The Sports Script NBA Daily Plays for 1/31

The Super Bowl is Sunday and most of the sports fans across the country have their eyes on that, but not us hardcore daily fantasy players. We’ve got two full days of daily fantasy NBA before we get there. I’m here to get you prepared with some solid plays for Friday!


Kevin Durant has went over 50 fantasy points in 7 straight games and could be in for a big game in Brooklyn as well. If you like your line up with him  in it, then don’t hesitate for a minute to pay up for him.

Steph Curry should embarrass Trey Burke on Friday and is always capable of going for 60 plus fantasy points at any time.

Demarcus Cousins is more than likely out on Friday, but if we do get some kind of word that he’s healthy and ready to go before line ups lock he does have a very nice match up with Dallas.

Kevin Love is always in play, but I can say I won’t be paying up for him Friday. Memphis has allowed the lowest amount of points per game over the last 10 and will make very hard on Kevin Love.


Al Jefferson seems like the most obvious fantasy play ever for Friday’s games. He’s taking on a Lakers team that is giving up the most points per game over the last 10 and ranked 27th against the center position. Jefferson has went over 50 fantasy points in back to back games and  has been a double double machine. If you are in a cash game on Friday make sure you lock in this sure double double.

Paul Millsap has went over 35 fantasy points in 5 straight games and now gets to face the 76ers. The 76ers are terrible at rebounding and Millsap should have no problem posting a double double against them. He’s been great on the road as well shooting close to 50% this season.

Nikola Vucevic isn’t going to be a popular pick among many players because he is on a minutes limit right now. He’s priced down on several sites because of his recent injury, but even in limited action he can hit value. He posted 33 fantasy points in only 20 minutes of action against Toronto. On Friday, he gets a Bucks team ranked 25th against the center and one of the worst rebounding teams in the league. I like Vucevic as somewhat of a nice value play on Friday.

Jameer Nelson is in a good spot to win you some money on some cash games Friday as he takes on the Bucks as well. Nelson has been better at home this year shooting a full 6% better and averaging almost 3 more points per game. The Bucks are 29th against the point guard and giving up 107 points per game over the last 10. You can lock Jameer in for a decent salary on most sites and he’s a sure bet to post around 25 fantasy points.

Rudy Gay is healthy and ready for Friday’s game according to all reports and with Cousins likely sidelined I can see him having a solid game. He’s priced decently on most sites as he’s coming off the injury and gets a Dallas team giving up 108 points per game over the last 10 games. Shawn Marion could miss Friday’s game and that could help Gay as well as anyone else they throw at him wont be able to defend the same way Marion can.

Dirk Nowitzki has been on fire lately posting 63 fantasy points and 48 in the last two games. He’s shooting 53% this year at home and has a nice match up with Sacramento. Dirk is locked into 30 plus minutes of action and will have an advantage at grabbing a few more rebounds against Sacramento with Cousins sidelined.


Demarre Carroll has 5 straight games of 20 plus fantasy points. He’s playing all the minutes he can handle and as a plus has actually shot better on the road this year. The Hawks are also matched up against the 76ers who have been a team to target against all year.

Jason Thompson is a lock for 30 minutes of action if Cousins is out on Friday and he’s pretty cheap on most sites. He starts at power forward which is the a position the Mavericks are ranked last in defending. Thompson has posted some solid games in Cousins absence and should do the same here.


DeMar Derozan is expect back into action on Friday against the Nuggets, which means Terrance Ross should see a decrease in value.

Jeff Teague is making the trip to Philadelphia for Friday’s game and if he plays will kill the value of Shelvin Mack.

If either of the two guys I named above do sit fire up Terrance Ross or Shelvin Mack respectively.

The Sports Script NBA Daily Plays for 1/29

I’m pretty sure daily fantasy NBA is going to give me a stroke. I mean James Harden is out….wait no he might play…. lineups lock….he’s out. How am I suppose to deal with that nightly which seems what is going on lately. If it’s not James Harden it will be someone else we are waiting on news for nightly. Okay I’m done with that rant and ready to move on to the guys that I’ll be looking to roster on Wednesday.


Kevin Durant is amazing he’s been over 50 fantasy points in all of the last 6 games and over 60 in 5 of those. If you don’t roster him you are putting yourself at a severe disadvantage right now.

Lebron James is really good, but right now he’s not Kevin Durant when it comes to fantasy stats. That being said I’ve got a feeling he’s going to be out to 1 up Durant in this match up against each other. He’s cheaper and I would just recommend throwing him in one game somewhere in case he does go crazy.

Kevin Love is going to be missing his partner inside in Pekovic, so he should be able to grab a few more rebounds to increase his total. He’s slowed down a bit fantasy wise and if you can get him at a discounted price he should be rostered on Wednesday.

Anthony Davis will be on the other side of the Kevin Love play now and just as Durant and James are. Davis is back at home on Wednesday after a road game Tuesday and he’s been better at home this year. He’s probably the cheaper of the studs, but he’s capable of having a big game.


Blake Griffin is just right out of the stud category for me and that is probably fueled by own personal dislike of him, but that’s another story. He’s a very solid play on Wednesday against a Washington team that is ranked 25th against the power forward position. Griffin is shooting close to 55% at home this year and has posted better numbers there. He’s been over 30 fantasy points in but a handful of games all year.

Kyle Lowry almost feels like a guy I should put in the stud column right now, but he’s just not there quite yet. I will roster him in 100% of my line ups if Derozan is out and may do so even if he plays. Lowry draws a Magic team giving up the 2nd most points in the NBA over the last 10 games and has gone over 50 fantasy points in 2 of his last 3 games. Lowry does a little bit of everything to rack up the fantasy points and even had 5 steals in the last game.

Goran Dragic will be up against a Bucks team that is ranked 25th in stopping the opposing point guard position. Dragic is consistently going over 30 fantasy points game in and game out right now without Eric Bledsoe. Dragic is shooting close to 50% on the road this year and will be a solid play against anyone the Bucks throw at him.

Al Jefferson has become one of the most consistent and dominant centers in fantasy basketball over the last few games. He’s  been over 35 fantasy points in each of the last 9 games he’s played and is logging heavy minutes playing almost 38 minutes per game. He’s almost a lock for a double double with 5 in the last 6 games which should be an easy task against a Denver team that struggles inside.

Trevor Ariza has been extremely solid as of late posting 30 or more fantasy points in each of the last 5 games. Ariza is actually shooting better on the road this year at almost 47%. He’s up against a Clippers team that is ranked 24th in defending the small forward position. I like him in all formats on Wednesday to hit value.

Zach Randolph should be in a position to dominate the Kings without Demarcus Cousins in the game. Cousins is doubtful for the game and I don’t think it matters who they try to throw at Zbo he should have his way with them. Zach has had some bad games, but the ceiling you get in rostering him for his price on most sites is pretty high.


Gerald Wallace makes for a very solid value play on Wednesday as the Celtics will be up against the 76ers. Wallace is logging huge minutes and if Rondo doesn’t go I think you can bump him up for even a few more for the Celtics as they will have to play bigger. Wallace is shooting 55% at home and is priced cheap enough he should hit value on most sites.

Shelvin Mack should be in line for another start on Wednesday and was pretty solid on Monday. He posted 31 fantasy points in 31 minutes of action on Monday and should be able to produce value against Brandon Jennings.

Terrance Ross probably isn’t going to put 70 fantasy points again ever! He’s still going to be a decent bet to hit value though with his ability to shoot the basketball. If you can get Ross still at a decent value make sure you lock him into your line up.

The Sports Script NBA Daily Plays for 1/28

It’s very rare when we are given a 7 game slate on a Tuesday, but we have one today. The following are the guys that I will be rostering for Tuesday’s daily fantasy action for NBA games.


Steph Curry is a robot I’m pretty sure. Right? Well, no he’s not but he is an absolute fantasy stud right now. He’s got back to back 60 point fantasy games and over 40 in the last 6 games. John Wall will not be able to guard him to slow him down in this contest.

Paul George is a reliable fantasy play any time he’s on the court over the last 9 games as he’s been over 30 fantasy points in each of those games. The Lakers give up the most points in the league over the last 10 games and George should have no problem hitting his value.

Carmelo Anthony has been over 45 fantasy points in the last 5 games and will continue to be a fantasy stud in New York. He’s the only scoring option they have besides maybe JR Smith and as long as that’s the case then he’s a great fantasy option.

Anthony Davis is the final stud listed for Tuesday, but it’s not because he’s not worth paying up for. Davis does it all inside and can add a ton of bonus points via blocks during a game. He’s had 4 or more blocks in the last 4 games going over 30 fantasy points in each of his last 5 games.


Lance Stephenson has back to back 40 plus fantasy point games and now as we’ve mention in this already plays a Lakers team that gives up a ton of points. Stephenson is putting up near triple-double stats almost every time he takes the floor. He’s shooting 50% on the year and has registered double-doubles in 4 of the last 5 games.

Josh Smith can put up stud like numbers for the Pistons, but he can also lay a dud which we’ve seen at times. Smoove is a better player at home and the Magic are 29th against the small forward position. You can expect Smith to play near 40 minutes if the game is close and he’s reasonably priced on most sites across the industry.

Andre Drummond got hurt on Sunday, so it comes with a bit of a risk listing him here, but I think he could be really good on Tuesday if we learn he’s healthy. Drummond before last game had put up 35 or more fantasy points in the 3 games previous to that one. The Magic are one of the worst teams in the league at rebounding the basketball and Drummond has grabbed double-digit rebounds in 11 of the last 12 games.

David Lee is one of the best cash game plays out there as he’s good for a least 25 fantasy points in most games with a higher ceiling than most players. The Wizards rank 26th in defending the PF position and Lee is shooting over 52% on the year. If the Warriors get him the ball then he should be able to post some solid fantasy stats.

Marc Gasol is starting to look healthy for the Grizzlies and I don’t really see Robin Lopez being able to defend him. Gasol playing two games over 30 minutes before only playing 25 in a back to back. He’s posted fantasy numbers all over the board since coming back, but if you want a guy that is priced pretty cheap right with a high ceiling then Gasol could be your guy.


George Hill makes me want to throw up a little bit just thinking about rostering him, but look at everything in his favor for Tuesday. He’s over 25 fantasy points in the last 4 games and plays a Lakers team that’s the worst at defending the pg in the last 10 games.

Rodney Stuckey is back at home on Tuesday and that is where I think he’s a safe value play. He’s shooting almost 50% at home this year as opposed to 41% on the road and has logged near 30 minutes in each of his last 5 games.

Marco Belinelli could be in for a solid game against Houston as he’s locked into 20 to 30 minutes right now. This should be a high paced game with the Rockets and Spurs and Belinelli will be up against Harden who’s not interested in playing defense. He’s went over 20 fantasy points in 5 of the last 6 games.

The Sports Script NBA Daily Plays for 1/27

It’s Monday and for many of us that sucks! It kicks off a pretty big weeks in sports as we get ready for the Super Bowl, but before that we’ve got a solid action of daily fantasy NBA. Here are the guys I’ll be looking at for Monday’s action.


Kevin Durant is the best player in the NBA right now as far as fantasy action goes and with that being said I would figured out a way to pay up for him every time he plays.

Kevin Love will be matched up with the Bulls which isn’t an ideal match up, but it’s love and he’s match up proof in most cases.

Blake Griffin makes his first appearance in the stud section for me, but he’s been over 35 fantasy points in all of the last 5 games. He’s consistent and carries the load of the Clippers right now with CP3 out.


Goran Dragic will probably be 75% owned or greater on Monday and for good reason. The 76ers have been  a team picked on all year as they give up a ton of fantasy value. Dragic has been awesome without Bledsoe and is shooting close to 50% on the year. Dragic has went over 40 fantasy points in 4 of the last 6 games.

D.J. Augustin bounced back Saturday night from a terrible game on Friday night. Augustin has been at or over 40 fantasy points in 4 of the last 5 games. He’s matched up with Rubio on Monday whose ranked 27th in stopping opposing point guards this year.

Isaiah Thomas has been over 30 fantasy points in the last 6 games and over 40 in the in 4 of those. I expect Cousins to still be out on Monday and that puts more of the scoring on Thomas. Thomas is taking shots at a very high rate now and as long as he’s shooting his normal 45% he’s a lock to hit or exceed value.

Gordon Hayward draws a nice match up on Monday at home. The Kings are pretty low when it comes to stopping the opposing small forward and Hayward should take advantage of the lack of defense. Hayward is a better player at home averaging almost 4 points more per game than on the road. He looked healthy Saturday night after missing a few games and has been over 30 fantasy points in each of the last 5 games.

Deandre Jordan is a lock to grab double-digit rebounds just about every game and now he plays the Bucks. The Bucks are one of the worst teams in the league at rebounds and against opposing centers. When you factor both of those in with Jordan’s high energy he plays with I think you have the ultimate high upside play.


Terrance Ross went crazy, scoring 51 points in Saturday’s game and now will be forced into extended minutes with Demar Derozan already ruled out for this one.

Lou Williams should see some extended minutes again as Jeff Teague is still out. Oklahoma City is 19th in defending the opposing shooting guard, so Lou should be able to get some shots off to hit his value on most sites.

Shelvin Mack should be solid for the same reasons as well. Reggie Jackson is a huge downgrade from Westbrook in defense and the Thunder have fallen to 26th in defending the position since Westbrook went out. Mack is more of a GPP type value play than a cash game play to me.

Channing Frye seems to be playing solid minutes for the Suns and is very much in play Monday against the 76ers. Frye’s game logs have been all over the place, but I like the ceiling he posses as a value play for Monday.

The Sports Script NBA Daily Plays for 1/26

We’ve got a pretty nice slate of games available for the Sunday slate with two early games and six late games. I’m going to get right to it with some of the plays I like for Sunday.

I didn’t write about the early slate of games, but for fantasy options I really think you have to fire up Carmelo Anthony against the Lakers. Ryan Kelly should also make a decent value play.



Steph Curry is averaging 46 fantasy points a game and will be featured in a prime match up with Portland. This game should have a high total and look for Curry to get plenty of shots against Lillard.

LaMarcus Aldridge is on the flip side of Curry in this match up for Sunday night and David Lee will have no chance of stopping him.

Anthony Davis should be able to do whatever whenever he wants inside against the Magic. I’m almost willing to bet he goes for at least a double double in this contest. Davis is averaging 42 fantasy points per game this year and is almost a lock to go over 35 fantasy points.


Isaiah Thomas will more than likely be asked to carry the load for the Kings again as Rudy Gay and Demarcus Cousins are both questionable. There is a small chance that Rudy Gay plays in this one, but I’m not looking for him to play. Thomas gets a Denver team that is on a back to back and will have Ty Lawson guarding him who is no defensive stud. Thomas put up 47 fantasy points against a much tougher Pacers team on Friday in 43 minutes of action in this same situation.

Goran Dragic gets the match up with Kyrie Irving on Sunday and Dragic has been very consistent since Bledsoe went out. Dragic is averaging 34 fantasy points a game and hasn’t been below 29 in the last 5 games making him a very dependable cash game play.

Eric Gordon becomes an even better play if Tyreke Evans is out again, but either way I think he’s in for a solid game on Sunday. Gordon is at home where he’s been shooting 6% better this year and will have to score to keep the Pelicans at pace with the Magic. Orlando is giving up the 29th most points per game over the 10 at 109 points per game.

Wilson Chandler could make for some nice value at the SF position especially in late only slates on Wednesday. he’s shooting better on the road this year and goes up against a Kings team that will be very thin. The Kings already struggle to defend the SF position and with Gay that could be even worse. Chandler is averaging 14 points  a game which would be enough for him to reach value on most sites.

Anderson Varejao let me down on Friday only grabbing 4 rebounds against the Bucks, but I can’t ignore he’s going back up against another bad rebound team on Sunday. The Suns give up the 3rd most rebounds per game and Varejao should be able to take advantage of that in this one. He’s almost a lock a lock to over 30 fantasy points and should do so on Sunday.


Rodney Stuckey had his worst game in the last 5 on Friday against the Pelicans, but before that he was putting up over 20 fantasy points at minimum in those 5. He’s played over 30 minutes in each of the last 4 games and will draw a match up with the Mavericks who are 26 in stopping the opposing shooting guard.

Derrick Williams grabbed two early fouls on Friday night and killed any chance he had of a big game. He still managed to get 20 fantasy points and should be in line for big minutes again on Sunday. He’s got a much better match up in this one and is priced near minimum on most sites.

Timothy Mozgov makes for the ultimate punt play at center on Sunday. Mozgov has played over 20 minutes in each of the last 5 games and will be up against a Kings team without Cousins. He’s coming off a 29 fantasy point performance on Saturday and could easily do the same Sunday.

WWE Royal Rumble Predictions

Welcome back to another WWE pay-per-view predictions piece, this time we have the Royal Rumble, probably my favourite PPV in the WWE calendar. The card so far is a bit underwhelming in my opinion, with a “traditional” match between WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton and challenger John Cena. We also have Brock Lesnar making his return vs the The Big Show, Bray Wyatt takes on Daniel Bryan to end their feud, but of course we save the best for the last, the 30 man over the top rope Royal Rumble match, which once again promises to be a great match.

WWE Tag Team Championships: The Rhodes Brothers (c) vs The New Age Outlaws
Matt B: What in the world are The New Age Outlaws doing back right now? I haven’t been able to figure it out, but I actually expect them to win this match. The Rhodes brothers are going to split up and compete at Wrestlemania.
Ricky: I belive we are going to be setting up the Cody vs. Dustin match for Mania. I’ve been super impressed with how Billy Gunn is wrestling and he and Punk had a great match on RAW. So give me the New Age Outlaws to get one more run with the Tag Team titles.
Matt W: I’m not going to change this trend, and I’ll pick the New Age Outlaws to win this match. I think we’ll see the Rhodes Brothers face off at Wrestlemania, and this is the beginning. They’ll challenge for the tag titles again at Elimination Chamber, and that’s when we’ll see them break up.
Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt
Matt B: Daniel Bryan isn’t in the Royal Rumble match and is the biggest thing going right now for the WWE. That being said I don’t see anyway he loses to Wyatt this Sunday.
Ricky: This should be one heck of a match. Both guys have built a very nice program and despite the weird Bryan being bad and now being good crap. But this should end in a Bryan win via DQ and the Family coming out and beating the crap out of Bryan.
Matt W: I think it’s time that this fantastic feud come to an end. We saw Daniel Bryan turn from the Wyatts and come back even more popular than before. It’s time for Bryan and Bray to move on to bigger, and better things.
The Big Show vs. Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman
Matt B: Lesnar will win against the Big Show as he’s going to be one of WWEs stars heading to Wrestlemania. What better way to build him up than have him beat up a giant in the Big Show.
Ricky: This has MEH written all over it. Not looking forward to this match really at all. Could be a fun little match in the battle of the big man but Brock can’t lose as we get closer to Wrestlemania.
Matt W: I’m not too excited for this match, but it is always fun to see two massive human beings crash into each other, and although he’s done it before numerous times, it’ll be great to see Brock Lesnar get Show up for the F-5. Give me Brock Lesnar.
WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton (c) vs John Cena
Matt B: Randy Orton will defeat John Cena on Sunday at the Royal Rumble something many fans are not used to seeing. Cena doesn’t hardly ever lose matches like this but I just feel WWE will be better with Orton holding the title heading to Wrestlemania  as a true heel character.
Ricky: The whole Corporate thing is just dumb to me. I am really tired of seeing Orton as champion. I don’t like the guy really and he just is boring. Cena has to win here and move this along and hopefully this is the last time we have to suffer through this two wrestling each other.
Matt W: I’m going to stick with Randy Orton in this situation, because of how badly they’ve made him look in the past few weeks. I’m ready for this feud to be done for good, so how about we pretend to like this match, and WWE never gives it to us again.
30 Man Royal Rumble Match
Matt B: The Royal Rumble will be won by Batista as many predict. He will be left with just CM Punk when all is said and done.
Ricky: Honestly it comes between two guys Batista or Daniel Bryan. I really don’t see them letting Bryan winning this thing, so I am leaning Batista. A few surprise guys that it’s possible are either Brock or CM Punk. But if I had to choose one guy it would be Batista as he tosses Bryan out for the win.
Matt W: The Royal Rumble is my favourite gimmick match in wrestling, with Money in the Bank coming a close second. I was on the Daniel Bryan bandwagon for months, even when he was part of the Wyatt Family, but because he’s not even guaranteed to be in the match itself, I’ll take Batista, who will meet Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania.
Burning Question: 
This past RAW saw the return of the “Animal” Batista. What do you guys think is the plan for Batista as we get on the Road to Wrestlemania? Are you excited to have Batista back in the WWE?
Matt B: This leads to my burning question as yes Batista has always been one of my favorites in the WWE. He will headline mania against Randy Orton when all is said and done.
Ricky: Excited? Maybe depending on how they use the guy. I am not overly fond of watching him wrestle but he is surely a fresh face compared to terrible Orton. I could see him easily winning the Royal Rumble and being in the title picture come Wrestlemania. I don’t see any other reason they brought him back except to get the title around his waist.
Matt W: I am. It brings me back to the good old days of Smackdown 2006. Batista might be older that Triple H, but he brings back great memories, and he’ll be around full-time, for a very long time. So yes, I’m quite excited for him to be back.

The Sports Script NBA Daily Plays for 1/24

We’ve had another Thursday off to get ready for an action packed Friday with 13 games on the slate. There are a ton of options out there to choose from, but I’ve narrowed down some guys I feel like you should have some exposure to on Friday. I always recommend keeping your eye on twitter with NBA as you never know what situation will unfold that opens to door for one player. If you don’t believe me just check out Jeff Green’s game he had on Wednesday. That being said here are the plays for Friday…….


Stephen Curry at home against Rubio……….HAHAHA that’s not even fair! Curry has a change to go for one of his crazy games on Friday and if you can take advantage I would for sure.

Kevin Durant is playing on Friday, so yeah he’s an option as well!

Kevin Love is going to have to do big things on Friday if the Timberwolves are going to keep up with the Warriors. Love’s price is down in a few spots and it might be time to take advantage of that as David Lee doesn’t care too much about playing defense.

Carmelo Anthony lost some value on Wednesday because he was moved back to the 3 spot which hurts his rebounding stats. Bargs is out now with an injury and that moves Melo back in a play that has to be considered for Friday. When he’s playing the power forward positions he’s almost a lock for a double double.


Anderson Varejao has had double-digit rebounds in the last 5 games including one game over 20. He will have no problem getting double-digit rebounds against the Bucks team that gives up the 27th most rebounds in the league. Varejao is locked into an easy 35 minutes if the game is close and should easily go over 35 fantasy points in this contest.

Demar Derozan has the match up with the 76ers on Friday and is red-hot right now. I have to admit I scratched my head for a few minutes trying to figure if I wanted to list Derozan or Lowry in this spot. I came to the conclusion that Derozan was the better option to list, because over the last 3 games he’s averaging 23 shots per game. He’s on fire right now there is no denying that has put up 38 or more fantasy points in three straight games. It also helps that the 76ers are giving up 106 points per game over the last 10 games.

Victor Oladipo has been starting the last couple of games at shooting guard for the Magic and should do the same on Friday. This will give him that match up against the Lakers who are giving up 113 points per game over the last 10 and ranked last in defending the opposing shooting guard. Oladipo is playing close to 30 minutes per game and has been at at least 25 fantasy points with one 50 point game in the last 5.

Joe Johnson is matched up with the same Dallas Mavericks team that Demar Derozan lit up on Wednesday. The Mavs are ranked 29th in defending the opposing SG and is giving up 105 points per game. Johnson has been very good lately with 3 games in the last 5 over 45 fantasy points. He will be at home also where he has shot almost 8% better this year.

Pau Gasol is playing in a game against Miami now as I write this, and already has a double double. I’m going to just overlook tonight’s stats and move on for him as on Friday he draws a Magic team that is 26th in rebounding and 25th against opposing power forwards. Gasol has been playing excellent lately for the Lakers as they need him to win games. Gasol has a very high ceiling and as long he’s healthy should be able to post a double double against the Magic.


Brian Roberts is locked into around 30 minutes of action right now and has a nice match up with the Pistons. The Pistons give up 105 points per game so Roberts should be able to score enough points to meet value.

Ramon Sessions has played an average of 37 minutes per game over the last 3 games and has produced in each game. He’s gone over 20 fantasy points in all 3 games, so if he’s cheap he’s worth the play.

Derek Williams has probably the worst match up we could get for his value on Friday, but at bottom dollar salaries he should still be worth it. Williams should see at least 40 minutes of action with injures to Gay and Cousins. He posted a double double on Wednesday and should be able to still meet value against the Pacers.