts show up, partly because of their defensive play, but also because of their schedule. This week, the Colts get the Tennessee Titans. The Titans have allowed multiple sacks all three weeks and Jake Locker has also thrown two picks in each of the past two games. Indy is a safe pick for some points.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Coming off a great Sunday night performance against Carolina, the Steelers are at home to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this weekend. Along with 7 sacks given up in three weeks, the Bucs have trouble holding on to the rock. Opposing defenses already have five lost fumbles, and McCown has thrown an interception in every game this season. The Steelers should have a nice home-cooked defensive feast in week 4.

Chicago Bears: If you look at who Chicago plays this weekend, you might think I am crazy. Chicago is my surprise pick of the week. The Bears host Aaron Rodgers and the Packers this week. That being said, the Packers offensive line is struggling through three weeks and also giving up lots of sacks. Opposing defenses have gotten to Rodgers 9 times thus far and the Bears have 8 sacks of their own. Rodgers might get his yards, but I think they will pressure him enough early to at least leave you with a positive fantasy performance when the day comes to an end. Only 8.9% owned right now so they should be available in your fantasy league.

Remember that while going to the same restaurant might be a tradition every week, at some point you are going to get sick and tired of the same food. Try new places, take risks, and try some places that might not look pretty from the outside. Sometimes, those places are the ones with the best food.

Have a great week!

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Jared “Minnesota Nice” Hines is a fantasy football contributor at The Sports Script. Follow him on Twitter @Jared_Hines27!

Waiver Wire Wizardry: Pickups for Week 4


Kirk Cousins (48% Y!): As mentioned last week, Cousins is a great QB2 add. He torched a poor Eagles secondary for over 400 yards and 3 scores in week 3. Could he be this season’s Nick Foles? Seems so. With Jay Gruden now calling the shots on offense, Cousins can sit back in a pocket-style offense and toss the rock to his plethora of weapons. He’s a great add with the bye weeks upon us. Cousins has a chance to shine.

Blake Bortles (5% Y!): It finally happened, Blake Bortles is the Jaguars’ starting QB. After two downright horrid games from Chad Henne, something had to give. At halftime, Gus Bradley had no choice but to bench Henne and start Bortles. When Blake took over, he threw for over 220 yards and a TD in one half. Granted, it was mostly garbage time against the Colts, but it’s clear who the better signal caller is. Bortles will be the starter moving forward with the potential to boost the Jaguars offense substantially. Bortles is definitely worth a flier.

Running Back:

Lorenzo Taliaferro (7% Y!): Finally! The best back in this committee may get his shot. Taliaferro didn’t disappoint as the complementary back to Justin Forsett as Bernard Pierce was inactive with a thigh injury. He was given a healthy amount of touches with 18 carries, gaining 91 yards and a TD. That is good enough for 5 YPC on the day and could really put pressure on Justin Forsett and Bernard Pierce for touches in the very near future. This is a muddled backfield but by far Taliaferro is the most talented of the three and going forward needs to be owned in all formats. Go scoop him up while you still have the chance.

Donald Brown (50% Y!): Wow, injury after injury to the San Diego backfield. Ryan Matthews will miss several more weeks and Danny Woodhead will not be back until 2015, leaving Donald Brown as the de facto starter. He is in line for a ton of touches, and despite only gaining 2 yards per tote last week, still had 31 carries in the afternoon. He’s my #1 waiver scoop this week, as he is assured volume in the carries department in the coming weeks. Go get him.

LeGarrette Blount (20% Y!): The Steelers blew out Carolina on Sunday, and I was impressed by Pittsburgh’s offensive line, they straight up beat the Panther front four. Both LeVeon Bell and LeGarrette Blount both rushed for over 100 yards in the game. The Steeler run game looks dangerous right now. There is no doubt that Bell is the top back, but with how much the black and gold like to run the ball, Blount is ownable  in most leagues and would be the beneficiary should something happen to LeVeon.

Wide Receiver:

Allen Robinson (2% Y!): Bortles taking over the play calling for Jacksonville is an instant boost to all of their wideouts. Robinson had 10 targets, hauling in 7 of them for 79 yards. There’s a chance that we can put this stat line on repeat moving forward. Robinson was a very talented WR prospect coming out of Penn State. Even once their recieiving core is healthy, Robinson looks like he’ll be in the plans. He and Bortles obviously have a connection. I see him as a mid-tier WR4 right now with a lot of room to grow.

Jeremy Kerley (3% Y!): Kerley had 11 targets, hauling in 7 catches for 81 yards and a TD. He seemed to be a favorite of Geno Smith’s, especially after Eric Decker went down with a re-aggravation of his hamstring injury. Kerley should be the number 1 option in New York if Decker is forced to miss any time, making him a must add across the board. They will play it safe with the former Bronco, so Kerley may be the go to guy for gang green in the coming weeks. He is a high-end WR4/low-end WR3 for next week’s game against the weak Detroit secondary.

Hakeem Nicks (42% Y!): Nicks is owned in too few leagues. If you remember, Hakeem didn’t score at all last season. He’s found pay dirt twice already this season. He may not be the deep threat he once was, but he is still just 26 years old and is getting a lot of looks in the red zone for the Colts. In a pass-first offense, you want to own Nicks. The Indianapolis running backs have failed to impress through three weeks. Further, TY Hilton suffered an injury in week 3 which would put Nicks in line for a ton of looks. If Hilton is out, Nicks becomes a nice play in week 4.

Tight End:

With Dennis Pitta done for 2014, Owen Daniels is a must-add.

With Dennis Pitta done for 2014, Owen Daniels is a must-add.

Owen Daniels (27% Y!): Daniels only had one catch on Sunday, but the big news here is that fellow-tight end Dennis Pitta will miss the remainder of the season with yet another hip dislocation. Daniels stands in line to benefit big time here, as he has a past with OC Gary Kubiak. Everyone knows that Kubiak will find ways for Daniels to get the ball and he could be a guy who is a TD-threat every week, making him a valuable TE2 that could potentially turn into low-end TE1. But for now, after the Pitta injury, Daniels needs to be owned as a TE2 with potential to do more.

Niles Paul (44% Y!): As I pointed out last week, Niles Paul is going to be a good target for Kirk Cousins to throw to and he proved that again in week 3. Paul got 9 targets, and caught 6 of them for 68 yards. Another solid week in the books for Paul, who could be the starting TE for a while as Jordan Reed doesn’t seem to be coming back any time soon. He is producing low-end TE1 stats right now and could keep that up for the foreseeable future.

Photo cred: http://goo.gl/puvzpc

Doug Moore is a fantasy football contributor at The Sports Script. Follow him on Twitter @DMM0822!

Ricky’s Week 4 5-Pack Fantasy Sleepers

Each week, Ricky Valero will unleash his 5-pack of fantasy sleepers for the upcoming week. These players are going to make for great value plays while you construct your weekly DFS lineups.

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Ricky’s Week 3 Fantasy Review

I am back with another edition of the Ricky’s Review. I am going to breakdown the week that it was in the world of Fantasy Football and what I brought to the table as far as my 5-Pack Fantasy Sleepers as well as my Must Start/Must Sit pick for the week. So this will be either an article ranting and raving about how awesome I am or me talking about how I enjoyed a long, emotional shower cry Sunday Night.

Week 3 was insane, we saw Andy Dalton catch a TD pass, Who needs Jamaal Charles when you have Kniles Davis and Joe McKnight (who caught 2 TD passes), Bridgewater/Bortles  made to their 1st NFL snaps, Eli Manning didn’t throw an interception and Lorenzo Taliaferro looks like he might take that Ravens RB job by storm.

Alright lets dive right into my 5-Pack Fantasy Sleepers for Week 3

QB – Kirk Cousins - (30/48 427 yards & 3 TDs) – He had quite the sexy matchup and really came through this week and took advantage of it. Cousins has looked amazing and made some great decisions with the football, I love him on a week to week basis as Jay Gruden likes to throw the ball.

RB – Ahmad Bradshaw - (9 carries 65 yards, 2 catches 18 yards & a TD) – Bradshaw stepped up and performed just as I hoped, he caught his 3rd TD in 2 games and totaled 83 yards.

WR – Greg Jennings - (5 catches 70 yards) – I wasn’t expecting Jennings to exactly light it up but for the price you would’ve paid for him, you would’ve gotten some real good value.

TE – Niles Paul - (6 catches 68 yards) – Niles saw 9 more targets this week catching 6 of them for 68 yards, while he didn’t find the endzone, he still provided great value this week.

D – Cowboys D - Talk about being saved by a Pick-6. This looked horrible for about 3 & half quarters but they provided a late INT that was returned for a TD, which was enough to make them a hit for me this week.

Overall – I had a pretty solid week, everyone provided great value with Cousins/Bradshaw really knocking it out of the park.

Now let’s dig into my Start/Sit Hit’s and Misses

I breakdown my list into 3 sections, Hits (Guys who made me look good), Misses (Guys who made me look bad) & the Meh Group (They weren’t hits but they surely didn’t miss).

Must Start Hit’s

Bobby Rainey - (11 carries 41 yards, 7 catches 64 yards, 2 fumbles) – While in PPR leagues he provided a nice value even after the 2 fumbles but if you started him in standard, you were really let down big time. So I’ll take the Hit in PPR leagues but a Miss in Standards on this one.

Ahmad Bradshaw - (9 carries 65 yards, 2 catches 18 yards & a TD) – See above

Alshon Jeffery – Add after Monday night

Bengals D - (7 points, 2 INT & 2 sacks) – Hit this one right on the head folks. Titans aren’t a very good football team and the Bengals probably have one of the best defenses in football.

Must Start Misses

Matthew Stafford - (246 yards & 2 INT) – Talking about really annoying, this was a great matchup for Stafford and he just completely was garbage in this game.

Must Start Meh

Bobby Rainey - See Above

Delaine Walker - (4 catches 54 yards) – Walker caught 4 of his 7 targets but couldn’t find the endzone for the first time this year. I thought we would get atleast a garbage time TD from him but we weren’t rewarded with that either. The Bengals D is legit folks.

Must Sit Hit’s

Andy Dalton - (15/23, 169 yards & a INT) – I feel like just for the receiving TD he shouldn’t be on this list but yeah the Titans did what I thought they would and held Dalton in check.

Martellous Bennett -

Must Sit Misses

Lamar Miller - (15 carries 108 yards & 4 catches 24 yards) – Yep I was wrong, next.

Kelvin Benjamin – (8 catches 115 yards & a TD) – This shocked me. I just didn’t see this coming out of him this week.

Colts D - (17 points, 4 sacks, 2 INT & 1 TD) – I was really expecting a closer matchup between the two teams. The 17 points didn’t come until garbage time, the Jags are just bad at football but Bortles seems like he is going to be fun to watch.

Overall: My Must starts looked pretty good minus Stafford but my Must Sits were TERRIBLE choices this week. Miller just exploded this week and I just didn’t see that coming at all. Oh well, you win some and you lose some.

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